Wilson Pro Staff 97 Countervail Racquet Review

Wilson updates the Pro Staff 97 with a more flexible feel and the same elegant design of Federer’s RF 97 Autograph. With the addition of Countervail, this racquet is designed to reduce impact vibration and the resulting muscle fatigue. As the lighter, faster version of Federer’s RF 97 Autograph, this stick will give you a more user-friendly entry point into the legendary feel and precision of the Pro Staff universe. Although the target specs remain the same, this version of the Pro Staff 97 has been meticulously reengineered with the elegant stylings and innovative paint finish that Federer chose for his RF 97. On court this 11.7 ounce stick not only offers decent stability at impact, but at 7 points head light, it whips through contact with surprising ease. The crisp feel is punctuated by exceptional vibration dampening and excellent ball feedback, two things made possible by some quintessential Pro Staff ingredients: a Braided Graphite layup coupled with a wonderfully thin 21.5mm beam. Factor in the open 16×19 string pattern and you have enough spin potential to paint the lines. At net you will find the Pro Staff 97 moves into position quickly and delivers an impressive level of stability for a sub 12 ounce racquet. Touch artists will love the feel and responsiveness on droppers. With this update Wilson keeps a good thing going. Intermediate and advanced ball strikers looking for a speedy player’s racquet with controllable power and amazing feel will not be disappointed here. The fact that Roger Federer helped with the design is a very nice bonus.


Patrick Hamning says:

bro… another wilson 97? jesus…. wilson… can we stop oversaturating the market?

saigonbond says:

Counterfail = take away feel and connection to the ball

Christian Eaves says:

Do you think the 50lb tensions is the main reason behind the unpredictable hitting pattern?

George Watson says:

I was first to like.

Vortex Designs says:

@Tennis Warehouse
Will there be a Wilson Pro Staff 97S Countervail?

Calum Stout says:

Was there a particular reason the last one didn’t have countervail?

Vjeko Tezak says:

3:05 The ball was out 🙂

Oliver Törnroth says:

What racket should i buy. Not to expensive but still quite good.

Marloun Bayari says:

Wow. A relatively not so glowing racket review.

Brent Hilliard says:

It’s a real shame what’s happening to the Prostaff line. I’ve hit with all the 90’s and hit for a year with the legendary 85. None of the PS 97 have come close the feel of those sticks. Every 97 I’ve hit has felt hollow and tiny. This stick looks great, I got to see one today at my local pro shop. But the review sounds like they are actively trying to find something good to say. C’mon Wilson, stop with the gimmicks and the overpriced sticks. Cut the BS. Give us something worthy of the Pro Staff name!!! I could probably just customize an 18×16 cv blade and make it all black, that would might feel close. . . .

MP says:

Hyper G in these countervail frames just takes away what little feel they have. ALU Power or something crisp like Tour Bite or Black Code 4S would work better.

Atilay Erkal says:

why won’t they make this in 18×20?

Dean Martin says:

Endless line of failing Pro Staff 97s…

wallykung says:

How does this compare to Blade 16×19 in terms of power and the ability to play against heavy hitter?

LEdger Poppunk says:

I feel Pro Stafs are losing what they mean to be prostafs. But when is that Dunlop Srixon tour review coming

Peter Schmidt says:

I love the prev. version, the RF Pro Staff in matte black which I ordered in the light version. I strung it w/ gut and poly and I must say the key is in the quality of the strings and whether you go with poly all or a mix…. that being said, this must be put into consideration when you judge a tennis racket. Personally, I ‘stick’ with last year’s version as it offers all the quality, shock absorption, spin and feel a medium skilled tennis player such as myself is asking for. Plus, it’s Roger Federer’s choice and that says it all, lol! And no worries, I ve been playing a lot with it (on avg. 5 tennis sessions/ week all over spring and summer) and I haven’t experienced any kind of pain nor a tennis elbow!

rediband says:

I’m sure there is an exception somewhere, but regardless of manufacturer it seems like every new version reviewed in the last few months is found to be inferior to the previous version.

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