Donnay Pro One Racquet Review

Donnay updates the Pro One with a faster and more comfortable feel while retaining the control and precision of the Pro One heritage. A very impressive player’s racquet for the 4.0+ level player. Standard length. String pattern: 16×19. Strung weight: 11.5oz. Strung Balance: 4pts HL.


Kurt De Wilde says:

I use the APD of Babolat, but having elbow troubles. Would switching to this a better alternative? I mostly use Luxilon Rough (50lbs) in the mains and VS Gut (53 lbs) onthe crosses.

David Dalton says:

See the TW reviewers mentioning its a bit sluggish. For someone like myself who has struggled with timing and preparation with a heavy SW stick like a Bio 200T and a PST, would you advise I look towards a Donnay Gold or Platinum series instead?

Alberto Rebecchi says:

1:04 amazing shot!!

Johnny McNugget says:

I guess Chris didn’t dress to match his racquet this time because the racquet’s not colorful enough, lol.

Tennis Warehouse says:

@ Michel Guay,

The Prestige Pro is a little softer and more plush feeling, which might feel better around the net on touch shots than the crisp feeling Donnay.

Andy, TW

Tennis Warehouse says:

@ TheMijan123,

We are able to ship to Montenegro.

Andy, TW

Tennis Warehouse says:

@Kurt De Wilde,

This racquet would be softer and a little easier on the arm. Another good one to try would be the Volkl V1 Classic MP. Another option too would be to flip your hybrid setup and put the gut string in the mains, which would enable you to feel the softness of the gut a little more.

Andy, TW

Tennis Warehouse says:

@ Niklas Granstrom,

In the video, the racquet is strung with Pacific XCite at 55 lbs. Personally, I’d like it with a soft, spin-friendly co-poly like Tourna Big Hitter Black 7 at 54 lbs.

Andy, TW

Mary Arwood says:

Hey tennis warehouse did donnay go out of business or did you all quit carrying them? Thanks

Tennis Warehouse says:

@ Niklas Granstrom,

Luxilon 4G or Babolat Revenge would be two good ones to try.

Andy, TW

Tennis Warehouse says:

The Roddick has a bigger head (3sq inches) more free power/pop. The Pro offers better feel and touch, but the Roddick is more forgiving. In regards to preference from a seasoned playtester — Spencer likes the Roddick better.
Siobhan, TW

Tennis Warehouse says:

We like to mix it up sometimes!
Siobhan, TW

Tennis Warehouse says:

@ Kurt De Wilde,

The Donnay will be softer, more comfortable and more muted feeling compared to the Blades which are a little more crisp and lively feeling. Both are great racquets though!

Andy, TW

byen8 says:

I love these videos, keep up the good work.

Tennis Warehouse says:

@ David Dalton,

We would suggest hitting the Gold 99 first, and then try the Pro One. Both are excellent sticks!

Andy, TW

Niklas Granstrom says:

What string setup and tension was it? What would in your opinion be the optimal setup?

Kurt De Wilde says:

The string option you mention would be rather expensive, I guess, because my gut will wear down very fast. Anyway, how is this racquet compared to the new Wilson Blades, especially on the arm comfort and power/control balance?

Gabe says:

this is kind of off topic, but i need to restring my pure drive 2012…any suggestions?

MC1796 says:

Is TW going to be selling the new Donnay frames coming out this year. The Pro One GT 97 is really promising.

ductrung3993 says:

Spence’s game is getting better and better! And btw is this like one of your rare videos where the “narrotor” doesnt speak last?

Berluskaiser says:

How does this compare to the Head YOUTEK IG Radical Pro (my current racquet of choice)?
Is it true that it comes out of the same mold of the i.Radical?

Adam Pogorzelski says:

First action of Chris was really good !

Tennis Warehouse says:

WHat would you like to get from your string? Power, control, spin, comfort or durability etc. Keeping in mind you have a powerful racquet, you can add control and spin with a poly string like Luxilon ALU Power Rough of you can increase comfort and max out power with a natural gut or multifilament string. A hybrid between the two will give you a compliment of the benefits of each with the string you put in the mains being the dominant factor.
Hope that helps.
Chris, TW

Niklas Granstrom says:

What would be the most dead and control oriented poly string? (in order to reduce the power)

MrReactorCore says:

Can you guys compare this to the Pure Drive Roddick 2012, and which you liked better? Thanks.

Luka Mijanovic says:

Can I purchase if I’m from Montenegro ? Thank you

nonsped says:

wow crazy point at 0:52!!

Andy Cheng says:

You guys don’t have this in stock anymore do you?

cvasquezii says:

Looking forward to a Donnay Platinum 99 review

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