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With hundreds of tennis racquets to choose from, we wanted to help you find your holy grail. These are our favorite racquets released in 2018:

0:20 Babolat Pure Drive
0:45 Yonex VCore Pro 97 310g
1:08 Wilson Pro Staff 97 Countervail (Black and White)
1:35 Volkl V-Feel 8 315g
2:07 Yonex VCore 95
2:41 Tecnifibre T-Fight 305 XTC
3:09 HEAD Graphene 360 Speed Pro
3:32 Dunlop CX 200 Tour 18×20
4:00 Babolat Pure Aero
4:20 HEAD Graphene Touch Prestige Tour

Presenter: Sam Jones

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Abolfazl Talebzadeh says:

I have tried lots of rackets. finally I stopped on head graphene touch prestige mp. great racket

Nick Of Leicester says:

Stan does not use the Vcore Pro. He he uses an old 95D with whatever paint job is most current.

ricky furgason says:

Wilson Blade sw 104 contervail

Jonathan Chen says:

The problem with Wilson rackets are the difference in weight between rackets, I can buy two rackets with same specs listed but have a 5 gram difference. The quality control is horrible 🙁

RedThrewAFanta says:

Would you put WIlson pro staff rf97A if it was released in 2018?

paolo forti says:

I agree wirh hem all

Zoey S says:

I bought the Babolat Pure Drive Team and I love it so much, never had a racquet that I’ve felt so comfortable with.

Domenico Dolce says:

I think Head has the best stroke … I dont know ive just feel that way ..cmiiw

Edward Han says:

So much better than the top 10 list by tennis warehouse.

ARZ1987 says:

Honorable Mention: Yonex Ezone 100

Marika says:

what do you guys think of Volkl Feel 8?

The Chairman says:

Dunlop Srixon CX 200 Tour gets my vote for the Best Racquet of 2018 with the highest level of Quality Control amongst manufacturers, surpassing Yonex by miles.

AlexiaLikesCheese Hi says:

Is it just me or did u guys think there should have been the Babolat Pure Strike 100

Yuriy Panteleev says:

So much marketing. Ill tell you what you need to play better: MORE PRACTICE

Diogo V12 says:

Nice … but the known raquets it’s easy to speak about it…

Speak more about not usual raquets, maybe pretty better than the market raquets… These raquets have much “false techs” that are only marketing sellers …

Volkl, Tecnifibre, Angell… Are much better than known raquets

Benoit Leclef says:

No prince in there ?

frank mancuso says:

Yonez ezone98

Patrick Hamning says:

you put the vcore 97 310g on this……

you are evil

Joe Star says:

These are racquets are essentially the same with different paint jobs.

Shunsei says:

Hey Sam!
Where can i get the Tennis Express shock dampeners that are blue or clear.
I love them but I just got new pure aero and I need more!!!!

Novi Nalog says:

..only Yonex..

Luis Alberto Rountree says:

Pues yo tengo la BABOLAT pure drive y se me hace una raqueta muy manejable mescla control y poder muy buena raqueta.

Stuart Lloyd-Jones says:

Babolat1x19 pure strike. In my mind the best racquet over the last 2 years. Avid Head prestige/ radical pro user previously. Toyed with the Wilson RF prostaff. The purestrike has everything. Touch, power and control. Surprised its not on here. Or is this for racquets launched, upgraded in 2018 only? Regradless the pursestrike for me still takes some beating.

Mirko Mamić says:

Where is Wilson Ultra Tour 18/20?

Tesha Galaxy says:

Prince Textreme or Phantom? No good?

Enrique García López says:

Cosmetics in today’s racquets are awful, specially those Babolats which seem to have been painted by a kid with highlighters

JanDimiTV says:

I think yonex ezone is one of the best rackets in year 2018

Expreso Lunático says:

No hay ninguna Prince, porque?

Iván Alexis says:

If I have a Wilson Ncode Pro open, which racquet should I get? I’d like to change racquets, thanks!


I’m going to buy the Tecnifibre ATP TFighter XLC 295. Do you think it’s worth 150€?

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