Wilson Pro Staff 97LS Tennis Racquet Review | Tennis Express

Wilson Pro Staff 97LS Tennis Racquet Review | Tennis Express

The Wilson Pro Staff 97LS has something for everyone. It features Wilson’s Spin Effect Technology with an 18×16 string pattern, maximizing spin potential and providing a lively response on contact. If you’re seeking the classic playability and look of Federer’s RF 97 in a more powerful, maneuverable package, the 97LS is the perfect option. Weighing in at 10.7 ounces strung with a 6-point head light balance, this Pro Staff could work for a wide variety of players. Composed of braided graphite, the frame’s solid, stable feel suits Wilson’s newly formed “Attacker Player” segment. The sleek black on black cosmetics top off the Pro Staff 97LS package.

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EpicBants69 Urmom says:

When r u guys testing the new pure strike (project one seven)?

Alex Grotte says:

You said its for 14 yearolds and under? Because ive seen alot of players (18 yearolds) using it, can you explain what it has to do with age to use it?

Fourat WADI says:

Dear Alex, Did Eric switched to this new LS version ? I was an advanced level player I played with Pete Sampras PS 6.0.85 but with some arm issues I stopped tennis for 9 years. Do you think that this racquet will be a good option for me to return back to tennis without any arm issues or do you have another suggestion (wilson only)? thanks

Sanat Gandhi says:


Eric Hoang says:

What’s the difference between this and the regular new rf97

metin emre gurbuz says:

Your web site says stiffness:67 and this video says stiffness:64. Which one is the correct stiffness strung?

sameerboy123456 says:

The review of tenniswarehouse says it has a 3 point head light balance and your review has it at 6 points head light balance, which one is it?

Alex Grant says:

Out of the PS97 Ls and the blade 104 (not autograph) which would you recommend to an advanced 13 year old who is looking for power, control and spin.

Sanat Gandhi says:

what’s the weight in grams ?

freshmediaweb says:

Hi guys… I know this is a late post. I have just bought this stick and hope it lives up to all the reviews. I was just wanting some advise on what tension to string the racquet. I have had some minor wrist and tennis elbow injuries in the past year but its just about gone. I tried the RF97 but was way to heavy so trying to go with this one. I am thinking stringing at 45lbs as I am getting good feel from my old Wilson K Surge at this tension. Now looking at advancing to this slightly heavier tweener racquet. I would appreciate some advice on String Tensions and what the players Demo’d with on this video and what is the best type of string for this stick with this 18*16 string pattern – any advice is appreciated. Thanks

flowremix says:

AHHHHH. I’m so glad they brought it in black. I wanted to get the previous but hated the paint job. Thanks for the update and review!

Lucas Alexander says:

I have been reading reviews of this and I have herd that if you don’t use polys you will be restringing a lot, can you confirm that and if so do you think it would have a large impact on a junior player?

Dat Radical Gamer :D says:

Just bought it

Nicholas Rodriguez says:

Which racquet did most of your playtesters enjoy the most, the Wilson pro staff 97ls or the babolat pure drive 2015 ?

the ROGER says:

I wanna know some details about “LS” and regular 16×19, what’s the difference? Like control,spin,or ….

Tony Almanza says:

I would to consider buying this but does it come in 4.1/4 grip?

DepressiveDude says:

I have a problem with my elbow (TE). I need to know the stiffness of this racket. Somewhere they write that it is RA=67, elsewhere RA=64. Whom should I believe? Had somebody with tennis elbow tested this racket?

Golden Boy says:

what strings are they

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