Head Graphene Radical Pro (Andy Murray) Racquet Review


Despite being the heaviest member of the Radical family, the Head Radical Pro is anything but sluggish. This modern player’s racquet not only feels solid and extremely precise, but it whips through contact with surprising ease. The result is a stick that lets the player take massive cuts at the ball when applying pace and spin. In additional to having exceptional consistency with the Radical Pro, our TW Playtesters found it remarkably easy to shift into offense. At net the blend of maneuverability and control translates into rapid positioning and very easy placement. As for serves, this one has enough control, spin and pop for working the service box with very effective slices, kickers and flat heaters. All in all, the Radical Pro is simply a well built machine, one that should appeal to a wide range of intermediate and advanced players looking for a stick that does everything well.


Clayton Benjamin says:

Is the Head YouTek Graphene Radical Pro the same as Head Graphene Radical Pro? I’m trying to shop for the head graphene radical pro older version (Without XT technology) Not many places carry the older version anymore. Finally found a source but the description Youtek Graphene confuses me (I thought it’s either YouTek or Graphene) Please advise. Thank you for the awesome review. Clayton

Damir Budic says:

Hi TW !!!!
I have changed from APD New to Head Graphene Radical Pro and i love radical
but my prob. APD i play with RPM 1,30 25kg on Radical Pro same string and tansion make tooooo much power i try it on 27kg 1,25 on cold tem. or indoor all fine but outdoor by more then 20°C in 30 min. all strikes going 1m to long  i try  Princ Warior hybrid on 27/28kg head lynx on 27/28kg rpm on 27/28kg sonic pro 27/28kg
i like make my power self only need nice control. i like and play much spinn
what kind of string cann i try for my prob. on Radical Pro and this tension

Aryan Gati says:

Hi Andy which string you used for this playtest and how it performs also like to ask best five poly strings with this frame. I love your videos keep it up guys.

Tennis Warehouse says:

@ Hans Andre,
The Radical Pro will be heavier and more powerful than the Instinct MP, while the Instinct will be more maneuverable and controllable.
Andy, TW

Bolek989 says:

Prefer the tis6

Nick DiBenedetto says:

Okay last question. I’m getting close. I love the control and feel I get from my blade 98, but I like the power and spin I get from my pure drive roddick. I’m looking for a racquet right in between those two. Spec wise it looks like the radical pro is right in the middle of those two with the flexibility and all. Do you think the radical is a good choice or would you recommend something different?

Thanks for the help.

Nultari says:

That left hand guy is pretty good

Cheung Ho Ming says:

Hi Andy, graphene radical pro is my racket of choice. After I have used different rackets,I find that it is pretty stable comparing to other rackets. Could you list some “modern” rackets which is around 22mm beam and 330g have the same level of stability or more, also contain good enough power? Thanks

James Roper says:

what string would you recommend with this racket

rick waal says:

Which racket is better in terms of volleying? The radical pro or the speed pro?

MW entity says:

TW, what would be similar to this one, but with a little more spin and forgiveness?

nicogam6 says:

Hey Andy. By any chance did you every play the Head Liquidmetal Radical MP and know which of the racquets that are on the market right now come close to it? Thanks!

Harry Cadby says:

hey TW, my tennis store stocks the grapheme radical pro and the almost exact same looking graphene radical pro s, apart from the letter s they look almost exactly the same. what is the difference between the two? thanks. 

Ciro Balbi says:

Head released the “Radical” model of 2017? Or this and the MP version are the lastests one.
Head website say this is the last model, so, im confused

The Sheriff says:

I’ve had the version of this racquet from a few years ago, considering the new version.. I like to hit hard from the baseline. Do you suggest this racquet or what racquet do you suggest for a power style game?

Fernando Hidalgo Ramos says:

hello i just buyed this raquet and i was thinking to add the string yonex poly tour pro 1.25 ,which tension do u think is the best ? and is this string good for this raquet ? or u would recomend other one ?

Wojtek Fryszka says:

Can you tell me what are the differences between Head Radical Pro, and Head Speed Pro, becouse I’m thinking about buying one of these, but i can’t decide. I like playing at the baseline, but sometimes I try to finish the point on the net.

Francis Caina says:

you guys should make a bloopers video if you have any, would be really funny.

Tommy Torence says:

When will the new version be available?

e_dog 123 says:

I checked the link but it was just blank.

Vincent Ni says:

Hey TW! How would you describe the sweet spot of this racquet and is it uncomfortable if you make contact outside of it? Thanks in advance!

ポンタ says:

I want more impact sounds.

Nick DiBenedetto says:

Hey Andy , I see you have the microgel radical mp as your second favorite racquet. I’m currently using the youtek prestige mp. What makes you like microgel so much and why would you prefer it over the prestige ? I’m considering switching. Thanks !

natalia umansky says:

I was offered the cap for the Microgel Radical Pro. Will it work for this graphene version?
I was also trying to buy the cap from your website but I dind’t find it. Are you selling it?

Ben Snyder says:

TW- Can you guys recommend a softer string setup that will all this radical to play softer and easier on my arm/elbow?

Austin Van Jelly says:

Any recommendations on what string I would use to get more access to spin and also have a comfortable feel? (Easy on the arm)

vista7 says:

I just picked one of these up off Ebay. This is a great racket. I have been playing with Radicals for years and they are all a bit different. I think the Youtek has more flex. This one feels like the most weight is in the head. It feels really solid on ground and volleys. I thought about trying out some other rackets but I’m going to stick with Radicals.

Chris Chapman says:

i was wondering is their any racquet on the market similar to the head microgel radical (the yellow version)?

Aryan Gati says:

how would compare Graphene radical pro from Graphene speed pro?

April Stone says:

I’m currently playing with the old youtek radical MP (295g)
I’ve tested this updated version and I do like it, and play well with it, but I prefer the crisper feeling of the one I have. This seems to have a more cushioned feel.
I have two questions:
1) My racquet has Luxilon strings in (G4 I think – they’re the rougher ones for spin) compared to the factory strings of the demo. Is this likely to make a different to this feeling? If so, what strings are likely to give me a crisper response?
2) Do you prefer the MP or Pro in this line? I had shoulder surgery a couple of years ago (I was 17), I don’t know what weight would be best for me.
My game is a full western grip on my forehand, and the same on my single handed backhand. And I’m an aggressive baseliner.
Thanks a lot. Sorry it’s a lot of info!

Julio Liong says:

Hi, I am currently using the Head Graphene Speed Pro. What would I feel to be different if I switch to this racket?

kevin mendoza says:

are you guys done with the review for the radical xt racquet?

King Nguyen says:

can u guys please compare this racket and the IG Extreme Pro 2.0 in terms of stability and plowthrough??

Hans Andre says:

How would this racket compare to the Head Graphene XT Instinct mp, in terms of power and control?

Kareem Monzer says:

hey! does anyone have any idea when Head will release a graphene XT version of the radical line?

Jpswan701 says:

What strings were you using during the play test in the video? 

Raceman Bui says:

Hey tennis warehouse, what’s the difference between this racket and the ezone Ai 98 ?

syrupticious says:

These people are really good, are they just random warehouse workers or are they actually semi-pros hired to do testings?

April Stone says:

On your website it states the beam width as: 20.5/23.5/21.5
Does this mean there’s 3 options? Or that it measures three widths in different places?

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