Head Graphene Touch Speed MP Tennis Racket Review

Head Graphene Touch Speed MP Tennis Racket Review by Top Tennis Training. In this video Simon Konov and Alex Slabinsky review the head graphene touch speed MP tennis racket but with a twist.
One racket is strung at 65lbs, one at 55lbs and one at 45lbs.
All three rackets are strung with the exact same string.
The goal was to see how the same tennis racket model changes when you simply modify the string tension.

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farood5 says:

Great review guys but you should not say it’s the choice for novak djokovic as thats a complete lie as you guys are aware .he uses a custom frame which cannot be bought

Peter Nordstrom says:

my favorite new racquet is the head graphene extreme touch pro (similar to the one in the video, but heavier), strung at about 58 lbs. i put a gram of lead tape at each top corner (about 1:30 and 10:30 on a clock) for a little more stability and power. Djokovic doesn’t use a new model, he uses an old one from his college days, painted like a new one. My other favorite racquet is the original aeropro drive by babolat, released in 2005, with 1 gram of lead tape at 3:00 and 9:00, strung around 58 lbs. This is the one Nadal still uses, and it feels better then all the newer models.

Hermann Huber says:

Sorry Guys, Novak does not play with the Head Speed Touch Pro.

Nole plays with an Head LM Radical Mold.

PT113B1 =
strung Weight: 359g
Strung balance: 32.8cm
SW: 370
Flex: 60RA strung
Grip: 4 3/8
headsize: 95 inch

James Wen says:

What kind of string and gauge did you use in this video?

Arche says:

Blade 18×20 review please 🙂

gustavo fernandez says:

Please put subtitle in spanish?

原尧燊 says:

I added some lead tape on the head because I feel this racket is head-light for me. Can’t generate too much power.

tharkun92 says:

I use the Graphene Speed Pro, which is a bit heavier than the MP I think.
It’s strung with Luxilon at 24kg

Suraj Muralidharan says:

This is great; you guys should do more racket and string reviews.

SWJ says:

I love this channel great video 🙂

sbtr09 says:

Head Microgel Radical MP with WC Mosquito Bite 1.16 at 25/24 kG.

Lukas Obel says:

Hey guys, just wondering if you guys string your own rackets. Because it would be cool for you to make a video on it, also what string was in the racket for this video?

Jude Dixon Tennis says:

i use the speed touch s with a 54 tension

Joni English says:

play with a prince graphite os Classic feel at 57 ibs
also have a yamaha secret 04

David Oldham says:

RF97 Autograph with Focus Hex MSV string at 52lbs.

Jude Dixon Tennis says:

playing with the 65 must of been like with hitting with a brick, was Yohan playing btw?

Top Tennis Training - Learn Tennis Online says:

Which racket and strings/tension do you currently play with?

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