Tecnifibre TFight DC 320 Racquet Review


As the heaviest member of the TFight series (11.9 ounces), the TFight DC 320 is a solid option for intermediate and advanced ball strikers. Although it weighs nearly 12 ounces, this racquet’s head-light balance will give you impressive acceleration off the ground. Updated with a 98in² head and a surgical 18×19 string pattern, the TFight 320 supplies good control and impressive power on full swings. Like the other members of TFight family, this racquet is made with Dynacore, a uniquely flexible material designed to give you a more stable feel at impact. It also features an Armor Cap bumper system (to protect the racquet’s head from court impact) along with EZ Lock Eyelets (to improve knot-tying during string installation and extend the life of the grommets). From the baseline the TFight 320 will give you a firm and crisp feel, with plenty of feedback on off-center hits. The ‘whippy’ headlight balance will help you swing bigger when ratcheting up the power and spin – a fact that should translate into more aggressive tennis. On service returns our playtesters reported easy access to depth, making this a solid option for those who like to keep the pressure on their opponents. With the TFight 320 Tecnifibre has created a maneuverable player’s racquet with an impressive combination of power and precision.


Charles Sternberg says:

I use the rev speed should I get this or the mp

Vortex Designs says:

Hi TW, I have played with the tecnifibre tfight 320 dc racquet and thought it was really good. How does this compare to the yonex vcore duel g 97 330. Which did you prefer? And what tension should I string tecnifbre atp razor code 16 in the tecnifbre tfight 320 DC. I am thinking around 56lbs.

ThePaul Steezo says:


Henry Grey says:

Hi TW,
I was wondering if you were going to review the Wilson Glide as I’m not sure of its performance?

Joni English says:

Nice BEARD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

William King says:

Thank you so much! I think I’m gonna use lead tape

Jacob Chang says:

Hi. Great review. Is there any link to the playtesters’ preferred racquet and setup, and a statement about why they like it? That would be helpful when watching these review videos. Thanks!

Tony Ngo says:

Do you guys know what shoes murray wears, and if under armour is planning on releasing them?

Andrew Harvin says:

Hey TW,
I’m a high school, USTA tournament player, powerful baseliner, that loves to take the ball early and on the rise. I currently play with the Babolat Pure Control 95+, but am looking for something with a little more forgiveness. I’ve narrowed my search down to the Babolat Pure Aero or the Yonez Ezone DR 100. What do you recommend?

wallykung says:

hyper g?

karekarekid1 says:

When are we going to get a review of the new Pro Staff RF97 Autograph?

William King says:

Hey TW, as of right now I’m playing with a head graphine xt prestige pro and it has a lot of control which I really like, but it is lacking a lot of power. So do you guys know a way to increase the power or have a way to get more plow through?

Raphael Grubain says:

So no new 325?
I love my 325TP, seems you guys didnt enjoy the dynacore upgrade so I was waiting for the next one

Luke Choi says:

Hello! I want to but the prostaff 95s on your website, but it only offers 4 1/4 grips. I want to buy two in 3/8. Do you guys offer service to increase the grip size?

Jakobe Dralle says:

Will you guys review the new Babolat Flow Tour?

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