Wilson Pro Staff 97 Racquet Review


Introducing the second generation of the Pro Staff 97 – the lighter, faster version of Federer’s RF 97 Autograph. With this update, Wilson gives you a more user-friendly entry point into the legendary feel and precision of the Pro Staff universe. Although the target specs remain the same, this version of the Pro Staff 97 has been meticulously reengineered with the elegant stylings and innovative paint finish that Federer chose for his RF 97. On court this 11.7 ounce stick not only supplies decent stability at impact, but at 7 points head light it whips through contact with surprising ease. The crisp feel is punctuated by exceptional vibration dampening and excellent ball feedback, two things made possible by some quintessential Pro Staff ingredients: a Braided Graphite layup coupled with wonderfully thin 21.5mm beam. Factor in the open 16×19 string pattern and you have enough spin potential to paint the lines. At net the Pro Staff 97 moves into position quickly and delivers an impressive level of stability for a sub 12 ounce racquet. Touch artists will love the feel and responsiveness on droppers. With this update Wilson keeps a good thing going. Intermediate and advanced ball strikers looking for a speedy player’s racquet with controllable power and amazing feel will not be disappointed. The fact that Roger Federer helped with the design is a very nice bonus.


Ryan McClintock says:

This racquet is amazing I Demoed it and it was amazing

Jakub Chojnacki says:

Hey, can you tell me what is the difference between Pro Staff 97 and Babolat Pure Drive ?

Philip Doan says:

Hey Andy!! Can you please compare for me about Wilson Prostaff 97 and Yonex Ezone DR 100 (300gr)?
Thank you!!

Collin Sanford says:

What are the main differences between this racquet and the Pro Staff 97S in how they play?

Achilles1974 says:

Hi how would u compare this to the head extreme pro xt(2015)

SuperSnorkelDuck says:

HEY TW will it have a similar feel like the burn

hotstuff92 says:

This seems like a really similar racquet to the Blade 98 16×19? What are the differences?

SuperSnorkelDuck says:

Hey TW will I able to transist from the burn 100uls to prostaff 97ls

Dennis says:

If I grow a manly beard like Andy, will that elevate my game to the next level?!

Melwin Mark says:

what are the differences between pro staff 97 2014 and 2016

hxvideo says:

Seriously, why is every racket strung with Solinco Hyper G lately????

Junu Jeon says:

is this a baseliner racquet? With strings is it headlight or headheavy?

Novika Yulianti says:

how it compares with the head speed graphene touch

Alv Tkg says:

Im with this racquet and i fell a little pain in my elbow
I was with radical graphene mp
And change to ps97 because I fell more comfort
But its heavier and causing me this elbow pain
Do you recomend to try another one?

Juan Riat says:

Hello! I am from Argentina. What do you recommend betweenn Wilson Ultra 97/100 and Wilson Pro Staff 97/97S/97LS? I am 15 years old, I started playing three years ago and my level is intermediate and I am in a stage of development. Thanks You!

360 Tennis says:


sultanabran1 says:

if you want more control, you can string it up tighter can’t you? I always string mine up to 60lbs. i’m interested in this racquet. also, these testers you are using are good in this video! they don’t have huge technical flaws.

Sean Walker says:

what grip is on that? the Wilson…? thx

Cesim Yalcin says:

Hi TW,

First of all very disappointed that this racket isn’t completely black like the RF97.
Secondly this racket does have a too small sweet spot. I think the solution is to add a little bit of lead tap at 3 and 9 o clock. Do you agree?

Guilherme Altenfelder Garcia says:

Hey guys, congrats for all the great reviews!! Do u guys think that this Pro Staff 97 is a good choice to replace my father`s old Wilson KSix-One 95s? He`s been using the same frame for the last 15 years, started with the Hyper Pro Staff 6.1 Midplus, than switched for the Wilson KSix-One 95. Now he`s almost 60 and he`s struggling to keep his game going(specially with his serves and groundstrokes pace) after the first half hour or so of his games. I’ll be surprising him this xmas with a new racquet, and i really wanted u guys to give me some help, if u could. Thanks for the attention and congrats again for giving us tennis fans the best internet material….by far!

Jun Lum says:

TW, what are the differences between this racket and the new Six One 95 2017? Which one do you prefer?

Rylan Hudgins says:

Hey Andy, I’m coming from the babolat pure aero would this be a good racquet or would you recommend the blade thanks!

Melwin Mark says:

this one or wilson pro staff six one 95 blx which is better pls reply

leo trufi says:

Hi tennis warehouse! I’d like to know how this racket compares to the babolat pure strike 16/19 and which would you recommend to an intermediate player

amit agarwal says:

Will it have a similar feel like the Pure AERO

BlackPage2 says:

Swingweight of 324? Is this higher than the previous version and the latest CV version?

Fired88 says:

Will Wilson update this racket soon? Seems like every year? Or what is their typical pattern in racket updates?

Xuan Bach Le says:

Hi TW,
Between this one and the PS 97S (2016), which one is more stable, which one is more maneuverable and which one has more touch? Which are the differences in feel between those 2 racquet? And which kind of player fits for each racquet? And which racquet fits better for flattening out shots?

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