Wilson Burn 100 Countervail Racquet Review

Wilson updates the Burn 100 with some extra speed and comfort. It’s called the Burn 100 Countervail and it gives intermediate and advanced players an impressive combination of power, spin and precision. Boasting a more head light balance and lower swingweight, this stick swings decidedly faster than the prior generation. The upshot is a more user friendly racquet, one that will enable intermediate and advanced players to attack the ball. For this update Wilson not only lowers the racquet’s stiffness but they’ve also added a dampening technology called Countervail, which is a unique material layer designed to reduce harsh vibrations and muscle fatigue. Although these updates provide a welcomed boost in comfort, this racquet’s firm Carbon Fiber layup keeps it wonderfully crisp and lively. From the baseline the Burn 100 Countervail feels fast, spin friendly and remarkably precise. Compared to the previous version, it is ideal for flicking the ball when outstretched or cranking winners from a dead sprint. The quick handling is also a huge asset on service returns where the Burn 100 comes around with mindless ease to deliver impressive accuracy on full cuts. Finally, the speed at which this stick whips through contact on serve should allow a wide range of players to work the entire box with pace and spin. Wilson has succeeded in creating a quicker, more comfortable Burn 100. This is a must hit for hard charging intermediates or advanced players who want a light and user-friendly performance racquet that offers easy targeting on big swings.


Tanachart Ralsiripong says:

For Jason, your comment would be more authentic and useful for listener if you comment less on ” i really like this racket” and “i really enjoy”. Otherwise you dont need to comment

rk00100 says:

hi TW how does this racquet compare to pure drive?

lukeferra says:

what strings do you recommended for this racquet? Thanks

Tennis Conditioning says:

great video – thank you for sharing!

RossHouston says:

I bet my old coach could beat everyone at tennis warehouse!!

Aaron Santos says:

what shoes were jay wearing it doesnt look like the nike ultrafly

stockton350 says:

It’s supposed to reduce fatigue but the stiffness aggravates wrist and elbows? Seems odd.

Caroline H says:

I really like Jason’s reviews. Real world player, honest, believable guy without the sales BS. I’m really glad that he’s on the review team as it keeps the review credible.

Mika says:

Are you going to review the 100ls?

jack liang says:

How does this compare to the previous iteration of burn 100?

Eduardo Alonso Valdivia Campos says:

Hi TW, can you compare this Burn 100 Countervail to the Ultra 100 Countervail?

Nibor G says:

Great review, thanks. I am a beginner-to-advanced player, playing multiple times a week, searching for a more professional rack from Wilson. I started with the Hammer6, with which i have a very hard/fast serve, good feeling at the net for balls with ‘feeling’, but it’s a bit too light. I like to play volleys and stop-balls, a bit RF style. I am looking for a more professional rack with a minimal weight of 300 grams, with a good spin behaviour (i like to play spin/slice), preferebly with an unstrung balance > 32cm, and around 100 square-inch. Would you recommend he Burn 100S, or the Burn 100, or another one from Wilson? Price is secondary. Thanks a lot!

Marco pietropaolo says:

wich racquet would you recommend between the burn 100 and the pure aero?

EINAR says:


Marcus Juliussen Boateng says:

Would you recommend this racket for a beginner player?

PROTLxONgame says:

Jason looks stronger than a 4.0.

Noodle Ling says:

How does this racquet compare to the pure aero?

tth k says:

Hi, i’m switching to this from the Head Instinct Graphene MP, what will be the main differences between the two?

Gregg Cotter says:

Are you going to review the new Wilson glide?

Bhandi Gamchod says:

Would this be good for a older, tennis elbow sufferer? Or would it be better to go for a flexier racquet with bigger head size?

Christopher Spector says:

Hi TW, can you compare this new Burn 100 Countervail to the Ultra 100?

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