Babolat Pure Aero Racquet Review (Rafael Nadal)

Babolat Pure Aero Racquet Review

Tennis Reviews takes a closer look at the Babolat Pure Aero Racquet. This is a very spin & user-friendly, highly customizable, powerful, and more stable update, and should be something to look at for every player.

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David Cubez says:

What’s with those beginners?

Steve V vinod says:

true ! just like begginers

pablo Halloo says:

What’s your current racquet of choice

armon kamooneh says:

Tennis Reviews
You need to post more

The Chairman says:

Good review; thoughtful and with some very intelligent recommendations. Well done.

Mon Sy says:

his talking is better than his swinging

Ekansh Makhija says:

from where did you bought this racket pls tell?

Yolo Brother says:

What are the dimentions? L2 o L3

Ekansh Makhija says:

from where did you bought this racket?

yash agrawal says:

can u do a giveawY

Emagine Studios says:

Have you guys ever playtested Babolat RPM blast and if so I wanted to know ur opinion on something. I have been using Babolat RPM blast 16g for a while know and it is pretty much great for topspin, control, and volleys but sometimes when I need it it lacks a little power so I was thinking of putting a Hybrid into my racket with Babolat RPM 17g in the mains and RPM 16g in the crosses. How would it differ. Thank You
BTW i have a babolat pure aero standard

Isaac Kim says:

How long have you been playing tennis?

Marcos Andrada says:

Hello i have one, im an amateur , and i think is fantastic but in my case the string its not the correct for me, they put a solinco outlast …and for me its too hard i think i need some string more soft or comfort, which string you recommend? Because i have a little pain in my elbow.

Emagine Studios says:

Been waiting for this Juan

Satish Damarla says:

Hi, i stuck between RF97 not the Autograph collection though, Pure aero, Blade 16X19, pre drive and Yonex DR98. Please advise.

ExoraPlayzTF2 says:

Fuckin Amateurs.

Fireblade says:

What is the difference between this and the Babolat Pure Strike 16×19 (Project One 7)

Ekansh Makhija says:

where did you bought pure aero play from ?

Emagine Studios says:

What are ur personal thoughts on how the Australian open will go

nyjash93 says:

If you don’t mind me asking, where do you get the money to buy all these top tier racquets? They are all about $200 each, do you have a job or something?

Foxtrot Oscar says:

From the video, this racquet seems to hit a very loopy ball without much court penetration? Do you have to be like Nadal to overcome that? Good effort putting together the review and video clips though.

MockingJ says:

Did you just tape it orange to look like what nadal uses?

pablo Halloo says:

Is better than the previous version?

JackB1 says:

Looks like two beginners playing in the video


U need 2 play too much before doing this job!!

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