Racket Review — Head Radical Oversize (OS) & Lite Oversize


In this racket review we look at the Head Youtek Radical Oversize (OS) and the Head Youtek Radical Lite Oversize.

The Youtek technology causes the frame to get stiffer the harder you make contact with the tennis ball. This allows you to hit a little bit harder when you want to, but still gives you feel and control when you slow your swing down.

Here are some additional stats —

Radical Oversize —

Head size: 107 square inches
Unstrung weight: 10.4 ounces

Radical Lite Oversize —

Head size: 105 square inches
Unstrung weight: 9 ounces

Both rackets are very easy to swing, have big sweet spots, and aren’t particularly stiff. If you’re interested in demoing one of these rackets you can do so FOR FREE at TennisExpress.com.


gab yuzon says:

im rated 5.0 and i own 2 of these raquets so does this mean i should stay or get a better one

Mrs Vagina Soup says:

wtf are u talking about??

QuisBlog says:

its a great racket for ground shots and vollying but not the best for serving 🙁

FYB2007 says:

Mid and Pro on the way

FYB2007 says:

You can demo them for free (other than paying to have the racket shipped to you). Obviously you have to buy the racket to keep it.

Gavin Oswald says:

@FYB2007 is there only a lite OVERSIZE or is there a lite regular size

Richard Scalzo says:

The youtek radical pro is anamazing racket i love it

joelspt911 says:

great racquet, perfect control!

Corey A says:

Will, what would you rate yourself as on the ntrp?
and did you play in college/highschool?

attila i says:

Hi. Great rewiew.
I own a H. Liquidmetal 4, I would rate myself cca. 3.0- 3.5 NTRP. I started to feel that this racquet is a bit tooo powerful for my game. I wonder if I should change first to H Microgel Radical, or should I go straight for the YouTek….
take care

Alex Kyi says:

what strings are you using!?

Trinity Gau says:

I seem to have a very peculiar version of the oversize because my racquet is only 7.9 oz (unstrung) while still having a head size of 106 sq. inches. Which kind of racquet is mine? It’s also microgel radical.

Vincent Huynh says:

best racquet, so easy to use

G3M333 says:

not certain, but i heard at the start of the 2010 clay court season

THEKINKS08 says:

Just bought the Os on yesterday.Long time i’m not playing anymore . Do you think this racquet could be a good choice? long time ago, i use to have a classic play, with flat forehand and a slice backhand. good serve and volley. Thanks.

Tpain1120 says:

@scooty17 bro I would suggest buying a raquet from the wilson k-factor range, there are many light raquets in that range such as a k-zen team etc. the prince air Os are also good for beginers. best thing is to go down to your local shop and ask the guys in the store, they will know whats good for you. If you want something with a biggish sweet spot, i would go for a head size of 105+ but thats just me. I prefer to use a head size of 95-98. hope I could help!

Jason Mrazzt says:

Did you find a difference in spin potential between both of these racquets?

FYB2007 says:

I’m hitting so that you can see where the ball is going. If I went cross court it would be harder to see the flight path of the ball (my body would block it) based on where the camera is positioned.

FYB2007 says:

We don’t want this videos to get too long — talking about volleys / serves may make the videos a little bit redundant.

However, I think there is value talking about these shots so we may include them in the future. Thx for the suggestion.

Jak Aw says:

Thanks for your review. I am trying to decide between the Speed Lite and the Radical Lite. I have tried the Speed Lite which I like but have not had a chance to try the Radical Lite. I currently use the Head Nano S2. Prior to that I was using the Head S2. I think my swing is starting to slow down tho as I get older. I also dont swing as fast when playing competitive matches when I am stressed. What do you think will be more suitable for me; the Speed Lite (S2) or Radical Lite (S3)?

lschizzle says:

@mackensie2212 actually, they do. I happen to be holding a head radical lite os as I type this. and yes, the head size is 105. It is also awesome, I was demoing one and hit with it today. I have alot of topspin, and it helped bring my ball over. The net. Also, every shot i hit felt fantastic, as if the entire racquet was one huge sweet spot 🙂

Travis Fong says:

Man, if your a 4.0 12 year old you definitely shouldn’t be getting a racquet with a larger head size, thats ridiculous. You’ll spray so much more

mackensie2212 says:

@DrumBoss82 head don’t make, a Head youtek radical Lite Oversize, only a Lite with the same head size as the Radical pro, the only Oversize in the Radical series, is the Head Youtek Radical OS.

Joaquin Sanchez says:

Hi, I play a lot of top-spin with my forehand and i have a one handed backhand. I’m looking for some more control in my strokes without losing top-spin. Do you think that the Head Microgel Radical Oversize will fit me? Thank you (Ive been playing with the Radical Youtek and i found it a little bit heavy but i dont like the lite version)

andrew blowe says:

it’s more consistent and is easier to show his technique if he isn’t trying to hit all-out flat balls.

semitdark says:

Ur reviews r great! thx for doing stuff like this?
I got a question, do you think fed’s gonna win the us open?

Scarvernoin says:

will, im a 12 year old player 4.0 NTRP ranking and im looking for a good racquet to move up to from the k 6.1 team. mabey a little bigger head size (98-100 sq. in.) and a little more weight, (11-11.6 oz strung.) i was wondering if you had any good suggestions.

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