Wilson Clash Racquet Review – First Impressions

The Wilson Clash is one of the most hyped-up racquets since the Babolat Pure Strike 2017. When Wilson is talking about “racquet revolution”, a lot of people want to bring their salt shaker. Can you revolutionize the racquet industry today? Or is it all marketing talk? Well, here are my first impressions about this interesting racquet.

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Alex Noyes says:

There’s talk of a 98 sq. Inch version, which I’m personally really excited about. Any thoughts about that one?

Chuck says:

295 grams!? Two words…”lead” and “silicone”.

Corran Helme says:

How does it compare to the Prince Phantom Pro 100p?

One Hander Tennis says:

Would you make the switch to your main racquet ?

The Chairman says:

Fab initial review Jonas. It certainly looks like a very low powered racquet. The frame cross section reminds me of the old Burn FST.
Can you give us a bit more detail on the “feel” as compared to the Countervail technology?
PS. The throat bridge width is looks pretty wide and hence, its stability.

Jianwen Lan says:

Nice review! I’ve watched most of your videos. I would like to know how you compare this with the 360 Speed Pro? For me, Speed line is what I familiar with. My performance is most stable when I am playing with Speed Pro. BTW, you mentioned Babolat pure strike 17, but I failed to find a video review in your channel. I am curious about your opinions towards it. Would you make a video for pure strike 17 later?

Truth never lies Brown says:

What’s the top 3 rackets you have used for a single handed backhand
….been playing with prince response 97 for the last 5 years but I find that it’s so fast through the air on the backhand side

Beckett Chung says:

Do you think the twist weight is crazy high? Maybe all the weight is at 3 and 9 which you help contribute to the headlight balance

Edward Grunder says:

How’s the plow through?

James Baker says:

I have an idea I’d love to hear what you think of it – let me know how I can DM you ; )

Fabio De Oliveira says:

This frame looks very similar to the Burn FST that DelPo uses.

westonp80 says:

How does it compare to the Head Speed Pro? I get the impression they are similar, with the major difference being the string pattern…?

Christopher Fung says:

nice to see the video,the new wilson clash will be sold in we china next year,really looking forward to it,though i can’t afford an another new racquet

icemandl6 says:

A great offering from Wilson and I’m glad they are going to the lower RA direction. However, for me, spec wise, it isn’t my cup of tea as the beam is quite thick and the static weight is too light.

VARO says:

It would be interesting to know the swingweight of this racquet. If the swingweight is equal or higher than the rest of tweener 100in² racquets, the biggest change on this frame I think it would be the weight distribution. Making a frame more headlight with the same swingweight, you achieve more recoil weight, so more comfort and stability (horizontal axis stability)

Asad Khan says:

Nice review. How does it compare to the Pro Staff?

Daniel Nadirk says:

Thanks for the nice and helpful review! There is also a Wilson Clash Tour version out there. It has the same head size and string pattern, but 310 gram unstrung. Can you get your hands on this one aswell? The tour version might be even more intrissting for us tennis nerds 🙂

Dan Spanos says:

I’m shocked at how much power you were hitting with compared to some of the other racquets you’ve been testing especially when you consider the low weight and RA!! You really were hitting well!! Merry Christmas Jonas, and thanks for making me want to spend more money!! lol

Fernando Rodriguez says:

Man from my perspective your shots look great with his racquet. The lauch angle seems lower than your usually videos and your ball looks faster and to jump more. Impressed I first thought this racquet was gonna be a pure aero clone.

LoveSetMatch Tennis says:

i am excited about this racquet! The low stiffness seems like a great move!

Gareth Ward says:

Look forward to seeing your review for the Angell k7 lime 18 x 20!

Luke Christo says:

It looks like you are treeing on groundstrokes in the beginning. But the camera angle is lower than normal and that can make play look more aggressive. I wish they used a lower angle in match broadcasts. When you see pro practice videos taken at court level it looks unreal.

mig1nc says:

Is it too soft for natural gut?

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