Picking a Tennis Racket: The Truth Not Marketing (Part 1 of 4)

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If you are anything like me, you are sick and tired of all the marketing “hype” behind selling tennis rackets. Every year, the latest greatest racket is the fastest, most spinningest, laser controlled, racket that has ever been! By now we should all be hitting 500mph serves!

So I decided to get behind the smoke and mirrors to take a deep dive into the real science of the tennis racket. What really creates power, spin and control.

Once you truly understand the science behind the racket, you will be able to choose the perfect one for you.

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Tennis. Good luck with your tennis.

Clay Ballard

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Jacob Luce says:

ive just concluded this man is the athlean x of the tennis world

José Alberto Varona Sánchez says:

Wow…for once, I dint feel overwhelmed by marketing speeches and found such a explicit video… I cant wait to move on to 2nd part….Thank you!!!!

bhoumik asthana says:

hey what about wilson juice 100 ls

Darkenedbyshadows says:

This is Amazing! Subbed!

Adi Caspi says:

Is the babolat pure aero good? Is it better than the Wilson staff 97?

AlphaAF says:

Great informative video, learned a lot. Thank you very much!

Syed Farooq Hasan says:

good videos.

grrrace says:

Looks suspiciously like the Nike logo but turned upside-down….and he’s wearing a Nike hat…….

Chotika Kasemrungroj says:

Thanks God for give me a greatest video. I can see super crystal clear how differrent heavily and lightly raquet. It’s a brilliant example for hammer. No more science information, it makes me a big headache lol. Thanks a lot guy

Sharon Mathew says:

May I know the model of the Wilson racket that is in your hand in this video. I like it’s head shape and frame.

Jim Curry says:

Your video is very good because the points you make are actually true. Much of the information out there is marketing and not really true. I think you could have said it all much more concisely.

Christian Olsson says:

Thanks for a very thorough and insightful video! And nice C10 pro there! 🙂

Dustin Nguyen says:

Pick up a racquet, hit with it for 10-20 balls, you should know right away if you like it or not. No racquet give you any shot. All bullshit. You find a racquet you like, and you adapt to it.

aligboyakasha says:

If youre in a pinch: For a quick rule, try to get something you think is as heavy as you can go without losing swing speed. Obviously that’s relative, and there’s more to consider, but that’s one quick rule that helped me.

Matko Max Pogačić says:

what would be good for starters? im thinking middle

Guy VanBuren says:

This series needed to be made. Thank you sir for your time and effort

Sparkling says:

Great video, especially for beginners like myself.

Guy VanBuren says:

Doppelgänger = Luke Wilson

Anton Vilinskiy says:

I saw this video and thought hmmm he does look a lot that great golf instructor I’ve watched before, and yep, same guy!

Very impressive how you manage to have so much knowledge about both tennis and golf in terms of detailed technique and gear.

david cortes says:

What a nice guy. These videos are full of tennis thinking and great instruction.

danxx friedman says:

what do you think about the gamma Bubba 137?

Eben Burger says:

Currently I’m using a Babolat pure storm ltd gt.

However I’m looking for a racquet with:
+- same weight, more power, more flexible,  wider frame,  open string pattern, and head light….

I love the feel of the old Yonex rq 180 Wide Body!! But they don’t sell them anymore… 
I’d appreciate your advice…..

Thank you…
Eben Burger

Reuel Ray says:

I was really into it until you started talking grams grams grams. How about ounces ounces ounces. Better still do both. Explain it in grams if you want to and then say this is the weight in ounces.

Apriliano Lentera Arinanda says:

Hi I was wondering what’s your opinion on the Wilson Ncode 95? and i am beginner

Mor Refael says:

amazing video,good job !!!!

Jacob Studstill says:

It’s crazy. I’m watching this video to help me pick out racquests for the demo program at e-tennis in Orlando. Its a small world!

Andrew Ross says:

Start at 3:23

Im Free says:

Spin? More about the technique, strings, and pattern, than racket.

halil murraku says:

Hi, what do you think of Babolat pure drive Wimbledon?Are they any good?Thank you

Ashish@Youtube says:

You made my day… great and complete analysis … great work man… Thank you….

Nelson Luis Freire says:

Hé doesn’t cover string spacing, no of strings horizontally and vertical, width and hardness of the frame, weight balance, vibration, and lots more
He focuses on racket weight, but that, w/o all the other info is very incomplete

Vignesh Dhakshinamoorthy says:

This video is a testament to your commitment for tennis instruction, you really nailed this one, superbly narrated and explained

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