Wilson Clash 100 Tour Tennis Racquet Review

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It’s here! Imagine a thick powerful beam paired with a flexible, fast feel…hard to imagine, right?! Take a closer look to see what our playtesters thought of the innovative new racquet from Wilson! Comment below with any questions or comments!

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Wilson Clash 100 Tour Tennis Racquet Review


Cameron Hylan says:

I have been demoing the new Pure Aero but it has a strange jarring feel, probably due my current racquet being Ezone DR 100, is the feel is comparable to the Ezone? Also is there a 98 in the pipeline?

Peter John Perpetua says:

This or dunlop cx200?

Leonardo Leal says:

The guys who test the rackets in this channel have the most ugly swing motions I’ve ever seen, not saying they play bad, but aesthetically it’s terrible

J Dawg says:

I wonder how this compares to the Graphene 360 Head Speed Pro? Which did the playtesters prefer? Thank you!

agus herrero says:

Hi, can you compare with the head extreme pro??

Guillermo Expósito says:

Hi Guys! Great review. Currently I am using a Vcore Pro 310 but sometimes I feel it is a demanding racket. Is the Clash 310 easier to play? On other other hand I am not sure about the 100 size. Thanks!

Albin Brink says:

Hi, how much should a 14-year-old guys tennis racket weigh

Google Reviewer says:

Seems like a great racquet but why oh why did they give it such a boring paintjob!!??

Miguel Pessanha says:

4:38 Troy explain me why you have a two handed backhand lol. You went full Tsonga mode!

Albin Brink says:

Do you think Wilson clash can come in a lighter model like burn 100ls ?! a racket weighs 280-285?

Skankwave says:

Michelle went HAM

zenpanda100 says:

Biggest concern is that with a swingweight of 322, how does this handle when you are playing against good heavy hitters ? It’s all fun and games until your opponent is blasting balls with pace at you.

Vansanglura Vanchhawng says:

Can you compare with Pure Drive VS? Are you thinking of switching to Clash?

Shaurya Saini says:

What’s the cost ?

Joseph Murphy says:

‘‘Tis a pity about the color the prototype was the bomb but don’t get me wrong it still looks great

moikeru1 says:

Strong lady….wow!

Marika says:

I have used to very stiff rackets from Volkl and Head. Would the transition to Clash be too much?

muzatenn says:

Nice shot 6:17 wow!!!

Steve Walsh says:

Hello! I’m using a regular pure drive 300g. Should I go up to the Tour 310g for this one or the regular 296g? Cheers.

Xuan Bach Le says:

Does the final version have the same beam width as the prototype version? Thanks!

KrustyKrabisUnfair 123 says:

Rip that super sexy prototype paintjob on it before

Ken H says:

The Troy 1 hander at 4:39! Nice!

Will B says:

Would you recommend this racket for general coaching? Coming from a blade 98 (18/20)

Donald McDonald says:

The swing is all about feel. In golf I drove the ball 315 yards every time , but I used the whippiest shaft I could so I could feel where the club head was at contact. I was extremely accurate. Can hardly wait to try it. I currently use a Srixon-Dunlop because it is more flexible., but still too stiff. I am not sure about the huge change against an aggressive hit, but definitely worth trying.

Liam A says:

Whyd u upload so many videos

Shanmuga Sundaram says:

seems like wilson putting lotta marketting muscle behine this racket.

virtualyme says:

I would be curious to hear a little more from Michelle about a direct comparison to her RF 97 autograph because it is my current racquet of choice. Also curious about the string, tension and any tweaks to the setup over the course of the play test if anything different than what was mentioned. I like what I have been using for the most part and I go with the gut mains and lux crosses at the recommended tension for the RF 97 but I still sort of miss the feel of the old racquets I used to have. Honestly after play testing so many frames and strings I wish I could find something that felt like and had the control of the Pacific X feel Pro 90 vacuum in a 110 size. Anyway thanks as always for the reviews. If you all ever have any openings at the tennis warehouse let me know. I have been a fan and customer since around 2006 and always, in theory, thought it would be a great place to work. Peace

Senator Seth says:

I like the Burn 100 A LOT for its power and control and spin and would have bought 10 of them but they hurt my arms. Will this tour Clash bring me there without the HURT?

Ege Tavsanci says:

At 4:39, did Troy hit a One-Handed backhand???

Liam A says:

It seems a bit gimmickey, like the wilson glide shoes

Fernando Rodriguez says:

Call me if they come up with a 95 version…

David Qiu says:

Just let you know, Apparently, I can’t find this video by searching clash, tennis warehouse I got to this video from the website. Also, how do you apply to be a playster?

Rohan Mathur says:

Hi guys thanks for the review! Can you guys compare this racket to the prince phantom pro 100? Which do you prefer? (Especially curious on Troy’s take). I already feel like power is good enough on the phantom so curious if this would add anything to my game. Also curious how control, spin, and plush feel compare between the rackets. Thank you!

RondelayAOK says:

good review and looking forward to tennisnerd’s take on’t.

40 Love says:

Now that the Chinese bought Wilson maybe they can finally make racquets the people want

James Shaw says:

hi guys great review been waiting for this. would love it of you can compare this to the ultra tour that i use. i love the control the ultra has and i love the 18×20 pattern. would love to know how you take. thanks

Ted Neanderthal says:

Can I safely add a little lead tape to the 3 and 9 o’clock positions on the racquet head for this frame? Both editions are too headlight for my game. I like a frame that is only 3-4 points headlight. Otherwise, I am very excited about this racquet! I much prefer flexible racquets to the ultra stiff ones now on the market. I cherish my Wilson (K)Strike with its 50 RA, 103 sq. inch head, 27.25″ length and 3-point headlight balance. I will play testing the Clash!

Nicklas Louie says:

I have to splurge.

Naim Asif says:

Troy has such a fluid 1 handed backhand…. I wonder why he doesn’t play it more often.

Q.T.π says:

looks a lot like the burn 100cv. Can you compare the clash tour and the burn 100cv? How is the tour clash with 4g, as i’m leaning towards that string when I buy the racquet as it will reduce the power a little bit?

Scott Baker says:

Is Wilson going to be releasing more versions of the clash? I’m hoping for something around 2 points HL.

J. T. says:

How do flexible rackets have power? If that was true why not use a wooden rocket? Seems like strange logic.

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