How to Pick A Tennis Racquet

Tennis Warehouse discusses how to choose the right tennis racquet for your game. Head size, string pattern, grip size, weight and balance are all talked about along with the importance of trying before you buy.


Nick Larson says:

I was using my coaches head club pro racket that I believe was from the 90s I was wondering if tennis warehouse has a racket that is built fairly similar to it.

olivertopple says:

I’d love a physicist to take a look at some of these videos – a flexi frame absorbs power, but elastic strings fire the ball out faster? I’m dubious. Same goes for ‘snapback’ – it just doesn’t add up.

The Logical Racer says:

I have a head conquest, and i am looking for a new racket under 120$ and is Head. What would be a good Racquet?

Dani says:

Hey TW I am 18 ,which raquet do you you think its the best for controll and power (16/19) and which weight ?
Thank you !

Charles Vo says:

Hey, Tennis Warehouse; I am a competitive doubles player and I utilize a serve and volley play style and I’m looking for a good racket for control and volley maneuverability because my hyper hammer 5.3 is lacking the key ingredients for good net play. Any suggestions?

David V says:

Pete Sampras Jr. over here!

Ethan Hughes says:

I am considering buying the Prince textreme 100L racquet. Is this a good choice???

Thien Khuc says:

Hi Andy,

what is the Babolat Pure Drive model that you’ve mentioned at the end of this video?
Note: they are so many model of Pure Drive: Lite, Tour, Team, Wim
So what exactly the model and the racket info

Christoffer Rokstad says:

Hi, I am currently using the Burn 100l (CV edition), but I am looking for a little bit more control. I have been having some problems with my elbow. Do you think that the Blade 98l (CV edition) would be a good alternative?( 14 years old) Thanks!

rosegoldpersian says:

What are good inexpensive racquets?

JulianTV says:

Hi Andy,
I am a 17 year old boy who plays tennis competitive. I have been playing with a Head Radical Pro with Luxilon 4G string for a year or so, but I got wrist issues on both my wrists.. I am 99% sure it has to deal with the weight of the racquet, which is 310. So now I am looking for a racquet between 290 and 300 gram. Also I found myself having not enough power and depth on my shots and I really had to push. I have played with Head almost my entire life but now I feel like it doesn’t suit me anymore. Can you help me with a good racket change?
Thanks for your time!

Timothy Scholerrastan says:

I currently use a Head Speed XT Pro and am looking at getting something with more power that is quite strong on the groundstrokes and aids a fast serve, as i am 6 foot 4 and have a reasonably powerful serve…any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! @TennisWarehouse

Manasi Gangan says:

What string would play best with a pure drive team? I am looking for power, comfort, and a little bit of spin too. How tight should I have the string for it to be comfortable. Also, consider that I am 12 years old (average-sized).

jack liang says:

So I’m a modern baseliner. I do come to the net but rarely. Groundstroke wise i hit forehand more flat than spin and backhand more spin than flat. 11.3 oz racquets are bit too heavy for me but anything lower than 10.9 feels like im getting pushed around. Serve wise i feel more comfortable with flat than spin (spin generally for second serves). I guess im developing a taste for headlight racquets, like 3 pts HL , anything thats more head heavy feels awkward. What do you recommend?

Luca ! says:

Is the Head Graphene XT Speed Lite Tennis racket good

Thomas C says:

I was happy to hear that you consider more than just power feel and control and spoke about how your racquet can affect your arm and elbow. It would not do any good to find a racquet that gives you great power, feel and control if that same racquet brings about tennis elbow. You can find a great deal more information on this topic at

Rehat Sandhu says:

I like more top spin which racket should I go for

Reem Abozaid says:

hi, i am a beginner and i bought a dunlop fusion pro 95 raquet which weighs 255g with length 27 inch and 95 sq.inch head size, is it suitable for beginners??

Jan Kirschbaumkarzbon says:

Rewolucja – KIRSCHBAUM

DylanPlayz says:

I currently played with the Wilson Pro Staff 97 LS The 2014 model and I’m a tournament player I’m 13 but I’m just wondering is their any racquet better for me?

CoolDude@Hardik says:

Hi, I am in search of a new racket. I am an intermediate player. My current racket is babolat aero Junior 26. It’s weight is 250g.My age is 13.

Daniel Reyna says:

I currently play with a pure aero plus. Though I love the racquet I really want to change brands (personal choice). I enjoy playing from the base line and constantly switching from offence to difference. I have done a little research and saw that the Wilson 100 countervail plays well from the base line from the reviews. But I was wondering if you may have some suggestiongs?

sigfried baterina says:

looking for a racket for my wife, who has never played tennis, small frame(5ft, 100lbs), any recommendation? or suggested Specs? Thanks TW.

Matthew Garcia says:

Im currently using a Head graphene touch speed Pro and am looking for a little bit more power I am using a pretty powerful polyester string already (Luxilon alu power rough) but I’d like a racquet with more power without having to arch my shots and still be able to hit semi to flat shots. Any recommendations??

Max C says:


I’m using a head graphene speed pro and I hate the small sweet spot. I’m 13 have a lot of spin and I’m a 4.0 NTRP and have a year playing. What racquet would you recommend?

Vasii Lucian.M.Vasii says:

Hello TW ,

I have recently changed my racquet from head speed mp to babolat pure drive….and I love the way the racquet feels…I would of like a bit more overall weight on the frame and perhaps make the racquet a little less stiff….as when we hit with damp or heavy balls the entire session my arm hurts ( the racquet is still on its stock strings) so I decide to try the yonex ezone Dr 98.

is there any other racquet that play similarly to the pure drive that has a bit more flexible put there?….or how should I modify my puredrive ?

Thank you,

Konrad C28 says:

i have an older racquet and it is breaking. It is quite short in length but i really like the stiff feeling. What racquet would you recommend I could get that is for advanced but quite stiff and short?

Faathih Haider says:

I️ am using a 2014 Pure Strike. I️ recently switched to the Pure Aero but it does not have enough control for my game. I️ like the control of the Pure Strike but I️ want something a bit heavier around 11.5 325 SW. I️ was wondering what you can recommend that will not be too expensive ($150 or less). Thanks

EnigmaBlue says:

Guys, if you are an intermediate kind of player i would recommend you the babolat pure aero with hybrid babolat strings (55lbs). Great racquet, perfect top spin, relatively proper weight and control.

If you are transitioning to a higher level, the best choice is the wilson pro staff rf 97 autograph. It has kess top spin, but definately more control and power. I use luxilon strings with this one at 57 lbs. Be aware that it is a really heavy racquet, 340g, 40 more than the pure aero. But when used properly, it is lethal.

I’ve tested a lot of racquets, these two, alongside the pure drive and the head radical are pretty damn awesome racquets available in the market at the moment.

Adil khan says:

I have been using a wilson six one 95 18×20 and I have long stroke style. I feel like switching to racquet in between 11.5 to 12 oz having more power and the one which is slightly head heavy because I am a baseliner. Please advise a frame for me.

David Qiu says:

Hi, Is head Extreme pro a good choice for feel and comfort?

George 1 says:

Is the babolat drive lite good?

Jordan Persaud says:

What would you guys say for a 15 year old using the Wilson burn 100 team

SHP says:

I currently play with the steam 99s and am looking for a new racket. I want a bit more control but same power and similar spin and weight. Do you think that the prostaff 97s is a good option? ( I am also 15). Thanks

halil murraku says:

Hi, what do you think of Babolat Pure Drive Wimbledon?

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