Playtesters Picks (favorite NEW racquet!) — VLOG #574

With so many new racquets already in 2018, some of the playtesters pick their favorites of all of the newly launched racquets. Take a look at what we are loving so far this year!


JorgeAndresCoppiano. says:

Chris Edwards! How is it going? Hope all is great! When are you expecting the black Nike Elite Tennis Crew Socks in size large back in stock?

Robert Wilke says:

in terms of the Prince Phantom Pro 100P. I need help chosing the right string. Tried it with Solinco Hyper G 17 at 57 lbs but had trouble with length Control. I have RS Lyon 1.2mm, Alu Power and Ultracable in my bag. Any recommendations for String and Tension?
Thanks a lot

Qi Le says:

Chris, what’s the watch that you’re wearing?

Sanjay Gupta says:

Where is the review for prince phantom pro 100p??

Akbar says:

How does the Phantom 100 compare to Yonex DR 98, are they similar? Never looked at prince before but been reading great things.

Antonio Ettorre says:

Hi Chris, which strings do you use? I usually use yonex ptp at 18 kg or gosen ak control at 22 kg on ezone 98 ( i’m wating for long version in a two weeks)
Do you think this setup is good also to try the phantom 100 p ?

José Alfredo Tirado says:

How does the phantom 93p compares to a blade 93 or a bridge 10 mid?

Luke Christo says:

Hannah, digging the Chance hat.

David Maloney says:

Love the Sox hat Brit!

Paul Musarra says:

The 93P !!! I can’t wait. I play with POG mid plus 93 now.

Jesús G. García says:

Hello Britt, what string tension did you use?

Chris Cheng says:

Does Chris prefer the 93P or the 100P.? sidenote: 18×20 on a 93? crazy! also: hi, kristen 🙂

ampecsu says:

how stiff is that 93p?

Jarell Cardoza says:

@Chris or @Troy from TW:

Should we expect the Phantom Pro 100 review at the same time as the Phantom 100P?

I’m currently playing with the TT100P but it feels a bit too powerful to hit out when using a multi strung around 50 lbs. Is the Phantom Pro 100 a good option for a little more controllable power, but the same Prince comfort/feel?

Thanks! Always love you guys’ content!

ninisgreekronaldo says:

Chris: Prince 93 vs the Head Tour/Classic 600. What’s the verdict?

Gabriel Rebolledo Castro says:

why did nobody pick one of the new wilson racquets? any experience with them from y’all?

Steven Tran says:

Hannah with the Chance the Rapper logo!

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