Wilson Blade 98 16×19 Countervail Racquet Review


The Blade 98 16×19 lives on! Although this racquet has the same target specs as the previous generation, Wilson has given it the ultra sleek and silky paint finish found in the Pro Staff series. With its grippy 16×19 string pattern, this racquet will give you bigger power and spin than you’ll find with the 18×20 version, but thankfully it still manages to deliver the precision and feel for which the Blade series is known. New to this model is Countervail technology, which uses a special carbon layer to enhance the already impressive dampening provided by the braided Basalt/Graphite layup. The overall result, according to Wilson, is increased arm-protection and less muscle fatigue. Thanks to its Parallel Drilling technology, this racquet’s string bed is better able to absorb vibration and transfer extra energy to the ball. On groundstrokes the Blade 98 16×19 delivers a smooth feel and controllable power. Big swings are rewarded with penetrating depth, and the high spin-potential delivers phenomenal command over the ball’s trajectory and depth. Although this stick boasts a speedy 11.3 ounce weight, there’s enough mass in the head to keep the racquet steady when trading heavy balls or redirecting the pace of a big serve. The solid feel continues at net where the Blade packs enough punch to finish points with a bang. Aggressive servers will find enough precision to target the corners of the box with pace and spin. With incremental updates to the feel and an amazingly sleek black cosmetic, Wilson continues the legacy of this light but solid player’s racquet. A worthy demo for anyone who wants controllable power, great feel and easy access to spin.


twn5858 says:

It’s too bad they made this racket so heavy.

Alberto Houllou says:

Hi Andy. Currently im using babolats pure aero but i want to switch to a control raquet. Do you think the blade 98 countervail 16 x 19 even with its open string patern will give me the control im looking for?


Pat Syjongski says:

Hi Andy, my name’s Patrick and I’m a 17 year old junior tennis player in Australia. I typically think of myself as an offensive baseliner who prefers to have heaps of weight of shot on both my forehand and backhand, and a lot of spin for every shot especially the out wide serve in the deuce court. Recently I broke my Pro Staff 97 which was between 310-315g, and I was asking my coaches on advice for a racquet change. I checked out the specs of this new Blade and I’m quite intrigued by the heft of it and the string pattern is perfect for me. Do the materials used in this stick affect how quickly the racquet breaks because I have a short temper, and if not, would this be a good option for an offensive baseliner like me compared to the Pro Staff 97 or the Burn 100?

B And says:

Why isn’t there a polyester edition available for demo?

Jason Bourne says:

hi Andy, thx for the nice video, I am now using RF 97/12oz. and is struggling with the heavy weight, now I am thinking either switch to this one or pro staff 97 or 97 LS, what do you think is the best option for one-handed backhand and to improve serve stability? many thanks!

Vortex Designs says:

TW, this is my last question I promise i.e. got everything sorted what tension should I string solinco revolution in the Wilson blade 98 16×19

TheFisham says:

hi andy,im currently using Head Prestige MP ,which i found it now too heavy as ive get older now 39years old, and i always swing late at my forehand ,ive tried Wilson Blade 18×20 the gold colour, and find it easy to use and light but still lack of power ans tried a Head Speed MP, which i like it but still in searching for a better option ,maybe. yonex dr 98 or project one babolat or wilson Blade 98 countervail ,?… could you suggest me a racket with ideal weight not too heavy with power plus stability ?thankss

Something goes here... says:

Andy, do you know your NTRP?

Vish And Chips says:

Hey TW, I was planning on trialling this racuqet when it came out. Are there any other racuqets you would recommend that i try.
Any reply would be greatly appreciated

Jackie Chheung says:

currently i’m using the Steam 99 but i really want something more stable at net for volley, I tried using the RF97 for about a month but it turns out to be too heavy to effectively move it for long periods of time. Although i love the plow-through feeling that it provides on the strokes. I am currently looking into the Blade 16×19 CV, the PS97, and the 2015 Blade 16×19, can you provide me some insights on the differences between the three rackets?
looking to stay competitive playing 4.0+

Norma Lescano says:

Hi TW! I’m 16 years old and I’m an intermediate player. I am thinking of buying this racquet, but I don’t know what string pattern, whether (18×20) or (16×19), I like to hit the ball with spin and my service is also a good weapon for my game. I was also thinking of another racket alternative such as Pro Staff 97 / 97s. What would you recommend me? Thank You!

Dave Meese says:

4g’s at 50lbs? What got that on my steam and turned it into a bouncy castle. I reccomend luxilon savage’s at 54lbs

Tony Ngo says:

which is more powerful on serve, the previous blade 18×20, or this countervail 16×19?

Denzel Harris says:

@tenniswarehouse will you be playtesting the 104 version? This is the version that I am interested in potentially buying.

Nikdy says:

How can you compare between this racquet and Pro Staff 97/97s? Wich is better?

J.Ignacio Perez says:

What are your preference between the strike 16×19 (Pone7), this blade 98 16×19 CV and the ProStaff 97?

verŠIŠKA says:

I have question… I am looking for a fats modern frame racket, that will also give a lot of control and spin. I am deciding between Wilson Burn 100 or Wilson Blade 98 16×19. Which do you thing is better?

B And says:

Is it more or less maneuverable than the RF97?

jose Bravo says:

Hey guys need some help here! I want to change my racquet, im between the head graphene xt mp or the wilson blade 98 16×19, wich do you recomemnd ? Actually im using the babolat aeroprodrive but i dont like the 100 head, but the other aspects of the racquets there are fine.

Vish And Chips says:

Hey tw,
I was wondering what are the differences between this version and the 2015 version?
Any reply would be greatly appreciated

raikahoken says:

Hannah is so fast!

Vladimir Leopard says:

Hi, TW! This one is for either Chris or Andy,
Could you briefly compare the Blade CV 16×19 and Babolat Pure Drive 16×19(PRJ1)? Also which do you prefer and why? I realize that they are fairly similar. I’ve only had a chance to hit with both very briefly. The Project one7 was strung up with RPM Blast which wasn’t my preferred set up.

Ali C says:

currently using RF 97, wanting to switch to a lighter frame. PS97S OR Blade 16×19 ?

jomarcandelaria says:

Hi Andy, TW,

I’m about to buy another stick since i cracked one of my old blade 98s (2015). But I’m still confused and needed some help on which is the right stick, i was looking at blade 98 16×19 CV and blade 98s CV. I’m not convince on which one should i upgrade. I have an arm issue thats why i use the old blade 98s (2015) because it has lower swingweight and stiffness and i use volkyl 18L. Now that the blade 98S CV is available but the swingweight is high (329) and stiffness is (65) and the blade 98 16×19 has a closer swingweight (326) and stiffness is (66) compared to my old blade 98 (2015).
In terms of feel and playability, which is closest to the old blade 98s (2015)?

ductrung3993 says:

how does this stack up vs Pure Aero? thanks!

Abhinav Nallapareddy says:

Just got the racquet! Thanks for the really fast shipment. One question, what strings would u guys recommend for this racquet? I’m currently using solinco hyper G. Thanks

Michael Mathayomchand says:

TW, what is the comparison between this racquet and the Wilson Ultra 100 in terms of playability?

Ultimatesteve54 says:

Do you Think this racquet is good if I am looking for power and spin?

Carson Manley says:

When will replacement grommets be available for this racquet on your website?

alexindonesia says:

Andy, my daughter plays Head XT Graphene 25″ 230gr(with XCel 48lbs). She is still too short to go for 26″, but she wants heavier and more powerful one. By reading your reviews, I want to get Yonex Vcore SV 25″ 240gr or Wilson Blade 25″245gr, which of the two is better one?

MoltenFuzzy says:

Blade 16×19 or Pure Aero?

john speedy says:

Hi TW will the green 2015 grommets from the (16×19) fit the new cv rackets grommets

Ruby Olea says:

Hey Andy, I currently use babolat Pure drive roddick 2012 and would this 16×19 blade be really similar to it?

Sarjie Izmal says:

Hey TW, how does this racket compared to the Burn 100 CV. Thanks.

Katsutoshi Morinaga says:

Is this Serena’s, Venus’s and Raonic’s current racket?

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