Snauwaert Brian Gottfried Wooden Racquet Review

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Fruit SamuraG says:

i was wondering that poly does chris put in on the wooden racket and what tension he strung at. 

12sChampionshipBelt says:

Haha Andy, thanks for saying “everyone grab their woodies” as my mom overheard it playing on my iPad. And I’m 17 so it’s ok I live with my folks haha

Jud3 says:

my name jeff

juanchoja says:

Dear Tennis Warehouse, is there any company making wooden racquets at present? I’d like to buy one, but the classic wooden racquets are so old that most people selling them nowadays didn’t keep them in the press. Its virtually impossible to buy a perfectly functional wooden racquet.

Steven DeVincentis says:

3:36 should be in a nike ad haha

Brett Philip says:

“sinks in there and feels like butter, and the rest is history baby” haha can’t stop laughing

Tennis Warehouse says:

@VAsiLLis Cisse,
There are many racquets that could work great for you.  Some great, user-friendly frames to start with would be the Babolat AeroPro Drive and Pure Drive, the Volkl V1 Pro and the Head Youtek IG Extreme Pro 2.0.  Start with those and see what you think.  I recommend placing a demo order with us so you can try all of them and see which one feels best to you.
Andy, TW

Kin To says:

Believe or not when me my 2 brothers got interest in tennis when we were younger watch Wimbledon on BBC. We played in Gunnerburys Park and brought these types of wooden rackets. Now we are playing the modern ones. We still like to play once a while…

i don' t know says:

I saw many player use wooden tennis recket since 1975 years ! I love it ,but,no single recket are in the shopping centre! so bad ! Asia ,too sad ! I want it ! where can I see you agains.!!

Uchiha Sasuke says:

“Everyone grab their woodies” ~ Andy Gerst

51Dss says:

back in the day I tried the Snauwaert racquet – it was a bit to flexible for my arm…I have never had a problem with elbow pain but if I had tried playing this Snauwaert racquet I think it would have hurt my elbow. I wound up playing with a Bancroft Executive racquet and absolutely loved that frame. I think I played that racquet for about 5 years before finally moving up to the new metal frame technologies…as I recall I picked up Head Professional (nicknamed the red head) aluminum frame…

Royal Flyness says:

Grab their woodys…

sultanabran1 says:

it’s not really much harder. you realise rafa’s, and a lot of modern players’ games can’t exist in that era.

Bill Walsh says:

“The transition to metal”? That’s not how it happened. When metal came along (first steel, then, more significantly, aluminum), it coexisted with wood, never overtaking it, right up until graphite overtook both. 

rory brown says:

innuendo at 0:02

stallieboy says:

I used to play with that racquet (a gorgeous piece of machinery/art).  Chris mentioned in the video that if poly strings were around during Borg’s time, well…  Actually, the same type of poly strings that are available now were originally introduced during the early eighties.  But, back then, since all of the racquets, including the graphite models, were so underpowered, they were summarily rejected; in essence, the poly strings were making the dead-playing racquets play more dead.  The poly strings make sense now because they are able to deaden the new, super powerful Howitzers (sic?) and make them manageable.  That Chris could play with that little woodie, strung with poly, is a feat in itself.  BTW, I love all of your reviews!        

Jason Zaremba says:

Really enjoyed this review of the Gottried ! I myself was a Kramer Pro Staff ( woodie ) nut ! I so loved my wood pro staff ! Would love to see a review of the Maxply McEnroes OR that Le Couq model Noah use to swing…huh ??? Come on now…dig that one out !

Jay MacDonnell says:

Even four years later this is still the single greatest video TW has ever put out.

Tennis Warehouse says:

Unfortunately not. The stock we have is pro stock which was left over stock from Gottfried’s racquet customizer, Bosworth International. Since Gottfried played with a 5/8 grip, that is all we have.
Chris, TW

Andrew Baek says:

do you guys still sell wooden racquets?
Ii really want one

Jason Zaremba says:

Ergonom !! Please !!

Tennis Warehouse says:

@Seany Worny,
Boris Becker used a Puma racquet back then. That racquet later became the Estusa Power Beam Pro. The WIlson Profile was a widebody racquet more popular with recreational players than pros.
Hope that helps,
Chris, TW

Doefah says:

2:53 that kicker tho :O

phillip391984 says:

@tenniswarehouse: Hello TW. Only gripszie for this racket is 5/8? Do you have in stock size 1/8 or 1/4?

nviewroyroyce says:

Just a little mistake on the review web page, ‘Andy: Open level all court player with a semi-western forehand grip and a two handed backhand. Andy currently using a Wilson Blade 95 18×20.’

phillip391984 says:

Which string setup do you prefer on this racket?

HS SH says:

who would buy this old stuff?

reds 17 says:

That looks like fun! I haven’t hit a wood racquet in decades, can remember my first racquet in the early 70s (a cheap wooden Dunlop my dad bought for me). Being a kid I could go out for 3-4 hours every day (and did). Might have to check out the TW vintage catalog to reconnect with one of the old classics again! I’m curious, what was the stiffness rating of that racquet? I’m sure it’s ridiculously low compared to today’s racquets.

Yannick Kesteloot says:

Snauwaert has new modern racquets, is there a possibility you can review one of them? I’am very curious!!

KL Tah says:

How much were these going for back when they were sold? Is there a specific model number on this? I’m looking on eBay and can see a bunch of different looking ones coming up in my search

Tennis Warehouse says:

@Ben Snyder,
Your best option would be to just research the racquets on eBay to see what the going price is of the racquets in your collection.  If you were to call us and ask us to buy them off of you, we would just use eBay in order to determine a value for them. 
Andy, TW

Yeshua Man says:

Do you still sell this racket? Me and your Chris has some things in common. I’d also would like to play with a wooden racket with a poly string. lol

Ruben Rodriguez says:

I can’t find it at tennis warehouse

VAsiLLis Cisse says:

Hello TW.I would like to buy from you a racquet tha can be leathal in serves and tha t can help me whith my flat forehands.I would like to have good volleys too.Thank you !!!!

D Roman says:

Tennis was a better game when it was played with wood and aluminum racquets. New racquet technology has turned tennis into a big, tall man power game, whereas in the past players of smaller stature could win the major tournaments. I broke out my Borg pro the other day and really enjoyed playing with the old technology. I would like to see the current crop of players play a
few tournaments that only allow standard size wood racquets. That would be fun to see.

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