Wilson Pro Staff 97S Racquet Review


Endorsed by Grigor Dimitrov! Wilson updates the Pro Staff 97S with a more classic beam and a faster feel. Like Federer’s RF 97 Autograph, this racquet is beautifully engineered with a matte paint finish and a laser engraved Pro Staff text. Compared to its predecessor, the updated 97S boasts a whippier, more head light balance and a lower swingweight. The result is a more explosive feeling racquet that allows you to swing faster when ratcheting up the pace and spin. Although Wilson has kept the thin 19.5mm cross-section, this racquet has been redesigned with a boxier beam, lending it more of an “old school” Pro Staff look. Toss in Wilson’s time-tested Braided Graphite layup, and you have a modern spin machine with a wonderfully classic feel. From the baseline the Pro Staff 97S gives you a lively response with impressive stability and plow-through for a sub 12 ounce racquet. The 18×17 Spin Effect string pattern not only puts a tight grip on the ball but it also gives you excellent directional control. Our playtesters found it easy to drive the ball through the court with this racquet, noting easy power and a high degree of accuracy on full swings. At net the combination of speed, stability and pop should make this dangerous in the hands of a seasoned volleyer. Finally, with the 97S you’ll have enough power and precision to cause some very weak replies on serve. With this overhaul of the Pro Staff 97S, Wilson has created a faster, more user-friendly racquet that still manages to deliver impressive stability and plow-through.


Vish And Chips says:

Hey Tw,
How does this racquet compare to the Wilson Blade 98 16×19 2015?

The Cat says:

Does the 97S have Countervail or that only for the Blade line?

Tobias Christensen says:

So this rackets is not worth to upgrade ? i have the old version wilson pro staff 97s 2015…

DylanPlayz says:

I have the Wilson pro staff Ls from last years model is it worth upgrading

Michael II says:

which would you prefer on this stick LXN big banger original or LXN ALU Power? and what recommended tension?

Atul Diwakar says:

Which strings would go well with the Wilson Pro Staff 97LS (Black) for control, power, spin and feel? Thanks!

Also, is there a difference between the 97LS Black version, and the Red and Black version?

Nick Jordan says:

Does this mean the old pro staffs go on sale?

sanjeev kumar says:

dear Andy .. now which racquet you are currently using? .. 95s you used is 16×15 or 18×16??

George Arteaga says:

Which raquets other than this one are most like the Wilson pro staff 97s

Eric Yoo says:

Andy what are you tips on NOT getting an underspec racquet? I recently bought a racquet(DR 98) and the swing weight was 311. I had to heavily weight up this racquet to get my usual 340 and 33 cm for the balance.

Jan Michael says:

Is it orange now?

Matías Esquenet says:

Andy what top 3 polys with best price-performance? Preferentially low powered and with good playability duration. Thanks!!

sanjeev kumar says:

tennis warehouse ,, I live in America ,, I want to buy this —– 97s ,, please tell me total price including shipping?  pls reply fast.

Tommy Torence says:

Would this or the regular 97 have better control?

Mr FreshBest says:

Can you PLEASE tell the differnece between these latest pro staff s and the pro staff without the “s”. I beg you!!! Also how are they different from the latest wilson baldes?

Erich Lim says:

How does this compare to the 2014 Pro Staff 95S?

Pablo Salman says:

who’sracket its better for my elbow, the new pro staff 97S, the textreme tour 95 or head prestige xt graphene rev pro? y have a little pain in my inside elbow, when i practice my forhand

reinaldo golindano says:

How different is it from the first edition? 97s

R/Y says:

What’s the unstrung weight?

Xuan Bach Le says:

Dear Andy,

How can you compare this racket to the Head GrapheneXT Prestige S. Which one is better??? My gamestyle is attacking big and I need a fast racket.

Carlo Marco Argones says:

If I were to string both this racket and the rf97 with Luxilon Savage at 53 lbs how would they differ?

TeamAzrael says:

Hi tenis warehouse,
How does this racquet compare to the pro staff 95s?


Sanjay Gupta says:

which yonex racquet jay was referring to as his personal racquet?

Scrub Life says:

How does this compare to the 97A? Also would it be a good strategy to use the 97A for the first set of a game, and then the rest with a lighter racket?

Xing W says:

what strings are those?

Tom Sung says:

My understanding is that they changed the head light balance of this racquet compared to the original 97S. None of the reviewers seem to mention that in the video. How does it compare to the previous version now that tweaked that head light balance?

sanjeev kumar says:

how much it will cost me if I want to customise my racquet from Wilson ??

Robin says:

when will this racquet be available to demo?

Leonardo Schahin says:

I currently use the Blade Countervail 18×20. I play with lots of spin, but also control is something i cherish. However, I am currently looking for more depth in my shots. Would you recommend trying the 97S? I even tried researching the RF97, but i think it’s too heavy for me.

sanjeev kumar says:

which one is better? this or 95s 2015? pls solve my problem.

Žiga Pesjak says:

Hi Andy. Can you compere raquet with willson blade (16-19).

alb3298 says:


I’m around a 4.0 player, been around racquet specs a fair bit. But I’ve never heard the term “boxy beam”…I know what the beam is, but what does this mean?

Also, just about every single racquet you folks review is described as “added stability”. Does this mean anything?

Pablo Salman says:

what racket has more power, this pro staff 97S or the prince textreme tour 95?

sanjeev kumar says:

hey tennis warehouse .. it’s beam is 19.5mm …. is it better than 22 oor 21.5 etc??… please help in this .. waiting for reply..

Luciano Rizzi says:

+Tennis Warehouse
Hello Andy,
I’d like to know about PS97 having a HL 7 points balance, whereas PS97S has a HL 3 points balance. I wonder how would that impact maneuverability, volleys e service comparing these two racquets.
I’m a 4.5 all-round club player, with a semi-western forehand and a one-handed backhand. I hit with a lot of spin e have a good service and net play. Which one (PS97 or PS97S) would you recommend for my game? Any other suggestions?
Thanks a lot! Love your reviews!

Hassan Tagar says:

Hi Tennis Warehouse,
First of all, I am a huge fan of some of your playtesters including Chris and Andy.
Hassan here from Pakistan. I am thinking of buying a new racket and I don’t know which one to get. There isn’t any place where I could get a few rackets for demoing so I’ll have to make a straight choice. Could you help me please. I am thinking of getting either the new PS 97, the french open pure aero or the yonex ezone dr 98 or dr 98+. The string would be luxilon alu power 20th anniversary around 50-55 lbs. I can even go for RPM blast. Could you illustrate the difference between these and give a good suggestion? I am a 3.5 level player looking for good control, feel and power with a slight taste of topspin. Waiting for you response!

Javi M10 says:

This or babolat project one 7? I’m not sure!!

samer hanna says:

Hello TW, how does it compare to the Pure Aero regarding (Stability, plow through and Spin)?
I also noticed that the lower the headsize is the better the One Handed Backhand is……is it true or is that just something in my head? Thank you so much ahead for your response

Fishyyy Plays says:

What’s the difference between this racket and the LS? Especially if I’m coming from the prostaff 95s seeing as they discontinued that racket this year.

Randy Abramson says:

Andy/Chris – how does the new model compared with last year’s 97s after you added weight to the handle?

Xuan Bach Le says:

TW How can you compare this racket to the Head Graphene Touch Speed Pro? Which one is better?
Thank you.

Xuan Bach Le says:

Hi TW,
Between this one and the PS 97 (2016), which one is more stable in stock form?

ABDetiK Official says:

Hey TW, i am currently playing with the head touch speed MP i only think it is a bit lite and want something a bit havier. I saw this and i was curious if this would be a good replacement? Because in the past i had some arm trouble and don’t want this again. And if you don’t recommend this for me what would you recommend? Hope to have a reaction.

armon kamooneh says:

@Tennis Warehouse
how would this racket play with a hybrid with a multifiliment in the mains and a poly cross

Nicholas Rodriguez says:

How would this compare to the regular Wilson pro staff 97

wan federer says:

hey TW, what’s the different between this new updated 97s and the previous one?

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