Head Graphene Speed Pro (Novak Djokovic) Racquet Review


Novak Djokovic’s racquet of choice, the Head YOUTEK Graphene Speed Pro replaces the IG Speed 18×20. Like its predecessor, this one has a tight 18×20 string pattern which supplies maximum directional control on every stroke. From the baseline the Graphene Speed Pro is perfect for aggressive play. The biggest swings exit the stringbed with remarkable precision. Players with flatter strokes will enjoy how easily they can impose their will with pace and placement. Despite the tight pattern, spin artists will be more than satisfied. Thanks to the low-powered precision of the stringbed, the player can easily reach the swing speed needed for heavy spin. With its maneuverable feel, we have found this to be a very spin-friendly racquet thanks to the easy access to high swing speeds. The directional control is a huge asset when attacking the net where strong intermediate and advanced players will appreciate the blend of maneuverability, stability and control. Ease of placement on serves leads to aggressive targeting. Powerful swings are rewarded with heavy action on slices and kickers. This is also a great weapon for the player who likes to crank flat bombs on serve. All in all, this is a must demo for aggressive players or consistent grinders looking for exceptional responsiveness and world-class control.


wh hw says:

hello, i tested (from Tennis Warehouse) this racquet and the speed mp as well. The bad thing was i did not know what kind of string was on those 2 racquets. the Pro felt not very confortable. (i tried the Prince tour 95 and in comparison it felt really confortable but i’m not sure i can manage the weight during matches. surprisingly, the prince tour 95 did not felt heavier compared to the speed pro but on the spec the tour 95 is heavier. really strange feeling). maybe i should try the speed pro again…… ideally i’m looking for a racquet that has the same balance as the Tour 95, with the weight of the speed pro, and 18×20 pattern. too bad the racquet comparison from your site does not have the string pattern as a choice.

sanjay kumar akunuri says:

Should i Add Any String if i buy this Racket…!

HMKÉ says:

Hey TW, can you outline the main differences between the Head Graphene Speed Pro and the Wilson Pro Staff 97?

Austin Van Jelly says:

Most of my game is focused on serving. I also stick with staying at the baseline. If I want more control with my serving game and at the baseline, would you prefer the radical pro or speed pro?
(4.5 player) (1 hand backhand)

DJMasterFTW says:

Do the prestige grommets work on the s

Joseph Punzalan says:

hey andy! playing with the extreme pro 2.0 and maybe contemplating purchasing this stick, would there be much of a change?

Tennis Warehouse says:

You certainly could string it at 55 lbs, but it’ll have a pretty stiff/dead response that could give your arm some problems.  I’d probably suggest going a little lower with your tension to provide a bit more comfort.
Andy, TW

thenislie says:

Andy@+Tennis Warehouse, 
How would you compare this to Blade 16×19? I like plow though and the lighter weight manueverability. I know this maybe counterintuitive, but I’m hoping to upgrade to something with the same qualities of plow and maneuverability with the addition “easy power” and a larger sweetspot. Do you think this Graphene Speed Pro or either Radical Pro’s would be a good upgrade?

Daniel Brackett says:

Hey TW, I play with this racquet with volkl cyclone at 52 pounds and I want to play with the string setup a little. I want to add some more spin potential and make it more arm friendly while keeping a full be of poly if possible, but I don’t know what string and what tension to try. Any suggestion? (Sorry if my requests contradict each other. I don’t know strings that well.)

pasanski says:

can you guys compare this racquet to yonex vcore tour f 310gr in terms of power, spin and stability? thanks

ProjectDo says:

Could you compare this to the Pro Staff 97 autograph and the Wilson Graphite Aggressor 95in 8.5 si. The RF97 is a little too heavy for me, but the Graphite Aggressor (seems to) weight around the same as the RF97 but I find it easier to swing (maybe because of the swingweight idk).

ceajay11 says:

Hey TW, I’ve been using the head IG youtek radical mp for some time now and do you think that switching to this racquet is too much of a change? And will the weight difference be a big impact?

Kade Williams says:

Would you recommend putting a hybrid in this? If so, what would be a good setup? 

dhd says:

andy your kick serve is MASSIVE on this raquet. i have watched maybe 30-40 or so play tests and man does that ball dip

Lee Mead-Batten says:

Hey there TW, could you please tell me how this racket compares all round to the Yonex DR98? Many thanks in advance.

Aleksi Ohtonen says:

Is it normal that there are different weights in the same racquet model? I’m currently demoing this same speed pro model but it is 11.1 oz and has a different balance also. Couldn’t find any info on these older models.

antonis tsiflikas says:

whats the best stringing tension you would recommend to this racquet?

HMKÉ says:

Hey TW, what are the main differences between the Head Speed Pro, Head Radical Pro, Babolat Aeropro Drive and Babolat Pure Drive. Just trying to decide which racquet fits my playstyle better. I tend to dominate my points from the baseline and have a heavy emphasis on my serve being one of my strongest strokes, any tips on which racquet you think will suit me?

Lasse Kongo says:

Hello I am looking to buy this racquet shortly,
what do you recommend for strings?
I am an all round player who likes to go on the net.
Would head lynx be a good choice for me?
With Regards

1 says:

seeing the first dude’s ping-pong style backhand he didn’t use his non dominant hand at all on that thing lolol

Michele Chen says:

hey andy and anyone else, have more people been complaining of tennis elbow from this racquet than the others? I previously had the 2012 babolat pure drive and my elbow was fine, so that’s kind of where my tolerance is at. I’m only 15, if that plays a factor. is this racquet more known for causing tennis elbow?

Bruno Cymbal says:

Hello, u uses this raquete for a monte anda u really like it, o used The demo version, speed mpa, 100 inch 300gr, i www thinking tô teu The babolat aeroprodrive, a por of friends said to me That ia more confortable? Witch ONE are you recomend. I am lojinha for a spin/power raquet. U am usina a ew radical, bug for me now o Fell litogr light for me, 5g make diference.

Saqib Mirza says:

So I demoed this racquet and loved it, love the string too. My question is what tension are these demoes strung at? This racquet was perfect from the first swing and I don’t want to change a thing.

Tennis Warehouse says:

@Michele Chen,
This racquet isn’t particularly known to cause tennis elbow, but it’s important to remember that there are lots of different causes to arm problems.  First and most importantly is your own technique, but string choice, grip size and racquet stiffness can all cause it too.
Andy, TW

Tennis Warehouse says:

@Kade Williams,
A hybrid setup would work great in this racquet, and it doesn’t get much better than Wilson Champion’s Choice!
Andy, TW

T Dawg says:

Hey TW! So, if I were to buy this racket and string it with the Head Sonic Pro strings, what string tension would you recommend?

deAfvalMarkt.nl says:

Is there significant difference between the normal graphene speed pro and the ‘xt’ version?

John Su says:

Would you consider this racquet heavy or light?

Micheffany Inc. says:

if i demoed this racquet and ordered it with a poly, what strings did you use? because I know you used a hybrid of rpm blast with something else, do you know what it is? also, would this racquet still be ok with a full bed of rpm blast? thanks! also, will a thinner gauge provide more spin?

Tennis Warehouse says:

@Alex Harris,
Both the Speed and Radical Pro would be good choices.  The Speed will offer better control and more maneuverability while the Radical will be more powerful and stable.  We preferred the Speed from the baseline but the Radical from everywhere else.  As for the APD, we are expecting a new one in 2016.
Andy, TW

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