Side By Side Comparison Of A Pro Stock And Retail Tennis Racket

Wilson K blade 98(retail) vs Wilson H22(pro stock). Everyone should know that most touring pros don’t use off the rack retail tennis rackets. I thought I’d share this brief vid with everyone and hope to bring you some more side by side comparisons.


Josh Sullivan says:

Who owned this pro stock racket?

RJ says:

Racquets don’t matter really. It’s all hype. Good player gonna beat bad player even with wooden racquet.

westonp80 says:

Great cosmetic/structural commentary, but what about how the two racquets play/feel on court?!?!

Michael Scott says:

each year rackets that get released are becoming worse and worse the amplifeel rackets are terrible compared to k factor and the first blx in 2010 were good too but still downgraded in quality

samoah24 says:

Can you make a Video with a Head comparison? I notice that the pro Stock are still Not the Same. I have One (TGK238.1). Like your Video Hope u are doing more stuff like this 😉

antracit25hr says:

do you know H22 stiff?

aligboyakasha says:

Also, someone get this man a tripod lol

Niels Ohlsen says:


You should also post a vid where you compare how they play!

theronwelty says:

Clearly you don’t even know what you talking about.. What the heck would a h22 retail be? There’s nothing like that in the world.

Truebornunicorn says:

If I bought a pro stock racquet on ebay, how would I verify that it is a pro stock and not retail? Also, what are the benefits in using a pro stock racquet? Do you have any for sale?

Luba Luba says:

So you made an observation of the obvious but fail to explain the reasons behind the difference please do your HW before you waste people’s time

James Reid VanVoris says:

In the end, it boils down to what you like. This part is personal: First is overall weight. Do you like a heavier racquet? This will generally impart more power to your shots (it’s just physics, energy=mass x acceleration, e=mc2), or a lighter racquet? How do you like the way the racquet is balanced: head heavy, handle heavy, or more evenly balanced. How does the racquet feel in your hand? Next, have you measured the proper grip size for your hand size? Does it feel comfortable to grip the racquet? Do you like a larger head size (100+) for a larger sweet spot and more power, or smaller (<100) for more feel and control? Now hit some balls with a demo. Do you like a stiffer racquet with a thicker frame beam that strikes the ball with more force, or a more flexible racquet with a thinner frame beam that trades a little thump power for more feel? Finally, a big one that affects any racquet more than many like to admit is, what type of strings and at what tension are they strung? Soft or firm strings? Tension higher (control) or lower (power)? With all these factors in play, you see why choosing a racquet is a tough assignment.

TheUSTATennisPlayer says:

Thanks, GladkyiSweden! I’ll do my best to bring you guys more videos.

lecorsaire says:

It’s ridiculous that consumers can’t get the same build quality as the pros anymore. This is one of the only markets where this false marketing/pj garbage goes on. I play guitar and if you have the cash $2,000-5,000 you can buy the same custom shop guitars that the best use. Racquets, even pro stock cost nothing to make by comparison. Apart from custom handles they should make available the same frames players use even if they’re 15-20 year old tech. It’s not like these composite graphite layups cost a fortune. Just like guitar it’s all about your technique and fitness anyway.

TheGreatestOne says:

How does the feel differ between the two?

Amarin Sam says:

these are two different tennis rackets, so how are you attributing the differences to the fact that one is pro stock vs retail? it seems that the differences aren’t even worth talking about… why not compare a wilson h22 retail vs h22 pro stock?

Dick Piano says:

I have the pro stock 93 sq. in. Wilson from when I used to play competitively. Anybody know how much they’re going for nowadays?

aligboyakasha says:

Folks, get classic racquets and add lead tape. You’ll save money and play better.

nviewroyroyce says:

Is that a Solinco Tour Bite string on the H22?

Angelo Lagusa says:

I guess this is Novak’s when he’s with Wilson before.

HW2800 says:

I learn when I was a teenager to save my money and buy only pro stock racquets!  It pays to play with a good racquet that has performances built-in.  These retail racquets are for the 3.0-4.5 players.  After that; you are customizing your racquets!

Google Reviewer says:

Would have been useful in the review to have some commentary as to how they played

Jaime Lacayo C. says:

The weight difference is probably because the Blade 98 has different strings.

TheUSTATennisPlayer says:

Thanks for checkin’ em out and subscribing. I’ll keep bringing you more vids when I can.

DJMasterFTW says:

Do a babolat aero pro drive

Pedro says:

Great videos man !! Keep it up ! Really cool and interesting content you got going on.

nguyentommy86 says:

Federer’s racket!

Trent C says:

326g vs 337g…not much difference? That will change the playing dynamics of the racket completely.

mistswawkb says:

congrats for the video(s), particularly this one. i never knew the differences were so big.i would like to ask you if, it is possible to acquire one , besides being endorsed by the raquet making companies. thanks 🙂

DJMasterFTW says:


Bas van Groeningen says:

Feedback: Thank for this upload!

The differences in weight can already be caused by the grip tapes used. They aren’t the same so sure you end up with higher differences. You need to take those wraps and all the brackets off including the snaring to correctly weight the rackets and conclude anything between them. But this is luck wise already done by the factory, the differences are in this case so marginal that it can be said they don’t differ in weight, but a slight 0.some grams.

The 2018 series of Wilson come with 4 different versions right now, and in that series it doesn’t matter anymore if you play pro or not you end up in the same series, but of course they tweak their rackets still with adding or loosing weight and sizes of fields versions weight to various positions on the rackets that was the same thing with the other series of course but they don’t seem to have pro versions separate any more in 2018. Last but not least the new color to them is nice matt black with green, but I don’t really like lime green so…I hope they will sell them overall black soon too, yet that only concerns the looks – right? 😀

The reason why you see less foam in the pro version is probably due to the player adding weight to the end of the handle. In order to balance the racket or market it perform differently while manouvering it. It is not that hard to order a pro version though, but what I know is extra inserts for snaring come directly from the factory with pro versions.

And for newer racket series it is probably harder to order the right ones since you depend on the brand to deliver it instead of multiple versions added by companies that just deliver these brackets/inserts, than they would market them on the largest possible markets going for B branding, and pro rackets…simply don’t sell well hahaha so it is kindof logics you need to have some in stock when you play pro tennis lol. Good luck! ordering them from the factory and yeah that can take a while depending on your classification in the top 😉 hahahahaha.

The better you play the faster the delivery hahahaha 😉 Which is a joke – right. I’d say the more universal the racket and the more they sell a version of a certain series the more universal brands will try to deliver bracket items for those specific most sold rackets of course. So it is also depending on the popularity of the racket 🙂 Keep on playing tennis – I already play like 38 years now, started very early so yeah keep up the game! 😀

In 2019 I hope they will deliver the same new series as in 2018 but than with various standard positions and extra weights that can be ordered with them in order to be able to make tweaking the rackets easier. Right now one still needs to use a pro shop to tweak a rackets with weights, and I would like to see that becomes more easily done yourself, by adding fixed positions on the rackets or indicators as in lines where to put weights and have the weights fit the rackets the right way as in design and styling. Right now we still need to handle them with scrapes of lead tape or with pure lead added into the foamy parts of the handles etc. It makes it harder to re tweak and mostly becomes a mess like you saw in your video lol 😀 So I hope Wilson will take my idea in. I already send it in so lets hope 2019 will hand that in. 😀

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