Is This The Best Tennis Racquet for Tennis Elbow? Wilson Blade 98S Countervail (16×19) Racket Review

In this video, we review the Wilson Blade 98S Countervail 16×19.

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With the 16×19 string pattern, this racket will give you bigger power and spin than you’ll find with the 18×20 version, but it still gives you the precision and feel for that Blades are known for.

What’s new is Countervail technology, which uses a special carbon layer to enhance the already impressive dampening provided by the braided Basalt/Graphite layup.

The overall result, according to Wilson, is increased arm-protection and less muscle fatigue. Thanks to its Parallel grommet holes, the string bed is able to really absorb excessive vibration and transfer extra energy to the ball.

On my groundstrokes I noticed that the Blade has a very smooth stroke and lots of control.

If you have a big swings you’ll get great depth, and the high spin-potential gives you great control over the ball’s trajectory and depth.

Although this stick packs an 11.3 ounce weight, there’s enough mass in the head to keep it steady when whacking heavy balls or redirecting pace.

It’s super solid feel at the net where the Blade lets you finish points with authority.

If you go for your serves, you’ll find enough precision to hit the corners of the box with pace and spin.

All in all, the specs and feel of this racket make it the best tennis racquet for tennis elbow

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arkay says:

Question related to your current choice…97s….how is it for doubles/fast/volleys?

Grandmaster Dasha says:

When I first tried it i fell in love with that racquet because of his control, every ball IN

Retro GOD says:

I used to play with Wilson Steam 99S but they’re almost vanished from the market. I am kinda confused to which racquet i should make the switch. I am not brand specific now.

E P says:

These countervail racquets have no feel, whatsoever.

Ramon Osa says:

Thanks for Watching!
To Purchase the Wilson Blade 98S Countervail 16×19:

Gerald Henderson says:

I honestly think that the prince textreme racquets are the most arm friendly racquets out, the number one racquet is the Prince Phantom trust me, if you play with one of those racquets especially the Phantom 100, it’s so arm friendly people literally have said it’s to soft of a racquet for them, even with tennis elbow. Check it out.

Desmond says:

Ramon, the Blade 98S CV does not come in a 16×19 string pattern. The “S” is for Wilson’s Spin Effect tech and is usually a 18×16 string pattern. The regular Blade 98 CV will have both 16×19 and 18×20 string patterns. On a side note, the Countervail tech definitely helps with muting vibrations and may be good for some with tennis elbow problems, but may also be too muted in feel for others. Also, players with TE should probably avoid poly strings eg Luxilon 4G

frank mancuso says:

Donnay makes most arm friendly out

ludde303 says:

No, its not the best. Try Prince Phantom Pro 100 by TE.

Sung Lee says:

Where is that tennis court?

Davy Suryadi (AU) says:

Do you this is better than Wilson Triad XP3 for Tennis elbow? If you haven’t try, can you please review it?

Alex003 Paris says:

Wilson Burn 100 CV plse

Norman Gordon with Virginia Cook, Realtors says:

I would like to know what the string tension was on this demonstration?

Asad Khan says:

Videos as good as ever Ramon. Just moved over to the pro staff Countervail. Are you saying you prefer the blade because I love the control with the pro staff however the slight lack of power and size of sweet spot have worried me a little. Moved over to the pro staff from the Babolat pure drive in an attempt to help my single handed backhand with control and the pro staff definitely helps me with that!! Think I can get the same results from the blade?

frank mancuso says:

Its not the raquet, imho. I can lead up any raquet to make it feel great with strings i preffer.

Robert Lighton says:

Ramon..tried to send you an email about tennis elbow but your box is full. Really cool info.

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