Wilson Clash Racquet Review – Prototype Edition

It was time to complete my review of the hyped-up Wilson Clash racquet. Please bear in mind that I got to review the prototype version as the retail version hits the stores on Feb 15th 2019.

Written review: http://tennisnerd.net/gear/racquets/racquet-reviews/the-wilson-clash-racquet-review-prototype/9467


aznboypinoy says:

Good to see you moving without the knee sleeve!

Victor Andonov says:

Is it similar to the Prince phantom pro 100?

an an says:

What would be some main differences between this and wilson blade??

westonp80 says:

Hi Tennisnerd! Any idea if the “pro” version will be 18 or 16 mains? Also, how do you have a babolat soft drive??? Those were made like 20 years ago in very small volumes!

Dario Schmidt says:

Hi Tennisnerd,
how is the comfort to the Angell K7 Red and K7 Lime?

Miles Cannon says:

Great review! How does this racquet compare to the 63 RA Angell TC 100?

Fernando Rodriguez says:

I can definitely tell that when you flatter with his frame you shots really cut through the courts quickly.

Hermann Huber says:

Did you get the raquet directly per wilson for this test ???

RondelayAOK says:

24 mm beam! ouch!

Filippos Loulos says:

Based on the specs, isn’t it similar to head speed? Pure aero is a completely different racquet from speed however

Christopher Fung says:

the first!somebody taught me that federer is going to use this in the next season,but i don’t think so,unless there is a 340gram specially designed for him

Dan Spanos says:

@Tennisnerd – Hey Jonas… Did you like this better than the Prince Beast 98, and which did you find easier to hit occasional flat strokes with?

M. Hamza says:

For beginners: focusing on which racquet to buy is not important. Develop your skills then you can worry about your racquet.

Google Reviewer says:

Very helpful review. The racquet seems like one of those fun “can’t miss, every ball stays in the court” type of racquets. Definitely interesting. The potential weakness that I can see is that it seems to lack a bit of finishing power due to the lower weight / swingweight. The Tour version would be interesting. Are they also doing a 98sq” version or is that just online rumour?

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