Best Tennis Racquets of 2018

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Best Tennis Racquets of 2018

Take a look at some of our favorite racquets that launched in 2018! A wide range of frames that we loved — racquets loaded with power, control, spin, stability and more!

What was your favorite racquet this year?!

Babolat Pure Aero

Head Graphene 360 Speed Pro Racquets

Head Graphene 360 Extreme Pro Racquets

Prince Phantom Pro 100 Racquet

Prince Textreme Beast 98 Racquet

Yonex VCORE 98 (305) Racquet

Tecnifibre ATP TFight 305 XTC Racquet

Dunlop Srixon CX 200 Tour 18×20 Racquet

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Best Tennis Racquets of 2018


WY Lee says:

No Wilson at all….

Damiano Riina says:

Yonex Vcore Pro 97 310 was the best frame for this year!
Have tested multiple frames for the brands but find the Yonex Vcore Pro 97 that I did customize by far the best frame out of those that you mentioned….

louis says:

I have a pure aero(not the 2019) and I’m looking for a good string that gives me nice spin and control on my strokes so I can take huge swings and the ball won’t fly away. It also should be around 12$ or lower.
Are there maybe 2 strings with these characteristics that you can recommend?

snifferdogx says:

Odd, I would have thought that the EZone 98 would have been in here. They all seemed to be initially disappointed by its greater stiffness rating vs the previous DR model, but nevertheless liked the additional power.

Scott Moore says:

All those racquets are for noobs!!! Prince Graphite – Wilson Pro staff or Head Prestige.

M. Hamza says:

I like how Michelle is smiling even while serving 1:20

Joni English says:

I am Still STUCK ON THE PRINCE GRAPHITE OS 107 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
am i missing somethin ?????????

Matthias Roger Lee says:

wheres the ultra 95

KJ Cleverly says:

All great racquets! Looking forward to the Aero family release for sure. Still not used to no Andy tho 🙁

ColdFlare says:


Tom Coward says:

Hi everyone at Tennis Warehouse, hope you all had a great Christmas! I see during the playtest of the Dunlop Srixon Cx Tour 18×20, you had it strung with weisscannon ultra cable. I use the very similar wilson ultra tour… Would you recommend the same string? Im looking for control and maximum spin… But would love a bit of free power (but not priority). Also any other strings you would suggest to try? Thanks!

Kidd Gilchrist says:

Pure drive was the best racquet for this year no question about it, and it didn’t make your list..

James Qa says:

How about the pure drive

Elder Gut says:

Nice strings

gabriel draper says:

I ‘v been a user of TW’s knowledge and information ….to decide everything from racquets, strigns, bags, shoes, etc, but when I see a rank based on the new racquets that they “must sell” for 2019 it disappoint me a little…

yifeei keh says:

So…pure strike? because 2016?

재민씨.똥먹은 says:

Thanks for this amazing review!

omgwatdouwant says:

How did TW determine these were the top frames of 2018? I’d imagine everyone would have score or rate the frames even though they weren’t on the official written review.

Jude Dixon Tennis says:

No Prostaff???

Nick's Channel says:

First view like and comment

FazeBenni Thorvik says:


Alain Brouillaud says:

Interesting… no Wilson racquet in the bunch.

Shubham says:

Hey TW a big fan of yours!
Should I buy a babolat pure aero or head graphene 360 speed pro/mp or head graphene extreme pro/mp?
I’m thinking of head speed pro due to 18×20 and faster swings!
I’m currently using head extreme (microgel) mid plus.I fell it like being heavy in swings.So have they reduced the swing weight in new extreme pro.
So pls recc. me any.
I’m an intermediate level player.
Looking forward for your reply!!!

KL Tah says:

Can you guys recommend a step up for me from the Dr98 310? I’ve loved the plush feel on the EZone line ever since Andy recommended the Ai98. I have my Dr98 strung with kirschbaum pro line ii 17, 46lbs on the mains and Klip Natural Gut uncoated 16, 50lbs on the crosses. I have been loving this setup to help me find my strokes and build muscle memory, but can’t help feeling a slight yearning for a bit more plough through. I’m an all court player about 70/30 mix between baseline and s&v. The most obvious choice would be some variant of the vcore in 330g though I’m a bit trepidated about the ability to handle at 20g jump in weight. Another would maybe be RF97, but I’ve read that it’s a bit stiff. I don’t have access to playtest.

DeceitfulDestiny says:

Michelle, you are getting more fit, that’s great! Happy holidays!

Austin Stark says:

Any idea if they are coming out with a new pure aero tour and if so when might it be released?

icemandl6 says:

IMO, thin box beamed Prince Phantom Pro 100P should be on that list too! Had low expectations, but what a revelation! It’s a 100 square inch racquet that feels like the old thin box beamed Wilson Tour 90. So far, my tennis buddys have noticed a big improvement in my game with this Prince!

Adi Biju says:

Tennis warehouse,
I was wondering when Head will upgrade the radical with graphene 360? Do you have any idea when they will?

ucdlin says:

lol two prince rackets? thank you, next.

KarlEuro89 says:

Kind of a grand question for you guys but I’ve played with the Prince EXO3 Black for about 7 years now and I need and want to get something new. Is there a tool on your website or elsewhere where I can compare racquet specs? You guys said in your review that the EXO3 Black is a little bit muted in feel but it’s very solid and reliable from the baseline and for hard, driving shots.

Leslie Zhou says:

no vcore pro?

Mooncat747 says:

Not even a single racquet from Volkl and they came out with the entire V-feel line which has some incredible racquets.

kuvesh says:

Missed the Yonex Vcore Pro !!!

Google Reviewer says:

Wilson Clash for the win

Via Ursi says:

What’s best string for blade team 99

Kai says:

yonex ezone 98 definitely should be on there

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