Prince TeXtreme Tour 100P Racquet Review

Ideal for intermediate and advanced players, the Textreme Tour 100P combines the speed of a modern player’s racquet with the control of a dense 18×20 string pattern.The layup is reinforced by Textreme a unique substance that provides a boost in both flexibility and stability. Like the Textreme Tour 95, this stick blends user-friendly playability with amazing feel. The low flex rating (62 RA) helps absorb impact shock without making the stringbed feel too uneven off center. From the baseline the Tour 100P plays with an impressive level of stability and comfort for its sub 12 ounce weight. At 11.5 ounces and boasting a ‘whippy’ headlight balance, this stick never feels sluggish on groundstrokes. Although the 18×20 string pattern is a welcomed feature on flatter mechanics, our playtesters found this racquet to be extremely spin friendly, making it suitable to the player who wants the feel and directional control of a dense string pattern without having to trade away too many RPMs. Doubles specialists and all court players take note: at net the Tour 100P plays wonderfully fast on reaction volleys while also feeling impressively solid for its weight. Our playtesters were also impressed by the Tour 100P on serves where the fast feel and accurate stringbed response proved to be a recipe for big cuts and ambitious targeting. With the Tour 100P Prince adds another racquet with great feel and user-friendly playability to its growing Textreme line. This stick is definitely worth a demo for those who could use a speedy control-oriented racquet that does not skimp on spin, power or comfort.


Sjoerd van Loon says:

Hi TW team. how would this 100p compare to the txt warrior 100 and head graph xt rad mpa 16×19? the first two compare good in terms of family, and the last two in terms of specs. i love a racket to have good racket speed, and feel. (or would you then also advice the txt tour95, im used to the weight (coming from babolat pd tour and a dunlop 200 4D AG) but looking for more whippy&maneuverable.

Stefan Hillbrand says:

Hello TW team,
I am very exited about the TeXtreme Warrior 100. It is already available at TW-Europe. When will there be a review?

ketokonazol says:

compare warrior textreme 100 with 100p??????

Dario Schmidt says:

Hi Tenniswarehouse,
how do you compare this racket to the ProKennex Kinetic Q+ 5 X Pro?

jesoby says:

No spare grommets listed on TennisWarehouse Europe, are they available for U.K.?

Taehyung Kim says:

Did the playtesters prefer this racquet or the babolat pure drive? Thx! 🙂

George Whitelaw says:

@tenniswarehouse Also if I was to put a spin friendly thin gauge string in this racquet would I get spin potential near a 16×19 racquet

DRAGON 1994 says:

How is this one compared to blade 98 18*20 2015?

303userandabuser says:

@tenniswarehouse… how would you compare this racquet to the Head Youtek Radical Pro 2011? Which one would be more similar, this Prince or the Babolat Pure Strike 16×19? I’m looking for a replacement… Thanks for the great reviews you make!

Tennis Warehouse says:

@ Benjamin Kobberdal libonati,
The Tour 100P is a little softer/plusher feeling with better maneuverability while the Extreme Pro has a crisper feel.
Andy, TW

devianT Art says:

Congrats 4 the work doing these reviews, it helps a lot when u have to choose your new weapon.
Today i have a big question: my level has raised a lot and i play one handed backhand. I prefer accuracy over raw power, and i prefer to make effects on the ball over hitting super hard. I need to, but i hope u can understand that i prefer the power to be generated in my body than a racket that makes the power itself.
Is this a good option? A String for control and effects?
Thank u so much!!! And i love the long arm rackets (if u r thinking to recommend some other rackets different to this one ). The other racket i was thinking about was Dimitrov´s one (Wilson Pro Staff 97S), and maybe Gasquet´s one (head extreme). Another accuracy beast-type rackets?

mono mono says:

Does this racquet have the spin box like Wilson pro staff?

Aris Garcia says:

Can you compare to the 2015 blade 98 18×20?

R. Hassy says:

Is this Lucas Pouille’s racket??

Xuan Bach Le says:

Hi TW, how does this racquet compare to the Bobolat Pure Strike 16×19 (2016)?

enrico ranieri says:

Strings recomended for this racquet? Thanks

sbeast2 says:

Hey TW, i’m looking for a semi arm friendly racquet with good pop and spin and all around solid stick. I know its an 18×20 pattern but some reviews suggest it offers decent spin potential. You think this could be a racquet for me? Thanks!

Henry Soares says:

Hi I wanted to know your guys opinions on this racket compared to the Prostaff?

Sagar Desai says:

I play with the Youtek Head Graphene Speed pro. How would you compare the 100P to the speed pro? I’m looking for a racquet that doesn’t give me too much power but rather more comfort and control in a 100 square inch head. The Speed pro is a great racquet but on off center hits it can be a bit jarring due to the stiff frame and the ball can sail on me every now and then. I play at a 5.0 level and my game is more geared towards attacking topsin.

Nick R says:

When will the Tour 100P be available for demo?

Claude Embourg says:

Hi I play with the Prince Classic Graphite Oversize (I like it very much). Could this racquet Textreme Tour 100P or the Prince Extreme Warrior 107 the alternatives of the Classic Graphite Oversize? Which could be the best of the two new Prince rackets?Claude from Belgium

Isaac Chang says:

How is this raquet compare to the Ezone DR 98? Other than string pattern, I find it the stiffness, review score of all aspects, strung weight and swingweight along with the comments provided by reviewers “mix of power, control and feel” are so similar! And it seems lots of reviews are endorsing these two racquets.

asinai says:

I am trying to upgrade from the Prince EXO3 Tour 100. Will this racquet be a reasonable upgrade/is it as forgiving?

esteban francisco izeta says:

HI. Can you please compare this with the Head youtek graphane speed mp and the head graphane xt instinct mp? Thanks

George Whitelaw says:

@tenniswarehouse What had more spin this racquet, the pure drive and the yonex tour f 97 {290}

Dario Schmidt says:

How compare you this racket to the Pacific bx2 xfast pro.

AlongVC65 says:

Hi all. i play with the prince tour 100t. i’m thinking about changing to this 100p. is there a big difference between those 2 racquets ? not satisfied with the 100t at the net. Do you think that i would get more control with that one ? thanks

Sashka-Sashka says:

Could you please compare this Textreme Tour 100P with the Head Youtek IG Radical Oversize? Thanks!

Jorge says:

Hi, what string would you recommend me for a head graphene speed mp? Im 13 years old
I think that polyester would be ok. i would like a mix of control and power, can it be? And not so expensive
Sorry if my english is not so fluent, i speak spanish 🙂

Leandro Sgroi says:

hi! between these racquet and head graphene touch speed pro / mp, wich one would be more arm friendly?

Gerop says:

How does this compare to the head graphene speed pro?

bearchamp69 says:

Thank you so much for providing tennis fans with the information we need before buying tennis gears. Much appreciated. I’m really interested with this racquet. How would you compare 100p with yonex ezone ai 98 in terms of power, control, spin, and control. My yonex ezone ai 98 is strung with Luxilon alu power at 53 lbs.

Professional Bad-ass says:

does it feel similar to the old prince o3 tour 18×20?

Benjamin Kobberdal libonati says:

How would this compare to the Extreme pro?

manchusabre says:

How does 100p compare to textreme 95 in regards to spin?

Konstantinos L says:

Hello tw team,
How does this racquet compare to the Yonex Ai 100?

Srikanth Narahari says:

How does this racquet compare to the Dunlop 4D 100 and Wilson Pro Staff 6.0 85?

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