Prince Phantom 100 Racquet Review
Reminiscent of Prince’s original O3 Tour, the Phantom 100 is an arm-friendly players racquet with great feel. Perfectly weighted for intermediate and advanced ball strikers, this 11.6 ounce stick delivers easy targeting on full swings. Prince builds this model with Textreme, a flexible substance used in the shaft to increase stability without adding extra weight. It also sports the most evolved version of Prince’s O3 Technology, which is well known for its comfort and “best of class” vibration dampening (think muted). The Phantom 100 also has one of the lowest stiffness ratings you’ll find (56RA), making it perfect for players with sensitive joints and tendons. Thanks to CTS Technology, this racquet’s beam goes from an ultra thin 16mm shaft to 20mm at the head. The payoff is increased ball feedback, which helps counter the overly dampened feel from the O3 Technology. On groundstrokes this stick reclaims the magic of the original 03 Tour. It has the same unmistakably dampened and muted feel, but it comes with a tad more pop. The high comfort level means you can install a firm poly to get increased control without losing the sweetspot. The open 16×18 string pattern not only launches the ball at a higher trajectory for easy net clearance and more depth, but it supplies plenty of bite for shaping the ball’s trajectory with spin. At net the Phantom’s higher swingweight gives it a solid feel, and there’s enough pop to drive volleys through the court. Finally, aggressive servers who can get this stick moving fast will find enough spin, precision and power to force some weak replies. With its thin and flexible shaft coupled with outstanding vibration dampening, the Phantom 100 is one of the most arm-friendly players racquets you are likely to find.


tegg02 says:

No Surprise Tennis Warehouse Team give a glowing review for this Prince. TW have basically saved Prince from extinction and have some sort of stake in Prince ownership. So basically Prince is TW Homebrand and these guys are providing a potentially biased review.

Sanjay Gupta says:

how does it stack up against babolat pure strike 16×19 project one 7, in terms of spin sweetspot and comfort in swinging?

Joevi88 says:

Does this could be compared to the old exo3 tour 100 16×18? The old Ferrer one?

Steven howie says:

How does this compare with textreme warrior 100

Marlon Konrad says:

Any chance of Prince realeasing with a 95 head and 18×20 string pattern?

Xuqu Feeder says:

which prince racquet is the most similar to the pure strike 16×19 project one 7

Mirdad says:

Thank you Prince for making this frame! One big question I have of the play testers (anyone, please feel free to chime in): I loved the last Ozone Tour version however I stopped hitting with it because I found the racquet didn’t perform well when flattening out on the ball; I like to mix up my shots from heavy topspin to flatter shots. You mentioned that this latest version was more powerful than the previous. Was this because you were able to hit flatter? Or was it just more all around powerful? Again, would love to hear about your experiences with this new frame when going for more aggressive flatter shots. Also, was wondering if you had the chance to add a little bit of lead tape to the hoop to increase power?
Thank you TW!

Ibrahim Akeel says:

Are there any planned phantom models other than this?
Also are there any updates to the warrior models this year?

EdvinTheGamer says:

Can you change the green two blue when you buy this racquet?

Bhandi Gamchod says:

I’m not too familiar with Prince……is this basically the orange/black Prince Tour 100 16×18?

Jan-Erik Winther says:

I love this racket! My new racket of choice for sure!

The feel is phenomenal, it’s comfortable and with a 21kg/46lbs string tension I get more than enough pop.

I used to play with the Babolat Pure Strike, but after playing with this for a couple of sessions I was sold!

Dario Schmidt says:

Hi Tenniswarehouse,
how does this compare to Voelkl V-Sense V1 Pro?

ChowDownDetroit [Seoung Lee] says:

As a Prince Tour racquet user, I need to try this

Steven howie says:

How does this compare with textreme warrior 100?

Jackripster says:

Hi Hannah

Kasztaniacki says:

Hi TW, how would you compare this racquet with the Wilson Blade 98 16×19 Countervail? Mostly in terms of power and stiffness (or softness rather)

Njoy Ever says:

Will the 305gr pro version with standard grommets be available?

The Chairman says:

I’ve stopped listening to the play-testers and started to purely look at their stats and how they play with different racquets and the sound and pop coming off the string beds and frankly …. Actions speak louder than Words !!

Ted Neanderthal says:

A flexible racquet!  This is on my wish list for sure.  Thank-you TW + Prince.

Morrie Mukoda says:

Very glad the O port is back! Love that feel!!

saigonbond says:

Need a review of the Pro 100P

Qi Le says:

When is the review of the new yonex ezone going to be up?

ExOrC15t says:

Hey TW! Any idea when demos will be available?

Chooby Chooby says:

Mark seems like really cool dude! Has a laid back demeanor.

Gavin S says:

What’s the difference between this and the Prince Phantom Pro 100P? The specs look identical or virtually identical?

Dorian McCloud says:

TW needs to disclose that they are the exclusive distributer for price premium racquets.

Edward Yue says:

Any recommend string and tension ?

jesoby says:

Be intrigued to demo this racket but I find my Tour 100p a little underpowered (800) so I doubt I’d be tempted. Gut or X-One Biphase would add some pop.

Thierry Côté says:

How would you compare the feel of this new Phantom 100 to the Prince Classic Graphite 100 and 107 reissues from 2014? The PCGs remain my go-to racquets, but since they’ve been discontinued and are becoming harder to find, I’m always on the lookout for new flexier racquets that play somewhat similarly to those ones.

omgwatdouwant says:

A lot of talk about the ports back in again but seems like textreme in this frame hasn’t made a big difference as it did with the other textreme lines with no ports.

6onza says:

Looks thinner than my nails lol

Jimmy Wong says:

I’ve been looking for a lower powered, forgiving, control oriented 100in frame. How does this compare to the Volkl Vsense V1 Pro? Thanks

yam yams says:

isn’t Prince discontinued?

AtticussAtticuss says:

I wonder why it took them so long to update this racquet? I used to play with the EXO3 Tour 16×18 and loved the forgiveness and plush spin. When it came time for me to update my racquet earlier this year Prince didn’t have anything to offer comparable to this, so I ended up switching to the Yonex EZONE DR 98 Blue. I love the Yonex, but I could have demoed this one also! Oh, well… maybe next time!

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