Babolat Pure Drive Racquet 2018 Review
With its “best of class” combination of speed, power and spin, the Pure Drive is one of the most popular and versatile racquets ever made. Although it is weighted for intermediate players (11.2 ounces), this racquet’s outstanding playability and ease of use lend it an appeal that cuts across ability levels and stroke styles. For the 2017 version of the Pure Drive, Babolat retools the string bed with FSI Power Technology, which includes diamond shaped grommet holes and wider string spacing. The result is a noticeable boost in power and spin potential. Babolat also updates its Cortex dampening system with a viscoelastic rubber used in the space industry. The upshot is better dampening, more comfort and a decidedly more muted feel than past versions of the Pure Drive. On groundstrokes this version of the Pure Drive offers the same explosive speed we’ve come to expect from this iconic racquet. Aggressive players who like to scramble and crank winners on the run should love this stick. The wider string spacing not only provides big spin potential, but it sends the ball on a higher trajectory, resulting in both easier depth and a heavier ball. At net the Pure Drive checks all the right boxes. It offers quick handling and big put-away power, but it also feels quite solid for its weight class. Aggressive servers will find enough power and spin to force weak replies. Babolat has made some impressive changes to the Pure Drive. Although some players may have to adjust to the slightly more muted feel, there will also be a lot of players who cannot resist this racquet’s heavy ball potential.


Njoy Ever says:

this new Pure Drive play like the 2009 version, power spin and maneuverability is very very similar…only more muted feel…I hate the new Paint Job…it seems a toy for kids

Cameron Hylan says:

Hi, does this racquet have more control than the pure aero, also how does it compare to the Wilson Ultra 100 CV?

The Chairman says:

Wow …. Great Pop off the strings Michelle and team. Very helpful review.

Mario Mühlböck says:

how would you compare this new version to the pure aero? It’s hard to decide which one I should choose..

George Antonakakis says:

Hey TW, loving the new review format. Is there a ‘Tour’ version in the pipeline?

Krans says:

pure drive or pure strike 98 ???

HuzzHot says:

Difference between this and 2013 AeroPro Drive? Is it similar?

Émile Cyr says:

I like the power that this racquet gaved me but is the power is similar in the yonex vcore

Alex Lee says:

TW, which which Wilson racket (Pro Staff, Blade, Burn, Ultra) is the most similar to the Pure Drive 2015?

Joe Whitehouse says:

How does this compare to a 2015/2016 model? I had the old 2012 and I’m still using it even now so I think it’s time for an upgrade but I’m not sure if it’s worth buying this new one or opting for an older model. Any thoughts? Thanks

Moises Cardenas says:

Will there be a 315 gram version ?
I used the Roddick + and after that the Pure drive Tour + and enjoy that extra weight.

PRO1 says:

I play Pure Strike 16/19and apparrently Babolat are not going to develop this frame any further but are going back more to the previous design..anyone heard similar? Really surprised that Babolat werent interested in pushing the Pure Strike to many of the players and wanted the Drive to bring the sales..

yachiron says:

Hi TW, When will you release other specs (Tour Plus , Tour , Plus , Lite ) ?

stockton350 says:

Am I the only person who finds this racquet hard to control at tensions lower than the high 50s?

Jackson5 says:

Has Jason hit with this? If so, could you ask what he thinks about this in terms of arm comfort? I struggle with previous PDs due to their stiffness and wondered if this was any different?

purnima patwardhanpujare says:

Should i buy the pure drive 2015 or wait for the new one? Please advice TW

florian darsy says:

could you compare the new babolat pure strike and pure drive?

Justin Nguyen says:

I’m getting a babolat pure strike and I want a string with power and spin any suggestions?

gtfoelijah & says:

i’m looking to purchase a new racquet for my upcoming varsity season. i hit very hard balls with lots of spin and feel more comfortable at the base line, i need a racquet that has a great amount of control. any recommendations, and what strings should i get, and what should weight should i sting it at?

seth makechnie says:

What month will the 2018 PD Tour be released? I am holding out…. Thanks.

seth makechnie says:

Chris- when will the rest of the pure drive models being released?

Nasim Chaklader says:

what is the tension you guys playing during review?

isaac ming says:

Has anyone realized that the playtester always wins the point?

vishal sharma says:

Hannah has textbook perfect game

Eric Wall says:

I’m on a demo discovery tour, so I’d love to get my hands on this racquet whenever it becomes available. It sounds ideal for my game style, but I’m wondering about the control. For a player who relies on power (particularly in the serving department), this racquet sounds ideal. I’m just wondering if it offers enough spin potential and control to offset the power or if I should go with the Pure Aero and work on developing a more spin-oriented serve. Any advice, TW?

Edit: I’ve been looking at some other reviews, and everyone seems to be pretty high on the Yonex Ezone DR 98+. Between the PD and Ezone, which would be preferable for a player looking to control some power on groundstrokes, but still crush flat serves? says:

Anyone knows the goal of diamond grommets ? It remains a mistery to me 🙂

Shailendra Mishra says:

I like the head touch speed mp

Juancho Muñoz says:

La segunda es muy mala, esa abuela no debería jugar con esa raqueta tan pesada

Aurimas Garshva says:

How about the grip size? Is it still a bit bigger than usual and number 3 users shall order number 2 instead (like it was with 2015 version)? Thank you in advance.

EdvinTheGamer says:

Hi! I am 12 years old and have played about 1 year. I currently use the yonex ezone DR 100. I am happy with the racket but would love to buy a racket with a bit more power. Even though I have only played 1 year I feel like I have become a lot better really fast and I would love if you gave me your thoughts on this racket and if it is to out of control. Thanks, Edvin

Myekal Benham says:

Hey guys good review! Does this racket move more inline with the Current Pure Aero feel spin and power?

Tanuj Singh says:

Hey Tennis Warehouse.
So I have been using a babolat pure aero tour for around 2 years now and have liked it, but now I am looking for a racket that is slightly lighter, and offers more control but is still powerful. I’ve been looking at the babolat pure drive but I fear it’s too similar in spec to the pure aero. Do you have any suggestions or will the pure drive do just fine?

Arnav Gairola says:

Since the string pattern is still 16/19, is it possible to not skip grommet holes and have a standard string pattern?

Bora Sener says:

Previous version was a gem. Will be really hard to better that.

Creees says:

i played my mate and when he has hitting with the pure drive he became so obvious. But then we swapped raquets and he was hitting with my Head Prestige and he was much more dangerous, hitting deeper more penetrating balls and serve was more accurate. Yer its not a totally awful raquet but it does happen to be my least liked raquet ever. ive had more fun with $10 school camp raquets

Arnav Gairola says:

I am 12 years old, average sized. Previously, I used the 2015 pure drive team strung with babolat pro hurricane 17 at 53 lbs and loved it! It has been a great racket from the start. I like stiff rackets with a lot of power and I am considering this one, as I am a huge pure drive fan and it is a few ounces heavier than the pure drive team. is this a good choice, and if so, what string should I use with it? Should I wait for the full line? Thanks in advance!

aligboyakasha says:

lol, that tweener looked so staged

ConorMcGregor says:

The racquet itself doesn’t matter…it’s all about the strings

Jcls says:

That’s a beautiful court, so jealous of places and space like that. So small and crowded here in hk.

Tobias Christensen says:

Hello i play with Babolat Pure Aero right now. but thinking about change to the pure drive… would there be a big diffenrence between this 2 racket? 🙂

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