Babolat Pure Drive 2015 Racquet Review

One of the game’s most versatile and popular racquets gets updated with a more responsive contact zone. Like its predecessor, this version of the Pure Drive offers the kind of power, precision and mobility that should appeal to everyone from strong beginners to the professional ranks. Although it compliments a truly impressive range of playing styles, the Pure Drive reserves its greatest charm for aggressive baseliners who like to dictate action with pace and spin. New to this version is FSI Technology. This feature not only lifts the sweetspot but also tightens the spaces between the upper cross strings to give players a more responsive contact zone. From the baseline the Pure Drive delivers a lethal combination of controllable power and spin potential. The fast feel and predictable response on full swings lend themselves perfectly to the powerful angular whip of the modern forehand. At net the Pure Drive’s speed and put-away power make it a true weapon for aggressive doubles players, a fact not lost on the many ATP and WTA players who have used the Pure Drive. Ultimately this update is a fine addition to one of the game’s most versatile and user-friendly player’s racquets.


Los Sol says:

Hey tw, I am a professional player, I am 12 years old, would this racquet good for me? Currently I use a head challenge and I want more power. The PD would be good?

SuperSnorkelDuck says:

Hey Andy is Thiem endorsing the new babolat project 17

amit agarwal says:

Hey Chris which one do you like the pure Aero or pure drive

Chris Huynh says:


Leslie Zhou says:

how did you guys measure the rpm?

Kenneth Gray says:

How does the play and feel compared to the pure drive 2012? Looking to move to the new models if they play the same

Patrick van der Hoek says:

Hi TW,
I am currently using the Wilson Blade 104 but I’m looking for a bit more power and comfortable feel. I was thinking about a Babolat racket or a Wilson racket again, but I don’t know if it is a good choice… Maybe someone can give me an advice? Patrick, Netherlands.

Gabriel Amaro says:

What is the best kind of strings to put on a racket like the pure drive?

haywood16 says:

My favorite racket

seanie r says:

Is this for both men and women players?

Kin Wa Chan says:

Dear TW,
How pure drive comparing to the head graphene touch speed pro in terms of power, spin, control and comfort?

Which one will you prefer?

Allan M says:

How’s the stability of this in stock form against harder hitters?

Rahul Khatwani says:

Should i get this or the old Pure Drive GT? It’s way cheaper, but i wanted to know whether they’re similar.

SuperSnorkelDuck says:

Hey TW can you tell me the difference between pure drive team and pure drive lite

Mr. Mongoose says:

Hiya! Would exel natural be good in mains and rpm dual in crosses, both strung at 57? Thanks!

jan kustra says:

Can you compare handle size and overal feel of new and previous model? Thanks. J

Norma Lescano says:

Hello TW! Which racket wilson is similar to this?

Fernando Rodriguez says:

hi TW,.

I was wondering what is the difference between this raquect and the team version, and why you guys did not review that later.

Thank you.

Melwin Mark says:

pure drive or pro staff 97 which is better

SuperSnorkelDuck says:

hey Andy how would this racket compare to pure aero

Reid Pohland says:

I’m looking for a racquet that can offer control and feel and would be good at net. I’m coming from a Babolat Drive Lite and enjoy the lightweight but would be willing to explore other options. What would you recommend?

SuperSnorkelDuck says:

Hey Andy is Thiem endorsing the new babolat project 17

Vortex Designs says:

Hi Andy, my coach allowed me to demo several racquets but the babolat pure drive stood out the most. The babolat pure drive was strung with Klip k-boom 17 tnt tour 16 at 56lbs. i really liked this setup because of the spin feel and control. Does these two strings come in a pre packaged hybrid? and how can i get this racquet strung with the strings as they are not in the build a custom hybrid section?

Vortex Designs says:

Hey TW, what tension should I string volkl cyclone 16 in the babolat pure drive. Thank you guys

NamaAkuMitchal says:

Hi andy can you make a top 10 of the most powerful racquets in your opinion, thank you

esteban francisco izeta says:

Hi. Yesterday a friend of mine give me the 2012 versión of the pure drive to play on court and i love it. How this compare with that version? Also what difference are between the pure drive and the dunlop biomimetic 500 tour. Thanks for your time.

Mark Chan says:

@Tennis Warehouse

Will Dunlop Black Widow 17 or 18 string work well on this racquet? I would like to ease the stiffness of this racquet and maintain a good amount of power with it. Thanks !

Veronika Strickler says:

Which racket would be the most powerful and spin friendly racket out there now?

DSOTM PF says:

What strings what you guys recommend me on this racquet?

Lucas Alexander says:

I am thinking of stringing this with technefiber nrg2 do you think that would work and do you have any other suggestions?

SuperSnorkelDuck says:

HEY TW how would the pure drive compare to pure aero

Tina Zhao says:

Hi, I am choosing from head graphene instinct MP and pure drive. Are there a lot of differences?

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