Head Graphene Touch Radical Pro Review

Intermediate and advanced players looking for a solid payer’s racquet with impressive power should like this update to the Radical Pro. Built with Graphene Touch, this stick has a distinctively low-vibration response (think muted). Like the previous generation, this racquet has a Dynamic String Pattern, which optimizes the spacing of the center main strings for better directional control. With its 330 swingweight and relatively high launch angle, the Radical Pro will not only give you easy depth, but it will also reward your topspin mechanics with a heavy ball that hops off the court. There’s also plenty of plow-through, which makes it feel solid on blocks, chips and counterpunches. At net the Radical Pro feels solid, and it rewards sound preparation with penetrating volleys. Aggressive players will find enough power for ending points with a bang. The beefy swingweight comes in handy on service returns where this stick holds steady when redirecting the pace of a big first serve. Aggressive servers who can get this stick moving will be rewarded with big power on serves. Updated with a more muted and comfortable feel, this version of the Radical Pro continues to offer a nice blend of spin, power and plow-through to intermediate and advanced players.


Henrique Ludolf Luck says:

nice make up michelle!!!
you’re doing great sweetheart!

Preston Smith says:

so were not gonna talk about how she switched hands and hit a left handed volley, 5 points for style lol

Brady thyroff says:

Shawn is great

Golf0ned says:


HIEPO123 says:

I have a question. Sometimes on the website there is a racquet for “sale” but when I click on it I cant select a grip size making me think its not for sale. Sooooooo are they or are they not for sale?

Rodrigo Lana says:

This HEAD RADICAL TOUCH GRAPHENE PRO racket is firmer than previous versions, such as YOUTEK IG (310g), AND A microgel (315 GRAMAS)?
HEAD RADICAL TOUCH GRAPHENE PRO touch (310 grams), put more ball weight than Microgel(315 grams)?

Skyelar Ng says:

Hey TW, how does this racquet compare to the Yonex EZONE DR 98 (310g)?

Josh Henderson says:

hey TW what style of play would you say the Head racquets are built for?

Oliver Ahrndt says:

Is that glitter on a racquet review?

Thai Pham says:

Thanks for the review guys and a great addition with Sean. Shame that this racquet has less control than the Graphene Radical Pro which is my racquet of choice.

Carlo Marco Argones says:

What would be the most similar to this racket out of the new Wilson rackets?

Daniel Gagnon says:

Might not be Michelle’s favorite racquet but based on the highlights, this is the best I’ve ever seen Michelle play. Very tempting racquet to try since I also play with the RF97A as well.

vasDcrak Gaming says:

1:28 lefty smash

Jay MacDonnell says:

Wow! They hired Greg Fitzsimmons.

BHB Hansen says:

I liked how informative Shaun(?) was:)

Sérgio Gomes says:

Hey TW!

I recently had tennis elbow while I was playing with my Wilson ProStaff 90. I was wondering if this Radical Pro is a good choice or will I get stuck with elbow problems just like before.
Also how do you compare this stick to the Babolat Pure Strike 16×90 (ProjectOne7)?

Thanks in advance!

Hussein Al-ali says:

Good racquet

ScarletSims says:

That left hand volley by Michelle at 1:28, what a queen

Rodrigo Lana says:

What is the Head Radical Graphene Touch Pro 20/23/21 rim thickness advantage and disadvantage compared to the older ones with a constant 21mm rim?
If comparing with the Andre Radass Limited Radical Head Racquet (https://www.tennis-warehouse.com/Reviews/AGRAD/AGRADReview.html, what are the differences felt?
 Two rackets with the same characteristics, same model, in the MP version is firmer than an OS racket?

lovetennisblog says:

I love the new radical, have included a link to your video on my site, hope you dont mind http://wp.me/pLTTe-emc

Andres D'alfonso says:

How in the world you ask for control with 50 pounds ????

Tommy Torence says:

how would you compare this to the youtek ig radical pro?

Kody .Nguyen says:

I love the new playtester he is very informative and gives plenty advice for players like me.

Bounce_hit says:

You guys should throw some serve data into the Playsight stuff.

Stephan M says:

OMG! Where’s Andy Gerst?!?!?!

Frans van Terwisga says:

well well well Michelle, I see you’ve been working out and getting slim 🙂 Good on you!

Bhandi Gamchod says:

Hey TW – great review but I’m confused. Is this genuinely 98sq”? The Prestige was always a 98sq” but now they’re saying its 95sq”. Is that true for the Radical as well ie 95sq”?

Will Jerkins says:

When did troy switch rackets

Juan Jaimes says:

Why don’t you try with pro players??

Sarah Marshall says:

Are the handles on these rectangular like the Prestige line, or squarer like the Speed line?

沈一飞 says:

Hi there, this is Ryan from China, I just wanna knwo if there was any possibility that your guys could forward me with the script of this Radical review through email? I’m going to translate the video, and post it on the Chinese website, hoping more people would watch it.

Nick ELLIOTT says:

where is this tennis warehouse located?

Vortex Designs says:

Hi Troy from TW, I am going to purchase either the new Head Graphene 360 Speed Pro or the Head Graphene Touch Radical Pro. How do they compare and which do you prefer or that you will recommend me purchasing? I currently use the Yonex Ezone 2018 and the Head graphene XT MP LTD. Also can you recommend some polyester or hybrid strings to use and tension. I have used Solinco hyper G @ 54 pounds but found it to dead. I am thinking of Signum Pro Yellow Jacket. Can you reccomend other suggestions of polyester or hybrid string that are in your top 5 that’ll pair well with the above head racquets. Thanks.

DeceitfulDestiny says:

Beast mode, Michelle! Absolutely launched those winners. Great review by Sean, too!

Club de Tennis Dolbeau-Mistassini says:

Where’s Andy?


Michelle, loving the color coordination of eye shadow and racquet beam colorway 😉

Ken H says:

So the orange string is volkl cyclone?

juanchoja says:

Hi TW, how this compares to the Babolat Pure Strike 98 16×19? I am looking for a 98 Sq inch racket which offers me a bit more accuracy and control than my Babolat Pure Aero, not a whole lot. I’ve tested the Pure Strike and I had to string it at as a Hybrid to make it more powerful as it was too dead with a full bed of Hyper G (I usually play with Solinco Hyper G 16 full bed on my Pure Aero at 50 tension) but after using the same tension, but Hyper G in the mains and Multi Filament on the cross, same tension, I’ve notice that my service were not as fast and I had to put a lot more effort. I am looking for a racket in between the Pure Aero and the Pure Strike. Thanks.

Esteban V.B says:

Hi Andy, how are you?
When you are going to be reviewing the ProKennex Ki Q+Tour (300)?
I have been waiting patiently.
Regards from Colombia to the TW team.

Thomas Trotta says:

Hey how to compare this raquet with the head touch extreme mp? Which is more powerfull?

S Ro says:

Enjoyed the video. This is one of the racquets I’m considering. Could you please tell me what gauge of Volkl Cyclone and what overgrip you were using? Thanks!

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