Babolat Pure Control Racquet Review

Babolat continues its traditional box beam construction with a name from the archives: Pure Control. Those who appreciate the phenomenal precision of the Pure Storm GT should be right at home with this update, especially if they’re looking for a lighter (and faster!) feel. Featuring a new material called Flex Carbon, the Pure Control adds a softer more pliable response to the graphite/tungsten layup. The overall result is a racquet that plays sufficiently crisp but still manages to deliver buttery comfort and good shock absorption. From the baseline this one swings faster than its predecessor, a fact which should enable aggressive topspin players to crank up the spin. The speedy feel also helps at net where the Pure Control is great on heated exchanges or smashing floaters. It also has decent stability for its weight class (sub 11 ounces). As for serving, the maneuverability shines yet again, making it easier for the player to increase swing speed in the service of pace and spin. All in all, the Pure Control delivers the precision and classic feel of a player’s racquet in a light and spin friendly package. This a great option for intermediates looking to transition to a control racquet, and it’s also ideal for the advanced player who wants a light option or a great platform for weight customization.


Tennis Warehouse says:

@Grant Williams,
The Pure Control will be just slightly crisper and livelier feeling, and it will be a tad more solid at contact.  It’s lighter than the ProStaff 95 but it’s more even balanced, so that added weight in the hoop while create more stability on off-center hits.  The ProStaff 95 will be more head light and feel whipper when you swing it.  It will also have a softer, more plush feel.  Both racquets offer exceptional control.  The ProStaff will have more spin potential while the Pure Control will have a bit more power.
Andy, TW

German Altuve says:

Thanks, I’ll take the prince, much better prince, I’m playing with genesis typhoon complete and sometimes hybrid with syntetic gut, in a fullbel 57 – very hard I go 53 and getting better but sometimes lack the feel with this string,, wanted to test the topspin cyber blue or know of any other that goes well with this racquet,, thanks very much 

Shaan Varsha says:

How will the babolat addiction 16 workout in this racket. What tension should I string addiction in this racket. I play from the baseline and I have wrist issues. I’m looking for comfort and durability

TheXkofix says:

Is it really such a big difference in swingweight between Pure Control and Pure Storm GT (313 vs 327 according to TW)? I have also seen that power level in Pure Control is Low-Medium but in Pure Storm GT is Low.
I am really intrested for one of this stick. Can you describe me difference in this racquets.

Omosesan Adebamgbe says:

I recently started to use this racket and I agree with the play testers, The racket does need so stability. I was going to add some lead tape to it but don’t know exactly where to put it on the racket. Any advice on where I should apply the lead tape?

Tennis Warehouse says:

@Trey Wiggins,
I’d recommend going with the Pure Control, as it will be a little more solid feeling and powerful than the ProStaff.  Also, be sure to try the AeroPro Drive and see what you think of that too.  It’s more user-friendly and will give you more power and spin, but still plenty of control.
Andy, TW

Yarik Apalkov says:

Hey tw, I was thinking about switching from my ps 90 blx to a more forgiving racquet without losing control and plowthrough. I have a one handed backhand, so which racquet would work better for me, one of the wilson 95spin racquets or one of the new babolat pure racquets.

Sook Theng Cheang says:

Hi, I am currently using the Pure Control Team MP and I love how it feels and the control as well as power it gives me. I am recently looking for a change in racquet and got the Yonex Ezone XI 98 but somehow I cant seem to like the racquet. Part of the reason is that I found that the grip though L2 after putting on my Gamma wrap feels bigger than my Babolat. Apart from that…I just dont get the same pop and power I have with my Pure Control Team MP. What do you think is wrong?? 

TheXkofix says:

I want to buy two new rackets. This or Wilson ProStaff 97 but I don’t have ability to demo it. What is your suggestion?
Maybe Pure Control because it can customize more than PS97?

Roberto Ojeda says:

Pure control vs Pure Control Team? What comments would you have on them?

MW entity says:

Wich did you prefer out of this one and the pure strike 16×19?

Adrian Gomez says:

@TennisWarehouse What would be a smooth update from this racquet? I’ve had this stick almost since it came out and loved it. However, I feel that it’s time for a new stick. I love the specs on this racquet because its perfect for my game. Which raquet would you recommend to update to?

Achan121 says:

How would this compare to the Aero Storm Gt?

CamycaR700 says:

Is there going to be a 95 head size version of this racquet?

Shaan Varsha says:

pure control vs new PS 2014 95l vs head microgel mp

DruiD says:

Hi, I’m currently using an head heavy oversized racquet and would like to switch to a “tweener” racquet for more control. Currently considering the Babolat Pure Control and the Head Graphene Instinct MP. Can you do a quick comparison and which type of players both are suited for so that I can make an informed decision? Any other racquet recommendations would be much appreciated as well. Thanks so much! 🙂 

Brendan Lovett says:

Is this the update to the pure storm?? the one sam stosur used ??

Rishi Dasgupta says:

Hi, how much different is this from the pure control pro? 

Trey Wiggins says:

Hi, I’m in high school and this is my second year playing tennis. I’m a pretty athletic guy so I pick things up quickly. I’ve been told I’m a natural at tennis by manny people, and I’m trying to decide wether to buy a pro staff or a babalot pure control. I’m currently hitting a head youtek radical MP. I’m looking for amazing feel and control as well as spin potential. Which do you recommend? Thanks for your help

Mihai Lacatus says:

Which racquet is more arm-friendly, the Strike or the Control?

JON provenzano says:

i played with it today….nice racquet….but if I could invent a perfect racquet I would want a little more of the Pure Drive power mixed with a little more of this racquets control…..does anyone know what that would be ?

Miller Buckholz says:

Hey tw do u guys prefer the babolat pure control or the babolat pure control tour?

Caroline H says:

I love this racquet. Ended up buying 3 of them after the demo. They play even better with a small amount lead at 12 and some silicone in the base of the handle.

Ed Opie says:

Pure control or Pure Drive team, I can’t test play it?

DenzR says:

Which has more power? babolat pure control or head graphene radical midplus?

German Altuve says:

Hi Andy, could you give your opinion between the Prince tour 100 16×18 and Babolat Pure Control, currently playing with the prince and is very good racket but I feel confident in the attack missing the babolat Pure control would be a good change or something radical ??? I hope your answer thanks

Grant Williams says:


Arjun Thakkar says:

what is a good string for this racquet. im 17 and on the high school varsity team at my school (3rd singles). i have a weak top spin on my shots but like to hit fast so i would like a string that i can learn to get heavier top spin with. also should i get a string leaning towards the control side or the power side.

Andy Waller says:

should i get pro staff 90 pure control or the puredrive play? Or if there are any other you can suggest for a fairly heavy racket with a large string face and long swings for big power?

Germán Eduardo García Doego says:

Yonex RDIS 200 LITE (295g) or Babolat PURE CONTROL (295g) ???
Which of these two racquets is better, I need a lot of control, stability, comfort and maneuverability. (Sorry, my inglish is bad)

Romain Legay says:

Ok – i Made a Mistake by getting the wilson Blade 98 (16/19) while the wilson  is a great racket its too mean on the arm( elbow and mostly shoulder) , would this offer similar stability/spin as the blade while being more arm friendly ? or would that be the Pure Strike 305 16/19 ?  Or the Pure control tour ? (on the heavier side for me though ) 

Corbin Wallace says:

would you think that diadem elite xt at 57 would be good in this racket?

Grant Williams says:

How does this compare to th prostaff 85

Cam P says:

How would this play if you put price beast xp in it?

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