Top 10 Rackets of 2017

A countdown of the best rackets in 2017.

1. Wilson Blade 98 Countervail
2. Yonex EZONE DR 98
3. Babolat Pure Aero
4. Wilson Burn 100 Countervail
5. Babolat Pure Strike 98
6. Head Graphene Touch Speed Pro
7. Babolat Pure Drive
8. Head Graphene XT Radical Pro
9. Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Autograph
10. Yonex VCORE SV 100

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Tennis Racket Pro says:

nice review there, hey i have a my site too, we can share ideas

Doctor Darkness says:

Ha what a joke! The pros all use customized racquets that give them huge advantages. Tennis is the most dishonest sport of them all!!

Cristian Carvajal says:

buy wilson blade 98, thanks 🙂

JotaEfeMS07 says:

I think the pure drive babolat of 2018 is top one, two, three or four.

Lily Wang says:

if there is someone can talk with us, that’s more helpful

moikeru1 says:

I wonder what points does this ranking affect?

Andrew Sailo says:

Pure Drive 2015 is the best for me

P Joubert says:

This is nothing more than one person’s subjective opinion. As such, it has as no more value than the opinion of someone else. There is no such thing as the “best” racket. If there was, all the pros would be using it.

Jennifer Ou says:

Most pros don’t play with the actual racquet though. It’s a paint job they just endorse the raqccuat

naemul maripgan says:

윌슨이 정한 순위냐 ㅎㅎ

Anita says:

I use head graphene touch speed pro

Ichinomiya Conbimai says:

If the Blade is a such a good racket .Why are some of the athletes going back to the older 2015 model ??

Jan-Erik Winther says:

I would actually include the Prince Phantom 100 on this list, or some other variant of the Prince Textreme-line. I picked it up a couple of months ago, and it outplays my Pure Strike in all aspects of the game. All I did was to decrease the string tention to 21kg (approx 46lbs) because of the thin beam and the power was there as well as insane comfort and control. It’s a racket that weighs 11.6oz / 328.85g, but swings like it’s 100g lighter.

And as others comment below, the rackets the pros use are heavily modified to suit their game, so these rackets may not be as good in the hands of non-professional players. Still great rackets, but if you don’t know where to add weight, or what have you to make your stick better fit your game, then it can sometimes be misleading to say that “that” racket is better than that one. It all comes down to personal preference in the end.

Still, all of these 10 rackets are good choices. Fortunately, you can always demo a racket before buying it!

Jack Taber says:

Roger’s racquet 12.5 oz dang

The0taku says:

Everyone, please stop being triggered by Blade being in number one.  Also, am I the only one who is about to purchase the Burn?  I generally like Countervail Rackets, and I don’t know why, but my performance spiked with the Burn.  Same with Pure Aero, and I am about to try Blade as well.  Can you guys give me your opinion on which one to go with?  Thanks.

kitty suet says:

the yonex dr 98 photos are the ezone 2016 and 2015 versions. smdh.

BiOnDi P3rFeCt says:


ontrackhere says:

Hey guys, if you liked this video, please check out my new video on the evolution of tennis.

Zigurrat Scientist says:

Ive pnayed with wilson babolat head prince yonex and more. The best for me is yonex from marcelo rios and yonex rd7 from sergi brugera. Following is babolat pure drive and red babolat from gonzalez

Hector Moret says:

Head Radical Microgel Mid Plus,for me,model 2007

Mathieu Baret says:

I like wilson

myself says:

Imo, best racquet ever: Head Prestige MP Graphene Youtek

ZeFrah says:


Tennis Racket Pro says:

nice stuff, +ontrackhere . recently have found the best tennis reviews HERE

Im Free says:

I like the Wilson Pro Staff 97RF autograph. The racket just crushes balls and gives you so much control on groundstrokes. Point and shoot. Great feel for drops shots and slice. Its balanced perfectly and feels so comfortable on the follow through. If you have consistent strokes and like to take a big full straight arm swing with follow through this racket will reward you greatly. Do not recommend for guys have a bent arm short style stroke, the racket is just too heavy. You need to have great footwork and read the ball really well so that you have time to setup.

2016 ARTHUR NG YU ZHUO says:

theres no good or bad mostly, its more of what suits your game i feel.

Miguel Barahona says:

IMHO, The best racket ever is the Pro Kennex Kinetic 5G Classic, 100 sq. in., 27 inches, Stiffness: 65, Strung Weight: 11.7oz / 332g, Power Level: Low-Medium, Swing Speed: Moderate-Fast, 16 Mains / 20 Crosses. I had a severe elbow problem, but with this stick, it´s gone. Unbelievable frame!

miorafeuni says:

sorry but best rackets for who??? this is what makes the market fake- the ones mentioned are all used with great success by professional who, evidently, do not have the same arm of club players ther4efore a classific like this do not apply to 99 % of the people…people that , going after this kind of rackets talks, will choose a racket not suited to their level of play. Sadly this is what happens thanks also to this superficial way to address racket issue.
Nothing personal – Ragrds

Jude Dixon Tennis says:

I really don’t like the Wilson burns, I’d take that out

feistybastard says:

Jack Sock does not play the Pure Aero. He plays the VS, which is 98 in. and has a box shaped hoop. Pure Drive?? Racket is 3 years old. Pure Strike is my racquet of choice.

Uchiha Sasuke says:

Lol jack sock’s actually using an aerostorm with a PJ on it

Joni English says:

I still play with a Prince Graphite OS ( Sabatini, Agassi , Chang ) , weight 260 grams !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!plays amazing 55 ibs

S Mona says:

i own 3 of these. The pure aero is supreme. a true all rounder

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