Rafael Nadal’s 2013 Babolat AeroPro Drive Racket Review

The top-selling racket in the world for the past several years, the Babolat AeroPro Drive has been made famous as much for its combination of control, feel, and power as for being endorsed by Rafael Nadal. Get an up-close look at the brand new 2013 version, and find out how it performs compared to another classic Babolat model. The four rackets in Babolat’s new AeroPro line will be available for sale on December 12, 2012 (12.12.12).

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Mmmyess says:

Reading the subject line, I thought you (somehow) had Nadal’s *actual* pro stock racquet, not the retail stick available to anyone with $200. I heard they have only the paint job in common. :-/

Joeli Hartadi says:

Babolat Cool

Gurumurthy Krishnamurty says:

Is it the same racquet Rafa Plays or he just endorses ? Anyway I demoed this racquet for one week now, and looks pretty good for me 🙂

davidclaudiu2 says:

Hi Blair, I would love to get this racket but is this the racket that Nadal uses or is it the 2013 Aeropro Drive GT? I read some places that he uses this and some that he uses the GT. Also what are the differences between the two?

The Paul Steezo says:

Just grabbed three of these! Get me Blair Henley! Just awesome indeed

Patrick White says:

Thanks so much; you have made my day!

Chris Divall says:

I’ve got it – it’s amazing

Jan Michael says:

if you think about it, the racket head is the one going through the air more than it’s neck, so the whole frame should be aero-modular… it makes more sense… ^_^

Robert T says:

Hi 🙂 I just bought this racquet and rpm blast 16 string. Can you recommend me a string tension ? I’m looking for something like 55% control, 45%power. Thanks 🙂

Ed Adamson says:

If you pause at 0:46 you can read it says 10.6oz and if you listen 10 seconds later she says 11.2?

DaSnarky Remarky says:

Thank you so much for the response.
One more question though. Blair mentioned that this racquet is easy on your arms and comfortable. How is that possible with a flex rating of 72. I thought the stiffer the racquet is the more toll it takes on your arm. Does the active cortex nullify the high stiffness rating??
Also, Blair what racquet did you eventually end up getting??

Nodz says:

so you love schiavone??? 🙂

DJMasterFTW says:

Dude his or Heras

Jordan Yeager says:

would you prefer this racket of the wilson steam 99s?

Tennis Now says:

This is technically Rafa’s racquet, though players are known for making racquets to their own specifications.

Tennis Now says:

Thanks for watching! Yes, paint jobs are common on the tour, but regardless, we still found this to be a great frame with quality technologies.

Akarsh Verma says:

u should review the head graphene rackets

ocping says:

Nice one-handed backhand

RossBayCult says:

Don’t listen to tennis shops or Babolat. Nadal uses the ORIGINAL AERO PRO DRIVE from 2005. No cortex. Google it. It’s a black racquet.

Patrick White says:

Hi Bair, really enjoy all of your videos. What is the best racquet for an intertmediate quick-footed player who is more of a technical/finesse type of player than a power hitter — that is, more of a poor-man’s Federer than a poor-man’s Nadal (I hope these categories aren’t completely meaningless). My only reservation about the Aeropro Drive centres on the aforementioned lack of sturdiness on volleys.

Ed Adamson says:

@TennisNowTv ah okay, cheers:)

Stephen Burack says:


Brendan Lovett says:

10.6 is the height

The Magic Farmer says:

Wow, single handed backhand. I like Babolat forehand topspin and Wilson backhand slice..Hard to tell.

Tennis Now says:

Thank you! I think the Wilson Pro Staff 100 could be a great fit for you. It’s maneuverable and sturdy. Plus, with a slightly larger racquet face and a 16×18 string pattern, you’ll be able to get spin and power in addition to control.

Stephen Burack says:

I have the exact racket same design, but is mine there 2014 model because the string design has the actual Babolat logo instead of 2 straight different coloured lines.

Bruce Limsiaco says:

love the Aero Pro Drive Cortex (yellow) maybe this feels and plays the same. Whatever the string setup

henry fu says:

I think you just reviewed the 2010 version…

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