Babolat Pure Strike 16×19 (Project One7) Racquet Review

With the Pure Strike 16×19 Babolat has once again created a modern player’s racquet with universal appeal – call it a softer, more controlled Pure Drive with outstanding feel, quick handling and impressive targeting. In addition to its square & elliptical Hybrid Frame Construction, this update comes with Babolat’s new FSI Power technology, which widens the spacing between the upper crosses for a juicer, more spin-friendly ride. In contrast to the 2014 version, Babolat has thickened the beam in parts of the shaft and head to enhance power and stability. On court these features amount to a comfortably firm response that is as lively as it is precise. From the baseline the Strike has the same easy acceleration and “out of the box” playability as the Pure Drive, but it feels a tad friendlier on the tendons. Spin comes easy, and big swings find their mark without much fuss. Although the widened beam and more open string spacing definitely provide extra pop over the previous generation, the power never feels overwhelming. At net the Strike 16×19 feels fast and accurate, with decent stability for a sub 12 ounce racquet. Touch artists should have enough feel to kill the pace and drop the ball maliciously short. As with the previous generation, this racquet’s combination of power, precision and spin should translate into some very aggressive serving. With this solid update to the Pure Stike 16×19 Babolat checks all the right boxes. A Must demo for any player who wants a zippy, great feeling player’s racquet with very user-friendly levels of power, control and spin.


siddharth b says:

Hey Chris,
I am an intermediate level player looking for higher spin potential and power.
Should I buy the Head Graphene Extreme pro 2.0(extended version) or Babolat Pure Strike 16×19 . I am Really confused. In India we don’t have racket play – test facilities. Your advise will be really helpful. Thanks.

tennisblood says:

So, why didn’t Babolat make this one heavier with more swing weight? I’m thinking to play test it but just like the last lady prefer a heavier racket around 12oz… Customization? Not my cup of tea.

Ricardo Debeis says:

Will we see a revew of Pure Strike 100?

Alfonso Baladi says:

@TennisWarehouse how does this compare with the pure aero? If you were an aggressive baseliner which would you go for?

Josh Hals says:

Hi @tenniswarehouse I’m currently using the head graphene radical pro. Does this racquet play similarly to that racquet? Thanks

1LifeNolife says:

Could you please consider to also mention the specifications in the European unit system?

Charles Dalisay says:

Hi Andy, what would be a good string for this racket? I prefer string that has power and spin, as well as control.

mut25database says:

when i order this racket from you guys what strings are all around just great feeling to order with? (and what string number). Also, what tension should i request for all around? thanks

Philipp Lamprecht says:


Just wondering, I currently play the HEAD Graphene XT Extreme Pro but keen to switch to the new Pure Strike. What’s the difference in play and feel between this one and the 100 sq. in. version?

Shiwei Song says:

I am a high school tennis player, I like to hit big serves and trade heavy ground stroke. Between this racquet and the head graphene xt speed pro, which one should I choose? My current racquet is the yonex duel g 97 330. Thank you!

rossi ross says:

When you guys say modify the racquet, how do you do that other than different strings ? I would be really interested in knowing it.

matistysk79 says:

I play currently with the Pure Strike 2014 version, is the new one similar?

Mark P says:

Hi TW. Loving all your reviews. I was wondering how does this new Pure Strike 98 (16/19) play differently to the new Pure Strike 100 (300gram) ? Also will you be doing a review/video of the new Pure Strike 100 (300gram) ? Many Thanks

DarkPit07 says:

Hello, im 14 years old, im preparing to be pro or get a scholarahip on a university, now im using the Pro staff 97ls with some of lead, would you recomend the Pure Strike 16×19 or continue with the Pro staff?

Toni Kukoc says:

Pure strike or pure aero? I am an intermediate level

RossBayCult says:

Can I request a 16×19 Tour version?

Darren Sacks says:

I have been playing with a pure storm GT for a few years and want to replace. Is this the frame most similar ?

Jay Nainani says:

@tenniswarehouse, please do the review of Pure Strike 100. Even only Two playtesters would do. Fittingly Hannah and Jason as One7 is there racquet of choice

Radovan Krstic says:

Hello friends,
I am offensive baseliner and currently playing with Yonex Ai98 and pretty happy with it. Only thing I want more from racquet than I get from Ai 98 is just little better slice. So, question is, what do you think, what will I got/lost in case to switch to Project one 7 16×19? Or to switch to Yonex DR 98?
Thanks a lot!

J.Ignacio Perez says:

I’m curious about the grip size of this racquet. I’m testing a 4 1/2 strike and it feels like a 4 3/8. Babolat racquets seem to have smaller grip sizes… Should I order a 4 5/8? Thoughts?

dreamphoenix000 says:

Hey everyone!
Currently playing with Pure Aero. Want to try something new. You think Pure Strike would be a wise choice?

Alex Lee says:

Hi TW, what string should i use with a 2015 pure drive. It needs to be 16 gage, relatively cheap and relatively durable. Thx a lot in advance!

Will Chu says:

This racquet or Yonex DR 98+ for most spin, power, plow?

Spaghetti Flying says:

does dunlop black widow 17 work on this racket? what tension do you suggest?

Ben Johnson says:

Is this a good racquet for full and fast strokes, or is this a better racquet for more intermediate players that don’t take completely full swings? I’m talking about the 16×19 racquet, while using a poly.

Also, could I customize this racquet to make it more headlight, at around 5-7 points headlight, while increasing static weight to around 10.5-10.7 ounces (while strung)?

Last question: What other racquets would you recommend I try if I use a full western grip, and prefer the specs I’ve mentioned above?

Rajeev Sudhakar says:

What string would you recommend with this for spin, not too lively (preferably on deader side), Andy or Chris?

Exp B says:

What modifications did Michelle make to hers? I’m thinking about weighting it up a little more as well

Ali Shash says:

is this considered a tweener racquet? between this and the pure drive which is more forgiving?

madenfar says:

Hi Chris, I’m using Aero Storm Tour GT and Pure Drive 2013. I really like the Storm because its easy to swing the ball has more pop i can control my shots, but my knock on it is that im having a hard time on it at the net especially maneuvering it, however i dont like my Pure Drive because i think its too light and I cant feel any control with it tho its nice at the net, but when I’m at baseline my shots are not as solid as my tour like it always goes out too much power. Now would this be a great one? looking for solid at baseline and at the net. Thank you

JorgeAndresCoppiano. says:

Chris! How is it going mate? Hope you are doing great!

How do these compare?

Pure Strike 16×19 2017
Pure Strike 18×20 2017
Pro Staff 97 2014
Pro Staff 97 2017

I recall the tw and sw on the 2 versions of the Pro Staff 97 are different ( like the RF97A too)

Stability (twistweight wise), flex, power, control, spin, maneuverability at net, of those 4 racquets?

I play with a Prince Triple Threat Graphite MP (358 sw). Has great plow through, but sluggish at times

I want something a little more maneuverable
More control
And flexier (maybe its the torsion bar at the throat)
With great plow through yet great to maneuver

ductrung3993 says:

this vs Yonex DR100 please?

marcooosRHCP says:

Hi, how does the 16×19 compares to the Team? Cheers from Chile!

Xuqu Feeder says:

is a heavier racquet better then a light weight one?

RossHouston says:

Where is chris from?

Tr1kLogiic says:

I am a player who is venturing into the intermediate level and looking for a racket that can provide me more weapons and give more potential. would this be a good all around racket to use? or should i start with something different and if so what racket? i would really appreciate and answer!

Pylo says:

Hey Andy, i’m not sure why chris had 2 rackets in his hand.

Eric Kim says:

Hi TW, ive been using a Wilson Blade 16×19 (2015) which i really like, but would like to purchase another one that plays similar or better, who knows. Seen many people saying that the new Blade CV 16×19 is too muted and is kinda different to its previous version. So, does this Pure Strike16x19 play similar as the Blade 16×19 (2015)? Is it worth a try?

Zabra Khan says:

What string is used in the playtest?

blackthundaef says:

How does this compare to the Head Graphene Radical MP?

ravi raja says:

tennis warehouse-I’m contemplating between this racquet and a yonex ezone dr 98. I’ve been having arm issues and I wanted a racquet which is more forgiving. Which one would yu suggest and what string should i use? Appreciate your help.

Rizky Ramadhani says:

how would this racquet compare to Yonex EZONE DR 98 and Head Graphene Touch speed pro? what is the better?

Shane Yang says:

Is there anyway you can compare the babolat strike 16×19 to the pro staff 97?

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