Prince Phantom Pro 100 18×20 Tennis Racquet Review

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With its thin beam and dense string pattern, this player’s racquet is ideal for the experienced player who craves control and feel.

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Prince Phantom Pro 100 18×20 Tennis Racquet Review


Jeremy Delaney says:

I’ve played various versions of the Prestige MP for 15 years. Will this stick be an easy change for me? Similar feel? More spin?

Jackson Lim says:

Chris, this or head Graphene Touch prestige mp?

Yudi Kardana says:

The colourfull sting what string those are

Marvin Yeap says:

First for the first time

commandcenter says:

Great review guys but the music was way too distracting. Music volume is too high, making it really noisy.

Patrick Hamning says:

Yo. Turn that music down or change it, that track is very imposing on my ability to listen to the reviewers

Marvin Yeap says:

Chris, THE SHOES! what shoes are those?

RondelayAOK says:

So basically, this is a new Dunlop Max 200G!

Ross Schofield says:

I agree with the others, nice review but hate the music.

Ché Adams says:

Not so fast

V_Lam says:

I would love to see Troy or Sean on this playtest, but good racquet review anyways

Dan Spanos says:

@Tennis Warehouse – I’m dying to see you make the switch to a Prince one of these days Michelle!

masalam0 says:

@Tennis Warehause – I can’t find it in Tenis Warehouse Europe store, and when it’s gonna be available in EU. Do you know any possible release dates?

ampecsu says:

so its the 2012 rebel 95? they changed the headsize measuring in Prince, right? i forget

Racket Meister says:

What is it with the new playtesters clapping each other’s winning shots all the time. Especially Eric.
In a proper match that would give your opponent a constant moral boost.

Stanley Wong says:

In my opinion, Prince is running out of ideas to market its rackets for the modern day. This thin 18 mains beam is probably suited for an advanced serve-and-volley specialist who has gotten older to wield a 90sq inch head like the POG 90. Where are the serve-and-volley players now? The flexible beam bleeds power off groundstrokes, and may not provide enough speed for the modern game. The fact that you guys are using lead tapes to help your playtest tells me that this racket did not deliver the plough through that it should for these traditional designed beams. It is clear that this racket model is only suited for a narrow spectrum of players who are unable to switch out of the traditional flexy thin beams. If that is so, wouldn’t it be just better to market the POG series with an updated paint job and ride on its evergreen success? This racket is a marketing gimmick IMO.

FedFan73 says:

@Tennis Warehouse — specifically, Troy and Michelle. If I remember correctly, you both liked the 93P (18×20). How does this compare? Is it just more forgiving (due to the larger head size) or are there other differences as well?

Patrick Hamning says:

So would it be fair to call this the solid beam O3 tour 18×20? Or is it different enough as to make that comparison….. Silly?

Island Merchandise says:

I have the 100p (too light but love 18×20. So added lead to around 12oz). Then went to 93p which is 12oz, 18×20 but small head difficult for big forehand. Then phantom 100 with 0 ports but string pattern too open and too light although the swoosh sound from ports is very cool. So hopefully my order for this one comes tomorrow and it should check all my boxes for 18×20, 12oz, larger head size, and still flexible. I will make the swish sound myself. I use gut at 60lbs, other strings just don’t fit in with these racquets nature I don’t think. But I will try multi at lower tension see how it plays for fun. Enjoy the reviews and how each play tester is different. I like it especially when they are critical of weak points. If all reviews are positive then defeats the purpose.

Antonis Rammos says:

How does it compare to the Blade 18×20 2015?

Jason Lai says:

At first I thought its just the pattern difference. And I looked into the spec. Damn 3pt more HL and better SW. Okay…just take my money. Currently using the added weight (3&9) 16*18 Prince Phantom Pro 100.

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