Babolat Pure Aero Racquet Review

Babolat gives the legendary AeroPro Drive a big makeover, starting with the name. This version is called the Pure Aero and it boasts a more aerodynamic beam along with a higher swingweight. The result is a racquet that trades a little bit of maneuverability for some ball crushing momentum and a welcomed boost in stability, plow-through and comfort. There’s also some serious power to be had for those who can swing this stick fast. Armed with FSI Spin Technology the Pure Aero features wider spacing between the crosses for increased ball bite (see big spin). Babolat has also enlarged some of the grommet holes, allowing the strings to absorb more vibration and snap the ball out of the stringbed with extra RPMs (see even bigger spin). Although this update has a speedy 11.3 ounce static weight, it swings a tad heavier than its predecessor from the backcourt. The added heft not only helps keep the racquet steadier through impact, it also produces a lethal combination of pace and spin on full swings. At net the Pure Aero feels solid, accurate and lively, and it has more than enough put-away power for ending points with authority. Babolat has made some impressive tweaks to one of the game’s iconic player’s racquets. The combination of spin and pop should prove very dangerous in the right hands. The extra plow-through and comfort is a very nice bonus.


Melwin Mark says:

What is best string for this racket

Manos says:

is this model going to be updated in 2017?… i don’t want to buy it and have the new model released right after. Is this model still current for 2017 or is it a bit old? would you recommend this purchase or can you suggest another similar model?

Atul Diwakar says:

How does this compare to the Pro Staff 97LS?

Juan Riat says:

Hi TW! Sorry for my english. I’ll going to buy a racket, but I do not know which one. I was thinking between Babolat PureAero and Wilson Ultra 100. I am 16 years old, this racquts will be heavy for me? What’s better and what’s the difference between these 2?

Melwin Mark says:

I hit a flatter ball I don’t use spin is this racket good for flat balls

AR_RAFA says:

Rafa plays with a AeroPro Drive in a Pure Aero COSMETIC. You can see this by the string pattern in the crosses.

Justin Lee says:

I play with the wilson burn 100s and i’m considering buying the pure aero will i need to adjust too the pure aero, I know one person who absolutely loves this racket and recommend it for me

georgemcc70 says:

Is the power of this racquet easy to control? For instance will I be able to use my full length fast swing without the ball going out of the court?

Cesarini77 says:

how come you rate the stiffness at 69 points @0:21, but the racquet’s specs says 72 and on the babolat website also calims a 72 stiffness? which one is it?

T K says:

Babolat Pure Drive or Babolat Pure aero ? that’s the question… anyone help? is just the “spin thing” ?

Arnold Sze says:

Hi how does this racquet compare to the new 16×19 98 inch project one 7 racquet?

Nick Bradley says:

Is this racquet any good for people looking for more spin and power

Marc says:

Hi TW, I was wondering which racquet to go with as I’m an intermediate, 15 year old tennis player, coming from an old dunlop biomimetic. I loved the feel of that racquet, but as I’m now older and stronger, the racquet feels weak and flat. I was thinking maybe a Pure Aero, Ultra 100, or a Pro Staff 97. What do you recommend?

quitter97 says:

I’ve used the ‘pure drive’ line since around 2007, my latest go to racquet for the past years having been the pure drive gt +.
I play a very baseline oriented game with lots of spin and a very heavy forehand and serve, so the gt+ has served me really well when i hammer those forehands in etc. but lately i’ve been more and more tempted to get this one, but i was wondering how different it would feel compared to somewhat outdated models of the pure drive that i’ve used?

Tobias Christensen says:

Hi is there any difference between Babolat PLAY Pure Aero and Babolat Pure Aero ? exept the sensor?

amit agarwal says:

Hi Andy How Would Pure AERO Compare To Pure drive

Mr XXL says:

Is Luxilon ALU Power good for this racket, and if it is, what tension?

ravi raja says:

@tenniswarehouse- I’m looking to purchase this racquet with hybrid setup. Can you suggest some string combinations and tension for mains and crosses? Thanks

Bryan Bayking says:

compared to the ultra and juice 100, which is more better in terms of power and stability?

Xuan Bach Le says:

Between this racquet and the Pure Strike 16×19 (2016), which one is more stable?

Leandro Sgroi says:

Dear TW.
Is there any way to make this racket more arm-friendly and forgiving for someone who has suffer elbow pain? like string type, tension, shock absorb, etc.

zenpanda100 says:

anyone know the name of the background song?

Sanjay Gupta says:

how do you comapre with head xt extreme pro?

Marcos Andrada says:

for a beginner which string you recommended whit this pure aero?

Ekansh Makhija says:

I tried rpm blast at 57 pounds and the strings gave me lots of power

Toni Kukoc says:

Pure aero or head graphene speed touch? I am an intermediate player

Nikdy says:

Hi TW! Is there any wilson model racket similar to this racquet?

Stephen Mallaband says:

I play with a Wilson prostaff 97s (original one) which I string with polys at 52lbs. I am demo-ing this one and really like it, what tension would you suggest stringing this at to make it semi comparable? Thanks Steve

Ekansh Makhija says:

from your side Andy how is this racquet,better than graphene touch pro,tennis warehouse

Kin Wa Chan says:

Dear TW
Hiw do pure aero comparing to yonex sv 98?

Grant Williams says:

Hey Tw, I play with a pure aero and like the power and spin I get from it. What racquet would be somewhat similar but offer a little more control and feel? Any thoughts on the blade 98 16×19?

Carlo Marco Argones says:

How would this racket compare to the head heavy Aero Pro Drive?

SuperSnorkelDuck says:

Hey TW when will you review the pure aero tour vs

THE AH says:

which racquet had more control babolat pure aero or Wilson pro staff 97

gtfoelijah & says:

hey, i’m 14 and in highschool. preseason is slowly approaching and i’m looking for a new racquet. i love playing very aggressively and adding lots of spin to my shots. also prefer playing at the baseline and i have a very powerful serve.looking for a racquet that adds tons of spin and easy to play aggressive with. any suggestions?

Ekansh Makhija says:

how is head sonic pro?Andy,tennis warehouse

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