Wilson Clash 100 Global Tennis Racquet Review 🌎

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🇺🇸Clash 100 in US: https://www.tennis-warehouse.com/descpage-WC100R.html
🇪🇺Clash 100 in Europe: https://www.tenniswarehouse-europe.com/descpage-WC100R.html
🇦🇺Clash 100 in Aus: https://www.tennisonly.com.au/descpage-WC100R.html

A uniquely flexible racquet with explosive speed, easy spin and great feel! Our Global team of playtesters were curious to see how the Clash 100 would help their game, take a closer look to see what they thought and let us know below if you have any questions!

Talk about the Clash 100 further here: https://tt.tennis-warehouse.com/index.php?threads/tennis-warehouse-playtest-wilson-clash.632357/

Playtester Profiles: https://www.tennis-warehouse.com/playtestgroup.html

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Wilson Clash 100 Global Tennis Racquet Review


jk says:

That dumbass thumb down

Vitta says:

How does Wilson Clash hold up against Pure Drive ’18? Are there major differences to consider a change?

Jonathan Chen says:

So based on reviews, it seems like a good idea to add lead tape to 3 and 9

vasDcrak Gaming says:

No playsight? 🙁

kcazzzzz says:

is this a new series of wilson rackets? different from the pro staff, blade, ultra and burn series?

phillip391984 says:

Hello. Which racket has lowest stiffness? Prince Phantom 100 Pro, Clash 100 or Clash 100 tour? Will it be a good racket for using full bed Gut or Multifilmament for people with arm issue? Thanks for answer @tenniswarehouse

Tennisnerd says:

Some nice hitting there, guys! Tough racquet to pinpoint exactly, but nice to see Wilson push the envelope and try something different.

Garro2 says:

How would this racquet compare to the Wilson Ultra 100?

Skankwave says:

Stiffness 55?? Wait a minute

diddyac says:

Hey TW, would it be feasible to say that i could buy the 100 and add weight if needed, to make it close to the Tour if too light? But also have the lighter option incase I like it better? I usually dont bother demoing because its kind of out of the way to

movieV says:

It’s nice to have the specs in European scale.

otogigamer says:

What no one used the new luxilon smart string that’s coming out

aykim362 says:

Damn reviews are legit all over the place.

RCLegends UK says:

Really annoyed about the paint job compared to the prototype

rbnjr says:

Tried this racket at demo day and it produced actual palm hand pain..would never use this racket…thats the “feel” others refer to.

Skankwave says:

Everyone says they could add a bit more weight, I feel like the tour is gonna outsell this version since it’s 310 g, and thats not much either

Reggie Noble says:

Stability of the pure strike but more feel. This racquet is pretty awesome feeling

ninisgreekronaldo says:

To the people wondering why reviews are mixed: what these players use and gravitate towards varies considerably, as does their technique. Thus their impressions are not the same – they are relative to completely different setups.

Akshyat Agarwal says:

Head Graphene 360 speed pro
Clash 100
For more power and control?

iG W says:

where is that? is that real grass?

Jan Ivanrei Liceralde says:

How is this compared to prince phantom pro 100 for players with elbow issues? Also what string would be a good setup for the wilson clash 100 also for players with elbow issues?

Thank you!

Njoy Ever says:

I think there is something wrong between the review data and the TWU data

virtualyme says:

I miss the flex and feel of the old school frames so I think a demo of all the new clash racquets this spring will be a must. I am a long time Wilson user but I have tested over 150 frames over the last few years. I am currently playing with the Wilson RF 97 autograph but I miss some of the flexibility of my older frames like my Prostaff 85s. Maybe this Clash can bridge the gap. Peace

Bob Murphy says:

I played several sets with the prototype that our pro had, and can’t wait to buy it!

jed diaz says:

This compared to rf 97 autograph all black?

Stefan Eggershausen says:

Confusing reviews

Iván says:

Beautiful jumping backhand from Zsófia, awesome playtest around the world, as always guys. Cheers.

Jonathan says:

It’s an expensive Prince Phantom.

Jia-Chi Chan says:

Any string/tension recommendation to go with this racket for a recreational player?

Jo Dunkley says:

Great hitting from Zsofia and Anthony, lovely to watch!! i’m already sold on the low RA rating itself so i will definitely be giving this one a try, cant wait to try it

E.G. family says:


dhd says:

look at those beautiful grass courts and literally NO ONE using them lol. makes me want to cry

Krack Ra says:

Pro staff rf 97 countarvail vs clash !

S Tyson says:

ZSofia is good.

Senator Seth says:

I like the Burn 100 A LOT for its power and control and spin and would have bought 10 of them but they hurt my arms. Will this tour Clash bring me there without the HURT?

Sebastian Carrizosa says:

Hi! I play with a head radical mp graphene touch, and I am looking for something with more power and control. Do you think the clash can be a good option?

pranjal kumar says:

how does it compare to head graphene speed MP

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