Head MxG 3 Racquet Review


Introducing Head’s MXG 3, a comfortably crisp racquet that combines easy targeting with impressive levels of power and spin. In addition to being perfectly weighted for intermediates, this stick should work well for the more experienced club player who needs a light and speedy option. Head builds this stick with MXG Technology, which combines the power and dampening of Graphene Touch with a Magnesium infused throat bridge. By keeping the upper hoop more stable at impact, this unique throat bridge creates a more predictable launch angle off the string bed (think control). It also accommodates longer, free moving main strings (think power and comfort). From the baseline the MXG 3 not only feels comfortably firm and accurate, but it offers near effortless access to pace. The combination of maneuverability and power will enable you to switch quickly from defense to offense, and the grippy 16×18 string pattern provides enough spin potential to hit balls that drop hard and jump off the court. At net this racquet moves fast, making it great on reaction volleys. There’s also enough pop to finish points decisively. Although the MXG 3 doesn’t have the stability of a 12+ ounce player’s racquet, most intermediates will likely appreciate not having the unwanted bulk. Finally, the combination of speed, power and spin should definitely translate into some aggressive serving. Intermediate players looking for speed, spin and power should add this to their demo list.


Muhammad Yasser Sukarno says:

mark backhand not very good hahaha

Marco Vela says:

When are you guys reviewing the blade that goffin is using

Jonathan Pacheco says:

Hi, how does the mxg3 compare to the project one7 and the touch speed mp? Thanks.

Vansh Agarwal says:

Isn’t this the racket Rafa was seen testing during the offseason. I believe it was a blacked out version but it has those same holes on the bridge https://tt.tennis-warehouse.com/index.php?threads/nadal-has-new-racquet.577360/

saigonbond says:

$240?!?!?!?!?! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

Sanjay Gupta says:

how do you compare it with the Head Graphene XT Extreme MP A in terms of spin, sweetspot and arm friendlness?

Add8adams Bae D says:

I have hit with it its crazy power and nice control however if you dont hit the sweet spot it feels average as

Yi D says:

Jason is getting better!

ninisgreekronaldo says:

Did the strange throat design help make the sweetspot larger?

Weiran Jiang says:

Hi TW when the Head Hawk Touch Review gonna come out?

Sameer Menon says:

Hi, what string would you guys recommend for control, for the Wilson Blade 98S 2017? Also what tension? Thanks

Anthony Chua says:

Reminds me to the HEAD Discovery

Anthony Chua says:

@tenniswarehouse I’m thinking of changing to a newer racket. Currently am using the Wilson N-Pro Open and have been using it for 10 years. My friends say I’ve been using it for too long 😉 Before that it was the Prince Graphite Oversize II which I cannot go back to anymore.
Will this Head MXG 3 be a huge change in specs for me as compared to my current Wilson N-Pro Open? I was also considering the Babolat pure drive but may have found it too bouncy with less pop in my volleys. Could this Head MXG 3 be easier on the elbows too?
Appreciate you advise TW.

tomas fernandes says:

Can you tell me the difference betwen the new babolat pure strike 16/19 and the wilson pro staff 97 ?

grandslamstrings says:

Hi TW. Is the bridge constructed entirely of magnesium?

GSUS HC says:

It’ll never catch on!

Sambuccashake says:

LOL! Everyone wants to get their hands on Heads sub 60 RA Prestige molds but this 72 RA monstrosity is what they choose to sell instead. GG.

Sm Home says:

Which pro is going to use that racquet

Scott Baker says:

It’s interesting that head is releasing them at such an expensive price.  Does some one from head want them to fail, or does head really think people will pay that much?

Christopher Spector says:

TW,, do you know if Head is planning to add this MXG technology to their other lines like Speed, Prestige, Radical, etc or will they be making a heavier more player oriented frame with this MSG tech?

The Chairman says:

I’m finding TW racquet reviews harder and harder to understand these days. Please explain : How can a racquet have “Great Potential” when off-centre shots instantly lose power ??!! Surely, whatever potential this racquet had, was instantly lost by its dismal performance on off-centre shots !!

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