Head Graphene XT Radical MP A Racquet Review


With their revolutionary Adaptive String Pattern, Head adds some serious spin to one of the game’s great modern player’s racquets. This updated version of the Radical Midplus features interchangeable grommets at 3 and 9 o’clock, allowing the player to select a 16×19 string pattern or a 16×16 string pattern (for added bite and extra spin potential). Head also updates this racquet with the latest generation of Graphene (called Graphene XT). The result is a racquet with an even more optimal distribution of weight to the grip and tip. Like its predecessor this racquet is ideal for intermediate and advanced players who want a very maneuverable players racquet with a high level of precision on full swings. With the option for a super grippy 16×16 string pattern, this stick can not only rip heavy topspin from the baseline but it also has more pop and comfort than prior generations of the Radical. Players looking for a little more feedback and directional control can go with the 16×19 string pattern – an option that still provides plenty of spin potential. At net the Radical Midplus is fast enough for reaction volleys while also offering above average stability for its weight class. Aggressive servers will appreciate the easy targeting, and there’s ample power and spin to be had for those who crank up the tip speed. With this racquet, Head adds a whole new chapter to its vaunted Radical line. The Adaptive String Pattern provides truly impressive versatility, making this stick suitable to a wide range of intermediate and advanced ball strikers.


SHLAKA sahar says:

Hello TW,
How can you compare this raquet to the Pro Staff 97ls ? i can not handle heavy tennis raquets after an injury i left tennis for around 9 years. my level was open in Europre, i always played with Wilson frames, thanks.

DRAGON 1994 says:

Hi , can these head pallets(from speed line -more round,or regullar ones ) be instaled on a really old model head radical liquidmetal mp..thanks??

yan says:

Hey tennis warehouse. I was wondering whether the graphene xt radical mp a would be better or the graphene xt instinct mp to buy. I currently have the graphene instinct mp but I’m having stability issues with that and I’m more of a counterpuncher.

EpicBants69 Urmom says:

Why did u not test the regular mp aswell as the mp a. Also, y do they no longer make an 1820 version?????

AoT-Cobalt says:

it says that this racquet is head heavy on your website but says its head light on this video???i really want a good head heavy racquet that was good topspin potential and weight.

FishyThings says:

Hi TW, I am a freshmen who’s been using a hand me down babolat pure storm Ltd. since my bday is coming up, I was wondering if the radical would be a good option for me. How bout the pure strike?I tend to hit longer on my shots, and want a racquet with more control and feel. Can you recommend a racquet for me? Thanks!

felpardini says:

I’m using the Speed MPA for 1 year and i’m feeling a little lack of control on my game. Do you recommend this raquet?

Ravi 88 says:

ok thanks

Andres Felipe Velasquez Parra says:

Hi Tennis Warehouse 🙂 I’ve been using for the past years the Head Youtek Graphene Instinct MP, which I always considered to fit my game relatively good. However I had the change of testing the Head Graphene XT Radical MP a couple of weeks ago and I realy liked it, since I got more control on my shots by generating easily more top spin, which I’m actually adding to my game right now. Would you recommend me to change from the instinct to this radical model? What do you think would change the most? I play mostly on the base line, hitting mostly flat with not too much top spin, but I do like to take the net sometimes.
Thanks in advance.

Pongo Plays says:

I find the radical rackets tricky to use. They don’t swing very easily. I prefer the speed range.

James Shao says:

Hi tennis warehouse Which ones better speed Mpa or this one?

Toshiro Hitsugaya says:

Would this with the 16×19 string pattern be similar to the graphene xt speed s?

Koby Bonta says:

Hello TW,
I am a high school senior with an NTPR of around 4.5-5.0 and I use the head graphene radical s. I love my radical s as its super maneuverable and it spins the ball really well. Recently I’ve picked my game up a lot but because of that I’m starting to play kids with bigger shots and just a lot more pace. Because the radical s only weighs 10.3 oz strung i’m finding it tough to keep up with the pace and the the racket just feels unstable. Should I switch to the mp a or are there better options to switch to like maybe the new pure strike? I also have easy access to a burn 95 if that would be a good idea.

sgsleu says:

Hi I am currently using head radical graphene MP. I enjoy my racket but I feel like there is a lack of stability on big fist serve of my opponents and i want more power from the baseline . I was thinking to try a pure drive 2015. How does this new iteration of the radical MP compares with its previous version and with the pure drive 2015? Expecially in terms of stability and power

RossH says:

What prostaff is better 97 s, 95s or 97 ls

Jashan Kalra says:

Hey Tennis Warehouse! I am a 16 year old junior using the Head Graphene Radical MP Limited Edition. I am an aggressive baseliner who likes to chip and come to the net and has a flat serve and an extreme grip on the forehand with a slice backhand. I like the racquet, but feel that because of the way i hold the racquet, the racquet flutters on off center contact and when i look to hit hard. The racquet gives me power on serve, but it is a bit unstable and inaccurate. Could the Graphene XT version be better? Could you give me more suggestions? I have a few racquets like Graphene XT Extreme Pro, Radical Pro, Pure Aero, Prestige S, etc. Any more suggestions are welcome. I don’t really want to sacrifice much control but i need more help from the racquet too. Thanks!

Ravi 88 says:

Hey TW what are the differences between the xt radical mp and the xt speed mp and which do you guys prefer? If you had any help i would really appreciate it.

SuperSnorkelDuck says:

which is better radical rev pro 2015 or speed rev pro 2015

SuperSnorkelDuck says:

Hey TW how would the extreme line compare to radical line

SuperSnorkelDuck says:

Hey TW how would this racket compar to head graphene touch speed MP

Eric Kim says:

Which racquet would you recommend comparing this one to the Head Graphene XT Speed MP A? Are there big differences?

David Nilsson says:

Hi Tennis Warehouse I looking for a racket that is for control and I want the weight 290 g – 300 g without strings, any idé ?

Ravi 88 says:

wait never mind

Justin Case says:

Graphene XT Radical MP A …LXT XXL…..This is exactly why I don’t use Head racquets. Head: maybe it is time to simplify your products and (especially) your product names.

Dominic Garcia says:

what’s a good 150$ racket far a 9 year old

Jesus Lopez says:

Hello i was wondering when will the pure aero plus come out? In tennis warehouse europe they have been on the website


Does it come with a number guard?

RossH says:

what is better overall Head XT speed or HEAD XT RADICAL

Aiden Stoupe says:

+Tennis Warehouse
I recently bought this racquet, with tour xc on it at 57lbs.
but i found that i couldn’t really get any spin on my shots.

I have long fast strokes, and can produce my own power very easily.
I also want the string to be under powered, with heaps of control and alot of spin.
What string would you recommend?

Daniel Conway says:

Would this be a good option for a varsity high school player? I generally have a balanced playstyle with med-high swing speed. or is there a better raquet for me? thanks!

岩崎賢太郎 says:

Is this the racket whitch McEnroe use?

harsh says:

Hey TW what would you think would be better for a 13 year old- babolat pure drive team or head graphene xt radical s? I am a person who needs good power ,control and spin

Javeed Yara says:

I love to hit from the baseline, big serve. what can i choose between Yonex ezone dr 100, head radical xt mp a, wilson burn 100, Yonex ai 98,Yonex ai 100,head instinct, BABolat pure drive??? i have an eastern grip forehand and i need power and spin now….what would you guys prefer me??

Ossi Kaijanen says:

Hey TW!I now play with Head Radical MPA 16×19 with Kirschbaum PLX 1.25 at 23kg (roughly 51lbs). I just ordered a second one, and I’m planning to have that strung with the 16×16 frame with the same Kirschbaum string.So the question is, since the 16×16 is somewhat more open than the 16×19, should I still string it at 23kg or with weight to have the same control? Or does it even matter at all?Thanks in advance!

Bruno Cymbal says:

Hello guys, i am using this raquet about 1/2 years, but now my game os Getter and o am loooking for a more powerfull raquel, Wich Model are you recomend for me, Van be Wilson, head, yonex….all The best and contrata for The channel!

Ravi 88 says:

hey tw what string were you using in this playtest

Lucca Bemfica says:

Tw how would you compare this racket to the 2016 aero pro drive?

Kevin Nitz says:

If I’m currently using the head graphene radical mid plus and I want a second racket as a back up, could I use this one so that way I could also get the Sony tennis sensor? Or will I notice a big difference?

Vish And Chips says:

hey tw,

Just wondering how does this racquet compare to the blade 98 16×19

happyjollyrancher says:

Is the head radical mp and the radical mp a the same racket?

Sakis M says:

i have the youtek speed mp 300 gr unstrung, and the last week i try to use the demo
radical mp the previous version and i like the racket because is more flexible and i have
more power on serve,better slices,and better control on the net and is more restful.the only negative i think is when the opponent have heavy and strong balls i have shallow hits. i want to know if the new version the xt radical have and differences from the radical mp expept the 16×16. because the weight ,the material,the profile ,and headsize and balance is same from the old version

Azzurri Ragazzo says:

I’m so curious about your string?

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