Head Graphene Touch Speed Pro (Novak Djokovic) Racquet Review


Head adds a softer, more flexible feel to the Head Speed Pro, a racquet that provides intermediate and advanced players with truly incredible control. This particular iteration has been updated with Graphene Touch technology, which combines Head’s polarized weight system with a soft and flexible material called Kraibon (which is used in the racquet’s layup to improve touch and feel). As a result, this is the most comfortable and arm-friendly version of the Speed Pro to date. Like its predecessor (the Graphene XT model), this stick comes with a dense 18×20 string pattern, making it perfect for intermediate and advanced players who want to keep more balls in play. It also accelerates surprisingly fast thanks to a whippy headlight balance and a relatively low swingweight (322 RDC). On groundstrokes this racquet rewards full cuts with the kind of predictability and control that breeds confidence. With its 11.6 ounce strung weight players who swing this one fast will have just enough mass to drive the ball powerfully through the court. Our playtesters were impressed with how much spin they were able to get from this racquets’ dense string pattern. At net this racquet delivers great control, and it never feels sluggish or moves slowly to the ball. The combination of maneuverability and control also helps on service returns where this racquet moves into position quickly and supplies remarkable accuracy on full swings. Finally, aggressive servers who like to hit flat heaters should love this racquet. All in all, Head has produced another solid update to one of their great performance racquets. This is a must demo for those who want a speedy control racquet that keeps powerful strokes on target. (Psst: If you’re looking for a an ultra smooth low-vibration feel, you won’t need much convincing.)


enrico ranieri says:

Can you compare new head graphene touch speed pro and prince textreme 100p?

Kin Wa Chan says:

Hi TW,
How does graphene touch speed pro comparing to RF97 in terms of control, spin, power and comfort?

Erika Quillmann says:

what is this string ?

Anis Rekic says:

If the specs of the youtek speed pro where the specs for the graphene touch speed pro, what would the results be. Would it be more playable or would the result be different if it had 16×19 string pattern instead of 18×20?


Weight: 336g

Balance: 315mm

All the other specs I don’t know

DerCennectPen says:

What shoes are Chris wearing ?

RL Cachola says:

I am from the philippines. How do i order from Tennis Warehouse?

leafy maze says:

I have a quick question what strings do you recommend I’m looking for a really durable string because I hate when my strings brake and I can’t seem to find the best string can you by any chance recommend me any? Without draining my bank account

Elias Martinez says:

What is a good control string for this racquet??

Hamza Abbas Zaidi says:

I have a 16×19 string pattern. Can anybody tell me what an 18×20 feels like?

Dario Schmidt says:

How does this racket compare to the Voelkl Super G V1 Pro?

SuperSnorkelDuck says:

Hey Tw how would radical compare to speef

RaceManDelon RaceManDelon says:

Hey Andy, I am currently demoing the Head Graphene Touch Pro with the multifilament option and I believe the type of string on the demo is the Head Velocity MLT 16G. So I am just wondering what the tension of the string was on the demo racket, because I am just amazed at how incredible my tennis game has changed in only a couple of hours. Thanks

Max LaCount says:

Hey guys, I had a question for you please. I am currently playing with the Head graphene speed Pro (not the XT from last year), and I was wondering what this racquet plays like in comparison in terms of things such as power and the stiffness of the two racquets? Also, would you recommend this racquet over my current ones? Thanks!

RossHouston says:

What string pattern do u recommend

Spandan Roy says:

what do you suggest head xt radical pro or head graphene touch speed pro

Caroline H says:

Which is more comfortable – this one or the Wilson Blade 98 Countervail?

Alip Indraa says:

hi tennis warehouse can you help me to pick a racquet and string give me control and power and my common error is the ball out of the line


Hi, thanks for this review… Background music too high…
Which one between speed pro xt and touch speed pro is the most powerful ?

Srihar C says:

What tension would this racquet be good with luxilon 4g and if so what tension?
And also I’m switching from my PDGT is it a good switch?

Sanjay Gupta says:

i got my head graphene touch speed pro strung with head sonic pro edge at 52 lbs and ts giving excellent power but i find it difficult to generate spin, while on my friend’s prince rebel 98 with solinco string at 48 lbs i m able to generate fair amount of spin, andy please suggest some solution, also my head graphene touch speed pro is proving to be stiffer .
shall i change the strings to babolat rpm blast or solinco at 48 lbs? or i should wait for the tension to drop.

Zane Springer says:

I used this today at my local tennis center, because my strings snapped on my racquet. I fell in love with this racquet immediately. Felt amazing, it is a shame I can’t afford it

J Clayton says:

Which racket between the xt speed pro and this one plays most similarly to the original graphene speed pro?

wordlyfe says:

music volume should be lower to make the people talking easier to understand… my 2 cents

SuperSnorkelDuck says:

Hey Andy how will the speed compare to prostaff

Foxtrot Oscar says:

Is this the racket Djokovic uses?

Izel Rodriguez says:

I’m wondering if you would prefer the pro or MP version of this racquet

SuperSnorkelDuck says:

HEY Andy which is a good control oriented racket of head babolat and yonex

SuperSnorkelDuck says:

And which one do you prefer

Jennifer Ou says:

I was wondering if the blade 16×19 or the babalot pure strike or the babalot pure drive would be good for power control and plot through. Which racquet do you think is the best

esshoul says:

can you pls include specs in the video in metric units for international viewers?

uchews says:

Is there any racquet out there that is less power more control than this? I have a serious problem hitting too hard.

Marius van Eeden says:

they talk like pros lol

Joseph Augustine says:

hey did u get this or radical

armon kamooneh says:

+tennis warehouse
Is the zoom ultra react different from the ultrafly because on your website it says that it fits normal but it says that the ultrafly fits narrow

Tobias Christensen says:

Is this the racket Alexandre zverev and Djokovic play with?

Pete Horsakul says:

I strung my touch speed pro with Solinco Hyper-G as well at 53 lbs. But I felt I couldn’t get enough lvl of spin that I want. Maybe because of the dense string pattern. Could u suggest some solutions? Should I lower the tension both main and cross or just the main? I’m thinking of 51/53 or probably 48/50? What do u think? Thanks.

Pranava P says:

can I have a free one

Vele Korunoski says:

Are the white strings for this version called Head Synthetic Pro or something like that?

ahmad saeed says:

does this give me the effortless speed i desire?

Dhanesh Gaikwad says:

hi andy..
where should I add weight in this racquet? ?

Ian Lastname says:

Hey TW I just demo’d this racquet and really liked it, however I did struggle a lot with spin generation and a little bit of stiffness? What string/tension would you recommend to solve this? I tried it with lux element in it already, so I’m ruling that out 😀

Kin Wa Chan says:

Dear TW,
How is the graphene touch speed pro comparing to the Babolat Pure Strike (PO7) in terms of spin, control, comfort and forgiveness?

Srihar C says:

Do u guys have this racquet currently available for demo at this time because I want to try it out before I buy it if not is there a different method

RossHouston says:

I heard that this is good with head gravitys

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