Volkl Super G 10 Mid (320g) Racquet Review


The Volkl Super G 10 Mid (320) is a maneuverable player’s racquet with surgical precision. At just under 12 ounces, this racquet has a phenomenal blend of speed and stability. The headlight balance and manageable swingweight (320 RDC) should enable intermediate and advanced players to crank up the head speed in the service of pace and spin. Thanks to Volkl’s Super G grommet system, the stringbed does a good job soaking up vibration and transferring a little extra juice to the ball. With a slight V shape in the throat, the 10 Mid 320 comes with longer center mains, a feature which makes the compact 96 square inch head feel a little more forgiving. From the baseline our playtesters reported easy access to spin, with the kind of accuracy that inspires ambitious shot making. The speed at which this racquet comes around is an asset on both volleys and serves. Ultimately Volkl has delivered a user-friendly player’s racquet to those who want the undeniable control of a compact head size in a maneuverable and spin-friendly package.


PRO1 says:

I found this to be completely lacking in feel and control, incredibly disappointing as used to love Volkl, if only they could get back to classic frames like DNX10, just don’t have any confidence in the new range..

llamawizard says:

I love the cosmetic!

Johnny Nguyen says:

when can i demo this racquet?

Randy Abramson says:

Any thoughts on how this frame compares to the Wilson Pro Staff 97 and AI 98?

William Natividad says:

great playtest! are all you folks liking the Technifibre Black Code 4s strings? never heard a negative thing in either playtest video of the volkl frames

Tennis Warehouse says:

@Minh Nguyen,
It’s a little tough to find a soft poly that has good tension maintenance.  Typically, you trade softness in a polyester for tension maintenance, as they get stretched out easier over time.  With that said, a couple you could try are Double AR Diablo, Y Tex QuadroTwist and Volkl Cyclone Tour.
Andy, TW

Žiga Pesjak says:

can you compare raquet with babolat pure aero.

S. Tha says:

I’m going to give this racquet a try. What tension would you recommend with a 17g cyclone? I’ve never seen or used a mid racquet like this with that stiffness. (I like that string in a prostaff 90 at 48)

David Floeder says:

How does this racquet compare to the prince textreme tour 95? I am specifically wondering which offered more control and easier access to spin.

Minh Nguyen says:

hey not related to the video but can you recommend me some soft poly with good bite ,tension holding, and maybe at a good price too. Two or three would do.

Felix Diaz says:

What’s the difference between this and the super g10 325g?

VideoVEGAS says:

Why did they make the black MID much stiffer than the yellow MID?

Enzo Real says:

I buy in tennis warehouse this racquet .Wich string and lbs do u recomend for this racquet?

Cheung Ho Ming says:

Hi Andy, could you compare DR98, graphene radical pro, pure strike 98 16×19, blade 98 16×19, pure control tour and this frame in term of power, stability and forgiveness? Thanks!!!

Žiga Pesjak says:

hi Andy will combination of volkl cyclone and volkl syntrtic gut work well in this raquet? will this combination be good for babolay pure aero

Žiga Pesjak says:

Hi Andy i am going to change my raquet. Now I use PureAero. I am looking for more control and feel. I wana know wich of 3 raquets wod be beter for my game: babolat Pure strike, yonex ezone dr98 or this volkl. I am 15 and I like to hit very hard topspin. I use babolat RPM blast . have nice day. thanks

Henrik Wallensten says:

Does Völkl still have that more rectangular (Head Prestige, Radical) grip shape or have they moved to a more Wilson/prince type of grip shape?

zeromus2009 says:

How does this racquet compare to the Yonex Vcore Duel G 97 (310 g )?

Thanks in advance !

WinX says:

Whoa! Almost a PureStrike color way. 😀

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