Head Graphene XT Radical Pro (Andy Murray) Racquet Review


The heaviest member of the Radical family gets updated with the next generation of Graphene – an ultra light material used in the throat so that weight can be redistributed to the grip and tip. The result is a fast swinging racquet that delivers even easier access to power than its predecessor. Ideally suited to intermediate and advanced players, the Radical Pro accelerates with impressive speed considering its meaty swingweight (332 RDC). Like its predecessor, this version comes with Head’s Dynamic 16×19 String Pattern giving it tighter center mains for a slight boost in directional control – a feature that comes in handy when cranking up the head speed and selecting ambitious targets. From the baseline this stick feels firm and decidedly more lively than the Radicals of old. Aggressive ball strikers should have no problem hitting heavy, spin loaded balls with this one. According to our playtesters, the Radical Pro truly shines on serves where the spin, pop and precision allow for some very confident targeting. Our team was also impressed with this stick’s speed and pop on service returns. Volleying is another area where the Radical Pro shines, making this a great stick for all-court singles or doubles. Offering a nice balance between power and control, the Radical Pro manages to put some heft behind the ball without sacrificing an ounce of speed. This versatile racquet should work quite well for a variety of players,


Say0n says:

Do you know why this looks different from the one used by Andy Murrray? The top part is translucent white but Murrray’s is black…

golem20173 says:

Hi Andy, should I go with this one or with the Graphene XT extreme pro? What do you prefer?

Random Dude says:

I am 15 and an Average player looking into playing High School Tennis
I’m looking for a Racket that has good power and control.
I prefer if its light and the grip is comfortable.
Thanks if you respond.

Abiraj Dhillon says:

I was playing with a yonex vcore 98 plz help finding me another racket with the similar grip

Starclan321 says:

I can’t find any tennis reviews on this racket so I wanted to know how is the Head Graphene XT Radical S in terms of power?

Claudia Gonella says:

Thanks for a quality review. Top notch work TW.

PilkiRocks says:

hi tw will the orange pro player grommets fit this model aswell?

Pudding Patrol says:

So given that this racquet was not up to par with the previous versions, are there any new racquets with similar specs to the Graphene Radical Pro? I know the Yonex Ai 98 and DR 98 are two similar racquets. Preferably Wilson or Head for me, but anything is fine.

rohitcsrini says:

Would you suggest buying the new Radical or new radical MPA? Or would you suggest trying to play test the old radical MP or Pro? Of all of the 4 I guess I’m asking which do you think is the best one. Considering I like everything about the new MPA when I played with it.

Abul waliuzzaman says:

For Andy, what would be a power racquet from Head and Babolat.

Kento Beppu says:

I’m very interested in this racket, but I’m confused which one to get between Radical Pro and Radical MP with cap grommet. What’s the difference between them in terms of power, control, stability, manoeuvrability, and spin?

Alfando Savant says:

Yo TW, as michelle said in this review, the previous model is her top three picks, what’s the other two? And how do you compare this with head ig extreme pro 2.0? Thx

asianfromouterspace says:

+Tennis Warehouse
How does the Head Graphene XT Radical Pro compare to the Head Graphene Radical Pro? Thanks.

Gjj Fghj says:

Good work tennis warehouse, you could’ve given this new update a glaring review to push it off the shelves but you didn’t… I can appreciate the honesty and also really enjoyed the last version of this stick

Bruno Cymbal says:

Hello , first congratulations for the videos , all very dynamic and technical . always played with Ti.Radical racket , the last used by Agassi, and I am looking to buy a new one, which one or ones you indicate for me? i am looking for this one at the video or a new one, bibelot or wilson maybe?

the best,


amit agarwal says:

Hey Andy How Would the head graphene xt radical pro Compare To head graphene xt extreme pro

Aryan Patra says:

Dear Andy

My biggest error is missing the sweet spot so should I go with the prestige mp or the radical mp

vista7 says:

How does this compare to the Microgel Radical and Radical MP? I talked to the guy at my local tennis shop and he said it was completely different. Not sure why Head keeps radically(no pun intended lol)changing their racquets. Babolat changed their racquets quite a bit as well.

Tennis Warehouse says:

@ Bradley Knight,
This racquet will feel stiffer than your current one and will give you more power. However, it won’t offer the same level of control and feel. I’d recommend also checking out the Yonex EZONE DR 98 and Babolat Pure Control Tour, as they are both two good racquets that will offer a more similar feel to what you’re used to.
Andy, TW

batistuta555 says:

Hi tennis-warehouse.Which of the Head Graphene Radical Pro and this new Graphene Radical XT pro is easiest to swing? And which is most maneuverable?Thanks in advance.

PilkiRocks says:

ok thankyou very much andy ☺

William Makoto says:

Oh, and thanks. These are some absolutely wonderful reviews you are putting out!

William Makoto says:

I’m a freshman baseliner playing at the Open level, I’m a southpaw with heavy topspin forehands and heavy topspin one handed backhand, but love hitting short angles. I was using the Yonex tour g 330 (wawrinka edition), but am looking for something with a little bit more pop to it while maintaining the nice control. I do not mind dropping the weight a bit. I tried the prince textreme tour 95 and loved it, but it lacked the pop I need on my serve and on put away shots. Then I tried the 100P, but it just felt kind of clubby and it didn’t sing quite like the 95. Do you think that the Yonex DR 98 with some rpm blast in it be a good racquet for me?

shadowfuryhk says:

nice beard Andy! 🙂

Soham Luharuka says:

I have one it’s good for left handers

Ben Bair says:

how come they did not do the MP

GamesByJanzR says:

RPM Blast 17g in the mains and Hyper G 16g crosses, 54 mains and 52 crosses. How will the setup play in the new Yonex DR 98? (Pop, spin, control, feel)

Jo Petrovic says:

I’m considering this racquet. I currently use a wilson blade 98 in 18*20. I am mostly a baseline player, i would likie more control my blade98, will this give me more control

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