Babolat Pure Strike VS Tour Racquet Review

Experienced ball strikers looking for control and feel have come to the right place! It’s called the Pure Strike VS Tour and it shares the same mold as the discontinued Pure Control Tour and Pure Storm Tour GT. With its 21mm Square Beam, this stick offers great feel and exceptional feedback from the ball. From the baseline the VS Tour feels stable against against pace, and it plows nicely through the ball on chips and counterpunches. Thanks in part to its headlight balance (7 pts HL), this stick feels wonderfully fast for its near 12 ounce weight. Experienced players should have no trouble whipping up heavy spin or driving the ball powerfully through the court. At net this racquet feels fast and solid, and block volleys yield good depth. There’s also plenty of touch for dropping the ball short. Finally, aggressive servers who can get this stick moving fast will be rewarded with some very weak replies. This is a must demo for those who want a solid feeling player’s racquet that delivers the benefits of weight without feeling overly slow or sluggish. Offering an impressive combination of control and feel, strong players should be able to play some confident tennis with this one.


GldTiamat says:

Hey Andy,

Recently, one of my Pure Control Tours completely cracked (funny story: it had a hairline crack from accidentally contacting my doubles partner’s racquet two years ago, and today, it just completely gave). I was looking for replacements, and unfortunately, most people no longer sell the PCT.

That being said, since this racquet is the successor to the PCT, I’m wondering why it was reviewed with significantly less enthusiasm than the PCT. Was it because it played differently (which is what I’m hoping), or was it because other racquets that have recently been released make this pale in comparison?

Right now, I’m looking to either pick up an old/used PCT, or consider switching.


Isaac Chang says:

Hi Andy! From the specifications the PS VS and PS VS tour seem very similar to the Pure Aero VS and PA VS Tour. Do they actually feel similar(or different) during the playtest? And the new PS VS and PS VS Tour don’t use the iconic FSI Power technology you guys have all been praising, do they?

abhinand1000 says:

Hi Andy,

I currently own the previous Pure Strike Tour and am sad that none of the new Babolat Rackets have the same specs as it and this one wasn’t very positively reviewed. What other rackets would you recommend that have similar specs and feel? I am a fan of heftier rackets and I would love to have a racket that’s at least 320g unstrung.

Khoa Nhan says:

How is Chris involved with the US Davis Cup Team?

Yuriy Panteleev says:

If this 16×20 racquet is lacking spin, so how then Thiem is generating it so much with 18×20. Please explain 😀

Devin Blackburn says:

Hi TW, how does his racket compare to the Pure Aero VS Tour? They virtually have the exact same specs. Thanks!

Sérgio Gomes says:

Hi Andy! How do you compare this racquet to Babolat Pure Aero VS Tour?

SaVaGeClash God says:

very sleek, more like a Wilson

Yiche Lee says:

Which racket out of the new Pure Strike line plays most similar to the Pure Strike Tour?

S. Tha says:

After dabbling with numerous racquets the past couple of years, I found that the pure control tour was my favorite to swing. The only negative was how soft and low powered it was for me. From this review, it sounds like this update performed poorer than compared to the predecessor, even with the added power. Even though I’ve been waiting for this release, would the PD tour be a better option?


How much does the racket weigh?

Jay MacDonnell says:

Wow! You guys got a new camera. Way better image quality.

Francesco Meloni says:

Maybe it’s the prorotype string that is not suited to the frame…

Google Reviewer says:

What’s Troy’s current racquet of choice these days?

mj3891 says:

so essentially they took a solid racquet in the pure control tour and made it worse

felipal says:

How does this racquet compare to the pure strike tour from a few years ago, the red and black version?

Colon says:

What is a good hybrid for the aero pro drive 2013 and at what tension?

Yana Khodorovich says:

Hi tennis warehouse! I’m looking forward to switch from my head speed s to this babolat ps vs because I need a little bit more weigh. What do you think about it? I’m a 15 yo girl and a pro junior player

Bob24 MLG NinjaSkillz says:

review the new, new balance 993v3

Timothy Do says:

Loving the new camera!

juanchoja says:

I think these people who needs such low powered racquets must work on their technique, because the top players uses more lively racquets set up, wich are already low powered with dead strings for the standard club player. Years ago, racquets were more powerful in general, there was no Polyester strings until the 90s and people were playing hard. If you need less power while giving those massive pro-shots, then either calm down or work in your technique.

Arya Suradinata says:

Hey TW, what do you think of the new Luxilon overgrip? How does it compare to the classic Wilson Pro? Super stoked when I first saw the photos… Might give it a try sometime (I’d like to get answers from several playtesters to grasp a better sense of its performance).

dboi says:

Love the leaning tweener Chris!

Chris Carskaddan says:

I’m so surprised by the less than stellar reviews of this racquet. I’ve been playing with it for a few weeks and absolutely love the control, power, and spin. Switched from a Pure Drive, which was like a trampoline to me.

Robin Robin says:

Totally agree with Chris’s comments. He just nailed it!

potatorampage says:

any details on this prototype string? potential release date? what strings does it play like?

Aaron Y says:

Hey TW staff. I’ve owned the pure control tour, and currently using the textreme 95. i plan on demoing, but just curious as to how the swing weight and stiffness compares to those, as they both felt a little underwhelming at times. thank you.

Kavin Shankar says:

Hey TW I love ur vids and whenever I watch them I learn but I have one question. This is kinda a weird question but, what very powerful multifiliment should I get with babolat rpm team. And i would want to get both in a reel so if u can plz help me

abhinand1000 says:

@Tennis Warehouse I have a Pure Strike Tour, which I love. Based on the review, this doesn’t seem like a good replacement. Which other racquets would you recommend? I like a good weight an plow-through just like the Pure Strike Tour.

Jason Ariston says:

Would this racket be an easy transition from a prince response classic 97?

Peregrine Slim says:

‘Power Level: Medium-High’

Your description of the racquet contains a typo or misstatement of some sort.

Tom Lee says:

That ‘tweener.

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