TW IMPROVE: Top 5 Powerful Racquets 2018

TW IMPROVE: Top 5 Powerful Racquets 2018

Looking for a powerful racquet?! Here are our 5 favorite options loaded with power.

From Babolat, Wilson, Head & Yonex these racquets will add power to your game.

Babolat Pure Drive:
Head Extreme MP:
Wilson Burn 100 CV:
Yonex SV 100:
Babolat Pure Aero:

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TW IMPROVE: Top 5 Powerful Racquets 2018


gomi kuzu says:

Boon’s technique is terrible. He moves his arm like a stiff chicken wing.

studfindingball says:

Head TI Compaq $25 at Walmart. Play level 3.0 to 4.5. Anything more expensive is just pampered ego. Unless you are playing the competition at the 5.0 NTRP and above. Or you are after a college scholarship. Upgrade your cellphone instead.

Patricio Valencia says:

In which place would you rank the wilson ultra 100(2016)?

TheBigBrickZ says:

Im a current Yonex user who is currently in love with firm strings. Im currently using the Ezone DR 100 as my racquet of choice but i feel i am lacking a bit more power on my shots. My style of play is serve and volley, what other Yonex Racquet would you recommend? Or should i add morr weight to my Racquet?

Marino Milla Comdezo says:

que raqueta debería usar soy un jugador de ataque que marca de raqueta me podría ir bien con el tipo de juego que quetengo

Pezzy Fibbles says:

Hi TW. Would you recommend the pure aero for like a advanced 13-yr old player ? please reply. Thank you

A. David Imperial says:

Can TW racquet guru please explain how you determine stroke style in the racquet specs (short compact, medium, long…)? My daughter has compact strokes, pretty advanced I guess (champ level 16s in Texas.. stuck in champs since 12s). So I need to find a racquet for short compact stroke style? I’m about to switch her full time to double handed forehand due to persistent wrist injuries (and it corrects her footwork) She’s very small, petite for her age. Prefers aggressive baseline style and her short compact strokes allows this, and she is very fast.
She initially injured wrist when she was 13 with PD Lite 2015 (Nrg 2) hitting with players who absolutely pounded the ball. Went to Team versions of PD and Aero, Yonex Ezone Dr 100 (285g) with no issues. Then reinjured last year with Yonex Dr 100 (300g). Then recently reinjured with PD Plus. I don’t know whether I need to go lighter or heavier, flexier…. So much conflicting advice.. always uses multifilament. Please help.

Janji Ronimo says:

Good choices, but where are the Dunlops? The Force Series is/was great. I olay the Force 98 from 2015 for nearly two Years now. The new Line of the Force Series looks powerful too.

KaptainKreeper says:

Hey, I added about 20 grams of extra weight 9 grams added to the 9,12, and 2 position, and 11 of putty to the handle. While I really enjoy The sturdyness and power that was added, but I noticed that on my forehand I don’t have anywhere near the control that I had before. Before I just had the 310 stringed weight. Is it just an issue of me not putting enough spin, or would just playing with it gonna get me used to it?

Robert Sutherland says:

I’ve tried Wilson’s. I like Prince and Yonex. I also like to feel a bit of weight in the racquet.

Momo says:

Which of The Babolat pure rackets would you recommend for tournament players struggling slightly with arm issues, Pure aero or Pure Drive?

Fernando Rodriguez says:

What kind of string job it’s oin the pure drive?

Balaji Ramani says:

Though Bab Pure Drive is mentioned here why wasn’t there a specific word on the other frames in Pure Drive family like the plus version and the tour / Roddick version. I am using an older version of Pure Drive standard now for singles and confused whether I need to go for PD plus (I am 5’9″) or PD tour/Roddick if I need more power.
Just for the record I use other more control oriented, low powered frames when it comes to doubles. I am an intermediate recreational player. And yes I have OCD over racquets 🙂

Robert Sutherland says:

What are the restrictions on racquet length. I used to have a couple of Prince racquets that were only about an inch longer but gave much more speed. The tip about adding weight to the racquet might help for arm problems too. Let the racquet do some of the work.
The other thing is making swing plane and distancing adjustments. Some players hit with very bent arms…others straighter arms…more like a Federer forehand. I also notice on the double-handed backhands that some hit quit close to their bodies, while other have much more reach by swinging a bit farther away from the body.
I like Julia Goerges double-handed backhand. Good reach and power.

Glen Hill says:

I currently use a Pure Drive Roddick GT (315grm) which dates back to 2010 I think (bright blue one). Still really like it but fancy a change just for fun. I rely on a (relatively) big serve (90mph) to pick up points and that is the strongest part of my game. Outside that I have a powerful forehand. Don’t have any problem with the weight (it doesn’t feel at all heavy to me) and like the head lite balance.

Thing is if I look at reviews they seem to confirm I have the right racket already! Is there anything out there that might realistically enhance my two strengths , big serve, big forehand or in reality am I perhaps better of spending my money elsewhere?

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