Head Graphene Touch Radical MP Review

Intermediate and advanced players looking for a player’s racquet with a solid feel and controllable power should like this update to the Radical MP. Built with Graphene Touch, the Radical MP not only benefits from Head’s polarized weight system, but it is also comes with Kraibon, which has exceptional dampening properties. The upshot is a racquet that provides easy depth along with a muted, low-vibration feel. This racquet also comes with Head’s Dynamic String Pattern, which condenses the center main strings for added control. From the baseline, our team found it very easy to keep the ball deep with the Radical MP. We also found a nice balance between speed and stability. Players with solid technique should find it fast enough to whip up pace and spin, while counterpunchers will have the needed heft to redirect incoming pace. At net the Radical MP feels solid and lively, with plenty of power available to those who like finishing points with a bang. Aggressive servers who can get this stick moving fast will find enough pace and spin to force some very weak replies. Ultimately the Graphene Touch Radical MP is a great option for the intermediate and advanced player who wants a comfortable player’s racquet that hits a penetrating ball.


BoriS says:

Hello, TW! How does this racquet compare to the Yonex ezone dr 100?

Beacheagle says:

Hi TW, could you compare it to the old IG Youtek line?

Chris Green says:

I really lament Mark’s usage of the word lament!

Ivan Nanovski says:

Awesome racquet – with great control and power 🙂

Golf0ned says:

This doesnt feel right without Andy D:

Jason Christopher says:


Le Truong Minh says:

Hi TW, how does this racket compare with the New Wilson Prostaff 97L.
Im playing with one handed backhand.
Thank you.

Jason Lee says:

Can’t beat the old Radical 18/20s for feel and control.

Bruce Limsiaco says:

I tried on the gt radical pro and it felt good in my hand, only there is no mp in the store just the lite, and the pro


Wilson blade 16×19 compared to this one? Which one has more control and is more comfortable?

Rildo Silva says:

How does this compare to the Pure Strike 98 16×19 (Project one)?

Adrià Cot i Porta says:

Hi TW! How does this compare with the Speed MP?

Adesh Arora says:

Should i buy the head graphene touch radical mp or the babolat pure strike 16/19 (projectone7) ?

Piero De Bianchi says:

how does compare to the new vcore 98?

Dame tu Cosita says:

Hi Tennis warehouse. I have recently bought a babolat pure strike 16×19 *the new one* . I’m 14 years old an roughly a bit higher than an intermediate player. What string type would you recommend because I want something powerful with spin but just a bit muted feeling a bit soft what would you recommend I was thinking the rpm blast rough what would you reckon?

the.orginal. Vu says:

You guys always say about how each person has a different play style. Can you please make a video about it because I still don’t get the types of play styles. Thanks.

Cameron Christie says:

The feel is amazing and it’s and all around great rackets

Dan Moriarty says:

Tw im really stuck between this racket and the babalet pure aero light decima

Val M says:

Radical S review coming up I hope?

Skyelar Ng says:

Hey TW, how does this racquet compare to the Yonex EZONE DR 98 (310g)?

Cameron Christie says:

I have just got 2 of these rackets and what they say is not true

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