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Are you in the market for a new tennis racket? The Babolat Pure Aero is my new tennis racquet of choice, and you may think the same.

This racket has great power and control, which is a good choice for intermediate to advanced players.

If you are looking for a good blend of spin, control, and power, this may be a great stick for you!

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Tennis. Good luck with your tennis.

Clay Ballard

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Matthew Kim says:

Is this for players that use alot of spin on their hits?
I hit my forehand like Federer.

florian darsy says:

Hi excellent video, I went from an old pro staff 9.5 to the pro aero. The babollat needs to be played brutally. I miss the softness of my prostaff. Which rcontrol oriented racket would you recommend?

Radu Hasegan says:

I got the Pure Aero as soon as it came out.
Pros: Lots of power and spin. The aerodinamic shape really seems to have some effect as you swings through the shot.

Cons: It vibrates like hell and has almost a ceramic feel to it. Sometimes when I hit the ball close to the frame, I could feel the vibration in my wrist and it kinda hurt. I am not surprised you put an anti-vibration snake on it because even with a normal antishock, you can still feel the vibrations.

After one month I got the Yonex Ezone DR 98 and never looked back. It is one of the best do-it-all rackets on the market.

William Tanaka says:

Hi clay, r u using the pure aero tour(320g) on this vid? I thought nadal version is pure aero (300g)

Joseph says:

What string setup are you using? Im using ALU Power @ 53lbs but its lacking alot of control. I’m thinking of going back to RPM Blast @57lbs.

MockingJ says:

I have a question I’m 5’3 will that hinder my playing abilities?

Noodle Ling says:

How do you think the stiffness of the pure aero compares to the aero pro drive?

HK Lin says:

Is it good for a tennis newbie?
Or you have other recommendations?

Gavla Tennis says:

Cortex in the throat? LOL. When it comes to Babolat and marketing, people would do well to read “Adhoot v. Babolat VS North America Inc. & Clark v. Babolat VS North America Inc.”

Shashitej Pawar says:

please make video on aero pro drive

jh heuvel says:

How about the pure strike?

gumbo says:

Have you tried the Aero Pro Tour?

chad allen says:

Have you played with the Pure Aero Tour yet? I hear it was everything the Pure Aero is and even more. I just bought one on a whim. Haven’t had a chance to hit with it yet as the weather here hasn’t been good. I’m a little leary about the 69 stiffness rating. I’ve always played with 66 or 67s within the Pro Staff line.

Vortex Designs says:

Top Speed Tennis what vibration dampener are you using in the video

GodGod KB says:

hey bro how do u find this racket. been comparing between yonex dr 100 300g or 285g or wilson ultra 100 and this pure aero. didn’t really get to try any of these except hit a few ground stroke with PA. i find that the PA have little drag(effortless and enable better swing/cut angle) during swing but i find it lack the slight drive for it to be a all court racket. Using a yonex tour 97 currently(find it not that modern stroke friendly enough and need a racket that compliment my style. i have a whippy modern forehand that is somewhat a hybrid of fed and nadal. shitty single handed bh. need some guide in choosing.

Bernardo Camara says:

Hi Clay! Nice to talk to you.
Love the Pure Drive Roddick 2013 but it gives me shoulder issues. Not that uncomfortable but still unconfortable at serves.
Do you believe the pure aero 2016 could be a fair replacement? Due to factory specifications it seems softer. Need to know if it keeps the level of control, power and the average level of correct hits.

Sanat Gandhi says:

cool video!
could you please do a head graphene xt speed S review…….

Evan Spencer says:

do you get your racquets strung at etennis?

Javeed Yara says:

Pure drive or aero pure…baseline hitter

arun daniel says:

Whatever subject you are covering, you do complete justice to it! I surfed so many channels and found yours useful and informative. Good job!

Dutrieux valentin says:

If you have the aero pro drive would it be an upgrade or a downgrade if you buy the pure aero ?

Captain Edward J. Smith says:

Are there any disadvantages to the plus as opposed to the standard racket length?

LiNingAir says:

How does this new Pure Aero compare to the Pure Drive?


head radical microgel reviews anyone

Lloydyboi123 123 says:

Nobody on YouTube has done the aero G review

AJ Barracoso says:

Hey Clay, how is this different from the Pure Drive 2015? Specs wise, they look identical. Thanks!

Ryan Kim says:

Should get this or the pure drive?

I want more spin and power on my shots.

sagatbalrog says:

Do u have a cheat on how one can have sex with their tennis racket more effectively

Brijrajsinh Jhala says:

Hi Clay. Thanks for video. Its really helping to learn Tennis. I am in beginner or intermediate stage. What do you suggest pure aero plus or just pure aero ?

feistybastard says:

God bless, but Rafa doesn’t play the Pure Aero. He’s still play an older APD with the PA paint job.

Ravi Motwani says:

I am trying to decide between the Pure Aero and the Pure Drive — what would you say is the main difference between these models? I have been playing with an Aero Storm Tour GT the past 4 years and looking to get more power and spin. Also what does having the longer “Plus” size do for the racquet? Thanks.

Melwin Mark says:

pure aero or wilson pro staff 97 which is better for a flatter game

Sanat Gandhi says:

I found the head graphene xt speed pwr review……
not the speed S…

Mohamed Raafat says:

how much does it cost ?

You En says:

I hate how babolat grips run huuuge !!

Austin Braunsberg says:

what is the difference between the Aero Pro drive and the Pure Aero?

Joseph Augustine says:

I have this racket with team version, what kind of string you suggest for it

MockingJ says:

I have a question about the racquet tension range? Can you please tell me something about that? Lol I have an Aeropro Drive play and it’s tension range is 55-65 my coach strung it at 50/50lbs just want to know if what is that tension range is and should I really disregard that

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