Help me pick a new Head Tennis Racket

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DK Ang says:

I just went to the Speed Pro MP4 (11.6 oz strung) after using a heavier 88 sq in frame (12.7 oz). The Head racket is almost equally head light, but maybe a tad stiffer. I chose the Speed Pro over the Gasquet racket primarily on the advice that the Graphene XT Extreme Pro (which specs out very very close) was more powerful (I was going up to 100 sq in from 88 and that would be enough of an adjustment as it is.) One thing to mention is that the Djokovic Speed Pro comes with an 18 by 20 string configuration in contrast to the Gasquet Graphene XT with 16 x 19, which influences the bite of the strings into the ball. Maybe heavy TS players would prefer the Graphene XT.

kevin mendoza says:

I just recentry bought the new extreme pro.great racquet! It’s super spinny and i like how it has controlled also works well against hard shots from my opponents but found it just a little bit sluggish at net and have little touch compared to my aeropro drive.overall, great racquet especially at serving, i just need to adjust at the net

myviews says:

how can we get them cheaper

Chuck says:

The pros DO NOT play with those racquets. They are pro stock frames with a paint job on them so they can sell the latest consumer racquet that is actually nothing like the one the pros use.

James100707 says:

Please try Wilson Pro Staff 95S and see that slice serve. Don’t decide before that.

Francis Kwok says:

Peter, it would have helped if you had clearly identified the racquets by name. I play with the Radical Pro Graphene, and had to add weight in the handle and hoop (3 and 9 o’clock) to get it to my preferred swingweight. In stock form, the Radical felt much too light and buzzing/vibration prone.

Joseph Augustine says:

I have the extreme lite and radicals, I enjoy the lite version of extreme

Redzigo says:

Wat is the first racquet!!!

David S says:

Looking forward to these reviews. Time for me to get a new set of Radical Pros and interested to hear your thoughts. BTW – are you not allowed to mention the racket names?

Miguel Barahona says:

Pro Kennex Kinetic 5g, the best racket I´ve ever had, and a great frame if you have elbow or other arm problems.

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