Babolat Pure Aero Tour Racquet Review

Intermediate and advanced players looking to put a little more weight behind their shots should like the Pure Aero Tour, the heaviest member of the Pure Aero family. At nearly 12 ounces, this racquet combines the plow-through and stability of a traditional player’s racquet with the speed and pop required for the modern power game. Thanks to the head light balance and aerodynamic beam, this stick comes with a wonderfully fast and whippy feel, making it perfect for those who want the benefits of a heavier racquet without losing the easy acceleration crucial to spin and pace. The Pure Aero Tour also comes with Babolat’s FSI Spin Technology which features wider spacing between the crosses for a tighter grip on the ball (think spin). As with the other members of the Pure Aero line, this stick has a heavier, more substantial bumper & grommet system. The extra bumper material not only provides a cover for the woofer system, but it adds some welcomed torsional stability in the head. From the baseline this racquet feels solid, lively and very accurate on groundies. Aggressive players should find it easy to drive the ball powerfully through the court with this one. There’s also plenty of spin to be had thanks to the fast feel and open string pattern. At net the Pure Aero Tour doesn’t get pushed around, making it great for redirecting heavy pace. Aggressive servers who can get this stick moving fast will be rewarded with lethal power and plenty of free points. With this Tour version of the Pure Aero, Babolat has produced a formidable weapon for intermediate and advanced players.


Louie Palmer says:

How does this compare with pure drive tour? I ditched the pure drive roddick/tour after a long time bc it’s just too powerful…always liked aeropro but wanted more weight….is this the answer or is this still a rocket launcher?

Jay Nainani says:

@ Tenniswarehouse, I’m confused between pure aero tour, pure drive tour and the graphene xt extreme pro. kindly suggest the difference between the three along with negatives and positives. specially what would you prefer Andy?

Sujeet Haldar says:

Hi Tw, I really wanted a pure aero with play sensor but I like the tour version more which doesnt have the sensor. May be I can customize a standard aero play to tour weight & balance?
1) Is the only difference between the tour and standard version weight in the handle? Nothing else in the hoop?
2) Since the play sensor is inside the handle I will have to add lead to the outside of handle below grip, so does it make sense to go for a 1 size smaller grip?
3) Can the TW racket customization service do this?
Thanks a lot

ossamah durrani says:

hi guys.
are the grip sizes still running bit larger/bigger for this pure aero.tour as compare to wilson prince or head ??

grip size 3 e.g

Will Chu says:

Hey Andy, I currently play with a leaded up Ai98 with leather grip. I demoed both the PAT and PDT. Which would of the two do you think would benefit more with a leather grip and some possible added weight in the handle to increase HL and increase it’s spin potential? TY.

Sagar Desai says:

I’m a 5.0 player and play a heavy topspin game from the baseline. I currently play with the head graphene speed pro strung with Weisscannon Silver String at 42 lbs, but I’ve noticed I can’t get to the next level because I don’t have the power to end quick points from the baseline. I don’t mind grinding, but I would love to have the option to choose to go more offensive and end points more quickly from the baseline and win more free points on my serve. While I love the overall qualities of the graphene speed pro do you think I should update to this racquet? I like to work the ball from side to side and hit heavy topspin to try and break my opponent down until I get a short ball to put away, so I was curious if my control/maneuverability will be affected by this racquet. I don’t want to sacrifice too much control but if the added spin/power negates that then I’d be interested in ordering a few of these. I tried out the pure aero and it was great for the most part. The only knocks on it were that it sounded “tinny” when I hit shots and it was a little light so I felt like stability was a bit of an issue and that made balls sail quite a bit long from time to time. Thanks for the continued work and constant feedback you guys provide. Much appreciated!

JellySalties says:

when is Michelle going Pro ???

kevo99able says:

How does this compare to the Babolat Pure Drive Roddick as one of the reviewers claimed?

Aurangzeb Khan says:

I am confused between this, speed pro and the rf97. I currently use the pro staff 95, but am wanting something similar but with more plowthrough and more weight in the ball. What do you guys recommend?

azarel7 says:

Michelle has a huge forehand! I actually felt a little bad for her opponent

noobpraveen says:

Hey TennisWarehous I am 16 and for 4 years now I have been using the babolat aero pro light. I play competitive tennis and everyone is telling me to play with a heavier racket is this a good transition? and if not do you know any other rackets that would be best suited for me?


TheFisham says:

@tennis warehouse ,im using a head prestige MP at the moment and has been using it for 2 years, i find it to be a good control racker but lacks of power on my backhand side,i was thinking of switching to babolat pure aero tour for a change,what do you reccomend?please advice

Kiwiland says:

Tennis Warehouse, considering I don’t play with exasperated spin, still not totally flat strokes, should I go with this Pure Aero Tour? I’m also considering the Pure Drive (Tour?) and the 2013 AeroPro Drive. Thank you for your suggestion!

Jevon Carter says:

what string is used in most of the babolat racquet pics that clearish white string ige been trying to figure it out

vijju k says:

Chris, say ‘plowthrough’ 10 times fast 😉

Sota Naka says:

Hello TW. I currently own a Pure Aero, but I demoed the tour version and I liked it more than the normal version. I don’t want to use another $200 so I am considering to add some weight to my Pure Aero and get it to the same spec as the tour version. Can you guys recommend where and how much weight I should put on my racket?

Brandon Law says:

hi guys, i was wondering whether leading up a pure aero would give the same rsult as a pure aero tour?

I noticed the twist weight of the pure aero tour is significantly higher than the pure aero which is making me hesitate on buying the pure aero tour.

Leandro Sgroi says:

Hi guys!

Do you recommend this frame strung with a soft poly or multifilament at low tension for someone who suffer elbow pain?


J Williams says:

I currently use the babolat aero pro drive 2013 racquet. Having used it for a year I want a tweener or a modern players racquet that provides more power and control. Would you recommend this racquet or the pure strike or pure drive? Thank you

Fa1rplayy says:

this one or the Pure Drive Tour is gonna be my next stick, depends on which one is more comfortable for the arm… Can someone please share his/her experience about it?

Thomas McMichael says:

Since you guys liked the Tour version of this racket instead of the Pure Aero, is it worth getting the tour instead of the PLAY version of the Pure Aero? Is the Tour version a lot better than the normal version?

Ethan Kim says:

I love this channel! It has great reviews and advice!

Hernán Franchina says:

how this one compares to a wilson fst95? thanks!

ossamah durrani says:

hi are u shipping now out of usa ? this racket .

Hamilton Jackson says:

Is it still good at net for serving and volleying and stuff. How does it compare to yonex vcore tour G 330

ossamah durrani says:

Hi guys
When the shipping to saudi arabia will be available ?
As u have advised i tried your Europe website also
But they also not shipping to saudi arabia

Kindly tell me when i can get this

Warm regards

Michael Geaney says:

Hey Andy,
what are the pros and cons of getting this as opposed to the standard aero pure, taking into account I am an advanced level 15 year old, at about 175cm and 65kg. Many Thanks and keep up the great work.

AR_RAFA says:

Would a Wilson tungsten tuning tape work underneath the bumper of this racket or have you got an alternative (not lead)? Thanks.

aligboyakasha says:

Did Michelle play in college? Her game looks well suited to a lot of college players’ style.

Thomas McMichael says:

Pure Drive Tour or Pure Aero Tour? Which one is better? I currently use the RF97

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