Dunlop Srixon Revo CX 2.0 Tour 18×20 Racquet Review
Introducing Dunlop’s Srixon Revo CX 2.0 Tour 18×20, endorsed by Kevin Anderson! With its wonderfully flexible beam and compact 95in² head size, the CX 2.0 Tour offers a classic feel with truly surgical targeting. It also comes with a dense 18×20 string pattern, which makes it especially effective when driving the ball through the court. In stock form, this stick’s 11.6oz weight and ultra head light balance make it a very speedy player’s racquet. As a result, the CX 2.0 Tour is not only good for advanced players, but it should work well for the intermediate player who wants easy acceleration. Thanks to Dunlop’s Synchro Charge System, the CX 2.0 Tour benefits from a special graphite construction which is designed to improve the feel and stability on off-center impact. It also has Sonic Core Technology, which utilizes urethane and silicone in the head of the frame to increase dwell time and energy return for power and spin. On groundstrokes, the CX 2.0 Tour not only offers a buttery flex at impact, but it also delivers mindless placement on full swings. Big hitters looking to attack the ball without fear of over-hitting should love this racquet. It’s also fast and whippy enough for chasing down balls and re-setting the point with a quick flick. At net, the CX 2.0 Tour’s maneuverability makes it great on fast exchanges. There’s also plenty of touch for hitting drop shots or working the ball into tight spaces. On serves, the high level of control provides a recipe for confident targeting, and the fast feel will help you swing big when extra pop is needed. Some advanced players will likely want to add some weight and stability to this racquet and we feel there’s ample room to do so thanks to its fast swinging response. Ultimately, this racquet is ideal for those who want surgical control and great feel in a maneuverable package.


ThePaul Steezo says:

TW going to carry Srixon racquet bags as well?????

Exp B says:

They really ought to do something about those names. feels like a dissertation just saying its name

tennisvideo231 says:

Hey TW, How would you compare between this Srixon Raquet with the Dunlop 4d 200 18×20?

Also I’m looking to switch out, I’m very stubborn, my Raquet is 2012 Wilson Six One 95 18×20 (didn’t really like the new six ones that recently came out) still can’t replace old reliable. Could this be a good swicth, any other Raquet suggestion? I appreciate your time.

Huy Nguyễn Thế says:

where’s Andy now? i didn’t see him much

Peter John Perpetua says:

How would you compare this to Prince textreme tour 95?

KidInTheHallway says:

That name was quite a mouthful huh Michelle?!?!?!? lol

affenkeks says:

Great review, have been waiting for this!
Do you guys have any idea if and when the dunlop srixon series is going to be avaiable on TW europe? Or do you have no insights into the european TW?
Thank you!

Maxime Meis says:

Hi! Is it going to be sold on TW Europe?

allan duong says:

What shorts are troy wearing?

PRO1 says:

I think its name is too short…WTF???

dragonlord says:

Hey guys, how would you compare this with the ultra tour ? Assuming both of them would be weighted up a bit. I am interested in the power and spin especially. Thanks !!

Derry Perdhana says:

Hai troy,
How does this racquet compare to biomimetic 200?

Chris Green says:

Will you be stocking replacement grommets and bumper guards for this racket?

Andrew Mauricio says:

Troy, how would you compare this to your Six One 95 18×20? Thanks!

Hieu Doan Trung says:

Would you be kind to share how exactly did you modify the racquet please, Michelle? I am curious to know. Thanks in advance!

gabeshkchannel says:

been waiting for this review…great stuff!

Paulinho Braz says:

Troy currently plays with an old racquet, the head pro tour 280. I do not know if you ever had a chance to play with her, but I think a racket is sensational, she has incredible feeling and comfort, but they are no longer manufactured rackets. Could you tell me if this dunlop would bring me those same sensations?

Vaseus says:

That name though!!!!!!!

Ryan Foo says:

How does this compare to the first edition Pure Storm LTD?

Mark Richards says:

Gotta upload the play test scores on the site. From the videos alone it sounds like these racquets aren’t very good.

Bounce_hit says:

Did Gran actually switch to this? It says so on his playtester page. He’d be a good one to have on this review

dshm007 says:


Shervin Shafiei says:

please review the Dunlop Srixon Revo CX 2.0 LS

thors blot says:

TW, How much lead did you add and where? Sounds very similar to the tecnifibre 315ltd 18×20

Dunlop.Srixon.Tennisダンロップ・スリクソンテニス says:


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