Sony Smart Tennis Sensor Review — Click for a list of compatible racquets!

Tennis Warehouse shows you how to use the Sony Smart Tennis Sensor and offers a full review of this revolutionary new device. Compatible with 2015 racquets from Wilson, Head, Prince and Yonex!


Franco Rossi says:

Hi, i’ve an Head Radical MP and an Head Radical Pro (both 2015) and i would know if it’s possibile use sony sensor with these rackets. I’ve seen the complete list of compatibility for HEAD but appear only recent models in Graphene XT.

Tom says:

Hello I am a happy user of Head G Radical Pro  and would like to stick to it for a time being .Unfotunateley my racquet of choice it is not on list of the compatible sticks  .Is it only a question of sensor mount ? or the sensor will show inacurrate data for G Radical Pro   brgrds  tom

Omar Chughtai says:

hi, will it work with dunlop biomimetic m3.0 or prince tour 98 ?

Milos Andjelovski says:

Can you tell me if i can put the sensor on some Babolat Aero Pure Drive Racquet?
Kind Regards

Ashish Agrawal says:

Does this mean that I will have to carry my ipad to tennis court?

JbuquoiSHAKEN says:

Quick question that I can’t find ANYWHERE: Does it have a setting for southpaws? Or would our forehands register as backhands?

Terry Curve says:

What does the +7 when it comes to spin? Is there an actual mode where it tells you the RPM’s or only on a scale of -10 to 10?

hotstuff92 says:

Can I use this on Babolat racquets?

Oleg Covian says:

Is there any junior racquet for this product?

Idle King says:

Do you know if having a string dampener on the racquet affects the results in any way? Thanks

Tennis Warehouse says:

@Winona Lumague,
We found the Sony Sensor to be the most accurate of the bunch.
Andy, TW

bob geldof says:

I can see this being very useful for tracking Data of racquet customisation, being able to see with hard evidence the effects and changes of customising racquets with weight and its positioning/amount, strings and tensions.

Ender Dragon says:

Is this compatible with the head graphene xt speed mp

gre swit says:

@Tennis Warehouse does the Sony Smart Sensor work for the Wilson Pro Staff 100 LS tennis racquet?

Jose Barba says:

Hello Andy,

Have you found a correlation between Sony spin scores and RPMs comparing the Sony data with the playsight data?

James Cai says:

Is this compatible with Wilson Burn 100S ? What about Blade 104?Thanks.

Black True says:

Hi tennis warehouse how can I use this sensor on my 2014 version prostaff 97?

Sujeet Haldar says:

do you think sony sensor can be put on babolat racket? I know officialy its not compatible but most racket butts look the same!

Andy Tang says:

Will the sensor work on the steam 99s and can you explain which would be better the Sony smart sensor, Zepp, or the babolat play also the differences please thank you

MW entity says:

TW, do you know why this only is available to a limited number of countries?

silvio piano says:

Totally buying this

Super Stringer says:

does it fit onto a wilson juice 26″ junior racquet, as it has a different butt cap?  

also does this actually break down your swing patterns?

how is this sensor compared to Zepp’s?

Decibel FX says:

How is it taking video if its on the bottom of your racquet?? I have to be missing something here.

khalsted says:

I don’t have an iPad but I have a Kindle Fire.  Does it work with Kindle by chance?  If not, will it do the live play and everything else with an iPhone 5s?  Thanks.

kamboj sb says:

is there any way i can modify my pure drive tour plus to fit the sony sensor?

shadoweek says:

Hi Tennis Warehouse,
How does the Sony sensor link its data with the different string types and tensions? What I got from your video is that it kind of gets all its info solely from the racket movement, right? Or, is there an option to log in the stringing info before hand as well?

HollywoodToronto says:

I have a question. Have you tested the serve/forehand speed of the Sony sensor vs the Stalker Sport 2 radar gun and if so what were the readings? This is all I need to know to find out if this is the real deal or not.

If you haven’t are you able to do a second review that compares the Sony Sensor vs the Stalker Sport 2 radar gun.


dodododa says:

Why not do a real test, where you see if it is actually correct? Use a high speed camera to see where the ball hits on the strings.

Jim Moortgat says:

Having difficulty with set up   Step 10 Select your Racket… I select Wilson(or any of the 4) and it says that no racket is selected and will not allow me to go to step 11  Help…

Keisuke Masuzawa says:

can you attach this to babolat racquets?

DomiPeSe says:

Hello guys great job i have one question is this sensor compatible with the head graphene radical pro?

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