Head Graphene 360 Speed MP Global Racquet Review

Head Graphene 360 Speed MP Global Racquet Review

Endorsed by Alex Zverev, this update has more spin and power! Speedy, stable and explosive our team takes the new Graphene 360 Speed MP around the world for a playtest!

Check out what our playtesters around the world have to say about this fast swinging racquet!

In addition to a slightly thicker beam, Head has also widened the spacing between the cross strings. The upshot, according to our playtesters, is a noticeable boost in spin potential along with a little extra pop. With the addition of Graphene 360, Head takes their Graphene system to the next level by reinforcing not just the shaft but multiple points along the frame’s head. The result is less frame deformation at ball contact, giving the Speed MP a boost in stability and power. For this update Head has also reduced the dampening compound Kraibon, giving it a more modern and crisp feel. On groundstrokes, the easy acceleration and grippy 16×19 string pattern will help you load the ball with spin. Although this update is a tad more powerful than the previous generation, it still has enough control to keep full cuts inside the lines. It’s also quick enough for executing effective shots on the run. This racquet’s fast feel continues at net where the Speed MP will help you react quickly on fast exchanges. Ultimately, the Graphene 360 Speed MP is a great option for intermediate and advanced players who want a light player’s racquet with a user-friendly blend of spin, pop and precision.

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Head Graphene 360 Speed MP Global Racquet Review


Uchiha Sasuke says:

Loving the global review!

Alfando Savant says:

Guyssss, like it with the added matrix system and unstrung spec! What took u so long?

De Toa Baja Pal' Mundo says:

Great video guys! Love the around the world perspective.
Notes: it will be ideal to discuss the specs of the racquets. Otherwise, good job.

Zachary Hendrix says:

TW, who is your best female player?

Darrin Baker says:

Is that Sara Tomic in Australia with Marco?

Hanna William says:

Does this have updates specs or just a new paint Job?

gábor pomázi says:

Zsófi! milyen ütőt használsz?

Daniel Yeo says:

Marco! nice to see him again

Sambuccashake says:

Marco! Great to see you again!

Val M says:

Is this the final cosmetic?

Fernando Rodriguez says:

Why is their racquet blacked out in germany?

Mad Myers says:

Aww I miss Marco

Myekal Benham says:

Marco sounding like an Aussie <3

Kim Quon says:

Btw… What is a good tension for a kevlar/zx hybrid (i currently use hyperg at 54/51)

saigonbond says:

“Really really stiff.” Huh? Someone might wanna tell that little fella that his Radical Pro has a stiffness rating of 66 compared to this stick’s 63… pffft

Michael Vo says:

2:45 Terminator mode. Gotta get him off the net.

Chooby Chooby says:

Marco’s accent is a lot stronger than his old vids. I think he was holding back 😛

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